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Transcriptome Analysis of Stem Morphogenesis Under Shade Stress in Soybean

REN Meng-Lu1,LIU Wei-Guo1,*,LIU Ting1,DU Yong-Li1,DENG Yu-Chuan1,ZOU Jun-Lin2,YUAN Jin3,YANG Wen-Yu1,*   

  1. 1 Institute of Ecological Agriculture, Sichuan Agricultural University / Key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Farming System in Southwest China, Ministry of Agriculture, Chengdu 611130, China; 2 Bureau of Rural Economic Development, Pengzhou 611930, China; 3 The Seed Management Station, Chengdu 610041, China
  • Received:2016-01-11 Revised:2016-03-14 Online:2016-09-12 Published:2016-03-28
  • Contact: 刘卫国, E-mail: lwgsy@126.com, Tel: 028-86290960; 杨文钰, E-mail: mssiyangwy@sicau.edu.cn, Tel: 0835-2882004 E-mail:1461755144@qq.com
  • Supported by:

    This study was supported by Sichuan Crop Breeding Key Project.


Maize-soybean relay-cropping system is a key technology in agriculture, studying the molecular mechanisms for shade stress responses of soybean grown in the intercropping system will be useful for soybean improvement by genetic manipulation. An experiment was conducted using two different shade susceptive soybean (Glycine max L.) varieties Nandou 12 and Nan032-4 to investigate the transcriptome changes in response to shade stress by RNA-seq technology. The results indicated that 287 differentially expressed genes in Nandou12 and 110 the genes in Nan032-4 were significantly affected by shade, and the expression of the genes was mainly up-regulated. Gene ontology analyses showed that differentially expressed genes were enriched in secondary cell wall biogenesis, polysaccharides synthesis, calmodulin binding, hydrolase activity and so on. In the shade treatment, differentially expressed genes responded to lignin and auxin biosynthetic processes were up-regulated in Nandou 12; and genes responded to jasmonic acid and ethylene biosynthetic processes were up-regulated, but genes responded to gibberellin metabolic process were down-regulated in Nan 032-4. However, Nandou 12 had more differentially expressed genes than Nan 032-4. The accumulateion of polysaccharides in cell wall and acceleration of secondary cell wall formation hindered the radial growth of stem making stem thinner, meanwhile the increase of hydrolysis enzyme activity accelerated the relaxation of cells, making stem longer. Nandou12 and Nan032-4 also had their particular genes to response shade, but Nandou 12 had more cell wall polysaccharides, lignin content and auxin content to increase the intensity of stem keeping a certain morphological advantage, resulting in higher lodging resistance under the shade, that is a stronger adaptability to shade.

Key words: Soybean, Replay strip intercropping, Shade stress, Stem, Transcriptome

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