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Relationship of stem characteristics and lignin synthesis with lodging resistance of hulless barley

WANG Kai,ZHAO Xiao-Hong,YAO Xiao-Hua,YAO You-Hua,BAI Yi-Xiong(),WU Kun-Lun()   

  1. Agriculture and Forestry Academy, Qinghai University / Qinghai Agriculture and Forestry Academy / Qinghai Key Laboratory of Hulless Barley Genetics and Breeding / Hulless Barley Branch of State Wheat Improvement Centre, Xining 810016, Qinghai, China
  • Received:2018-09-11 Accepted:2018-12-24 Online:2019-04-12 Published:2019-01-17
  • Contact: Yi-Xiong BAI,Kun-Lun WU E-mail:yixiongbai@163.com;wklqaaf@163.com
  • Supported by:
    The study was supported by the Qinghai Science and Technology Support Project(2015-NK-114);Qinghai Provincial Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Innovation Fund Major Project(2017-NKY-01);Agriculture Research System(CAS-05);Major Scientific and Technological Projects in the Tibet Autonomous Region(XZ201801NA01-014);Qinghai University Young and Middle-aged Research Fund Project(2017-QNY-2)


Lodging is one of the main limiting factors affecting the quality and yield of hulless barley. It is of great significance to carry out the research on the lodging resistance mechanism and breeding lodging resistant varieties. The hulless barley varieties Kunlun 14, Kunlun 16, Zang 2972 were used as lodging resistant materials, and Menyuanlianglan, Beiqing 6, Hualonghongqingke as lodging materials, to measure the characteristics of stems, contents of cellulose and lignin in stems and activities of their related enzymes. Compared with the lodging varieties, the lodging resistant varieties had shorter stem, and stronger stem breaking-resistant strength. Four enzyme activities related to lignin synthesis were higher and more lignin was accumulated in the stems of lodging resistant varieties. The activities of tyrosine ammonia-lyase (TAL), phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL), cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase (CAD), and 4-coumarate: CoA ligase (4CL) in the stems increased, which caused more lignin to accumulate in stems, increasing stem breaking-resistant strength and enhancing lodging resistance of hulless barley.

Key words: barley, lodging resistance, lignin, enzyme activity, stem strength

Table 1

Stem index and bending strength and lodging rate of hulless barley"

Stem length (cm)
Wall thickness (mm)
Stem diameter (mm)
Stem weight (g)
Stem resistance (N)
Lodging rate (%)
Lodging grade
Kunlun 14
13.938±0.085 c 0.785±0.022 b 5.643±0.211 b 0.337±0.012 b 11.447±0.192 a 0 1
Kunlun 16
12.341±0.230 d 0.543±0.012 d 4.657±0.168 c 0.248±0.007 c 10.419±0.185 c 0 1
Zang 2972
14.534±0.130 b 0.926±0.012 a 4.334±0.098 d 0.364±0.007 a 10.912±0.060 b 0 1
18.503±0.230 a 0.461±0.024 e 3.633±0.055 e 0.139±0.011 d 4.433±0.064 e 92 5
Beiqing 6
18.525±0.170 a 0.712±0.024 c 5.935±0.166 a 0.328±0.019 b 7.735±0.214 d 81 5
18.821±0.350 a 0.324±0.009 f 3.712±0.124 e 0.236±0.021 c 3.182±0.089 f 85 5

Fig. 1

Lignin content of hulless barley stalks in varieties Bars superscripted by different letters are significantly different at the 0.05 probability level. KD-1: Kunlun 14; KD-2: Kunlun 16; KD-3: Zang 2972; DF-1: Menyuanlianglan; DF-2: Beiqing 6; DF-3: Hualonghongqingke."

Fig. 2

Neutral detergent fiber and the acid detergent fiber content of hulless barley stalks Bars superscripted by different letters are significantly different at 0.05 probability level. KD-1: Kunlun 14; KD-2: Kunlun 16; KD-3: Zang 2972; DF-1: Menyuanlianglan; DF-2: Beiqing 6; DF-3: Hualonghongqingke. NDF: neutral detergent fiber; ADF: acid detergent fiber."

Fig. 3

TAL, PAL, CAD, and 4CL activities TAL: tyrosine ammonia-lyase; PAL: phenylalanine ammonia-lyase; CAD: cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase; 4CL: 4-coumarate: CoA ligase. KD-1: Kunlun 14; KD-2: Kunlun 16; KD-3: Zang 2972; DF-1: Menyuanlianglan; DF-2: Beiqing 6; DF-3: Hualonghongqingke. Bars superscripted by different letters are significantly different at the 0.05 probability level."

Table 2

Correlation coefficients of lignin content and related enzyme activity with lodging resistance"

Lignin content
Lodging rate
Stem length
木质素含量Lignin content 1 -0.872* -0.945 0.967** 0.814* 0.981** 0.856*
抗折力Snapping resistance 0.878* -0.918** -0.845 0.817* 0.827* 0.803 0.985**
倒伏率Lodging rate -0.872* 1 0.964** -0.901* -0.975** -0.870* -0.844*
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