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QTL Mapping of Yield Traits Using Drought Tolerance Selected Backcrossing Introgression Lines in Sunflower

Pin LYU1(), Hai-Feng YU2, Jian-Hua HOU1,*()   

  1. 1 College of Agriculture, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
    2 Institute of Crop Research, Inner Mongolia Academy of Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences, Hohhot 010010, Inner Mongolia, China
  • Received:2017-05-15 Accepted:2017-11-21 Online:2018-03-12 Published:2017-12-01
  • Contact: Jian-Hua HOU E-mail:18847123096@163.com;houjh68@163.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31160288).


Drought is one of the most important factors to decrease the yield of sunflower. The BC3F2 selected backcrossing introgression lines of oil sunflower population including 45 lines were developed by drought-tolerance screening for yield using Helianthus annuus K55 with excellent comprehensive characters and drought sensitivity as recurrent parent and K58 with drought-tolerance as donor parent. The genotypes of selected backcrossing introgression lines were obtained with the whole genome SSR and SNP markers. QTLs affecting five yield traits were detected under both drought stress and well watered conditions in Hohhot and Wuchuan respectively by one-way ANOVA and Chi-square test based on the Genetic Hitchhiking Effect. The QTLs detected by one-way ANOVA were grouped into three types based on their behaviors: type I was the QTLs detected in both watered conditions, including four QTLs affecting hundred-seed weight (HSW) in Wuchuan and two QTLs affecting seed yield (SY) and three QTLs affecting filled seeds per plant (FSP) in Hohhot, which were considered to be able to directly contribute to drought tolerance; type II was the QTLs detected only under drought stress, including 30 QTLs in Hohhot and 27 QTLs in Wuchuan; type III was the QTLs detected only in well watered condition, including 38 QTLs in Hohhot and 64 QTLs in Wuchuan. There 274 loci were detected by chi-square test, among them 14 loci could be detected by ANOVA and chi-square test simultaneously, which might be the key loci for drought tolerance of sunflower. The results lay a foundation of efficient drought tolerance molecular breeding and provide useful drought tolerance materials for sunflower.

Key words: sunflower, drought tolerance, selected backcrossing introgression lines, yield traits, QTL

Table 1

Phenotypic performance of traits for parents and drought-tolerance population"

干旱胁迫 Drought stress 正常供水 Well watered
P1 P2 BC3F2 P1 P2 BC3F2
Seed yield (g plant-1)
E1 19.94 26.82 21.59±11.06 28.55 33.12 31.29±14.38
E2 18.99 25.05 19.69±6.16 28.60 32.07 38.38±15.08
Disk stem (cm)
E1 13.67 13.17 12.74±2.27 15.77 15.04 16.91±2.41
E2 10.03 9.19 11.04±2.54 15.07 14.71 14.33±2.35
Seed-setting rate (%)
E1 47.70 55.86 52.40±7.05 72.94 79.03 79.10±5.87
E2 52.00 61.95 62.00±9.28 74.00 80.23 84.11±6.11
Hundred-seed weight (g)
E1 4.05 3.76 3.62±0.84 5.00 4.56 4.87±1.16
E2 3.80 3.51 3.53±0.60 4.40 4.31 5.40±0.88
Filled-seeds per plant
E1 473.00 684.00 558.70±184.25 589.00 762.33 689.82±207.42
E2 469.00 695.00 531.80±148.51 571.00 733.20 780.99±183.28

Table 2

The χ2-test for drought-tolerance population"

ORS510 36.31 M53762 14.46 ORS883_1 24.15 M29997 11.78 M12324 20.64
ORS665 20.64 M63117 14.46 M26548 34.89 M29998 11.78 M26553 39.36
ORS331_3 56.38 M63118 14.46 M23014 9.38 M76524 14.46 M26549 30.70
ORS188_2 17.42 M47251 17.42 M23015 9.38 M158109 17.41 M32978 16.68
ORS1097_1 27.93 M47252 17.42 M60631 9.38 ORS749_3 50.95 M32979 16.68
M166096 14.37 M47253 17.42 M60632 9.38 M71304 70.86 M26753 27.93
M166095 9.83 M9848 17.42 M73785 9.38 M71305 70.86 M26754 31.98
M65009 9.68 M70258 18.46 M18564 14.46 M71306 54.41 M26755 31.98
M78469 9.38 M70259 18.46 M68521 14.46 ORS804 62.08 M41255 20.64
M42596 9.38 M70256 18.46 M68522 14.46 ORS710_2 24.15 M41256 20.64
M70648 9.38 M74282 21.17 M29444 20.64 ORS200_2 62.08 M44066 14.46
M13019 14.46 M92574 17.41 M29443 24.15 ORS502 45.79 M44065 14.46
M56579 11.78 M92575 23.14 M30447 24.15 M16656 11.78 M18546 17.42
M13018 11.78 M64800 27.93 M30448 24.15 M87334 15.43 M65260 14.46
M3679 11.78 M36341 18.46 M66317 24.15 M31406 20.64 M132062 10.73
M3680 11.78 M36342 19.08 M39702 31.98 M31407 20.64 M132063 8.50
M3681 11.78 M73285 17.42 M39703 31.98 M31408 20.64 M35489 11.78
M7600 11.78 M73284 11.78 M21816 31.98 M29706 9.38 M63604 14.46
M76785 9.76 M16682 9.38 M67939 31.98 ORS534_2 18.46 M64318 17.90
M62922 9.38 M16683 9.38 M67940 31.98 ORS1118 50.95 M73839 17.42
M17674 11.78 M16684 9.38 M91206 31.98 ORS761 45.79 M67864 17.90
M16151 11.78 M70270 9.76 M24719 27.93 ORS511 9.38 M43523 12.20
M82389 11.78 M70271 9.76 M20920 24.15 ORS1164 9.38 Ha494_2 31.98
M5389 11.78 M106626 8.81 M28413 24.15 M66318 17.42 M98429 14.56
M13708 14.46 M108409 8.31 M28414 24.15 M106782 14.46 M166171 19.08
M85412 11.78 ORS1143 17.42 M12140 27.93 M106783 14.46 M48356 52.54
M38509 11.78 ORS495 14.46 M12141 27.93 M17838 14.46 M48358 58.04
M45298 11.78 M55404 11.78 M1555 27.93 M17839 14.46 M48359 63.81
M19983 31.98 M17295 24.15 M72531 27.93 M17840 14.46 ORS12 27.93
M31217 31.98 Ha494_1 27.93 ORS604 56.38 M12322 20.64 ORS1143_1 14.46
M46874 31.98 Ha4057 20.64 M45299 11.78 M27515 20.64 ORS257_2 9.38
M46875 31.98 ORS1197_2 20.64 M87077 11.78 M39973 21.17 ORS1024 9.38
M66650 31.98 ORS516_3 20.64 M74063 9.38 M60579 17.42 ORS257_1 20.64
M66651 31.98 ORS769 20.64 M74064 9.38 M60580 17.42 ORS257_3 20.64
M66652 31.98 ORS1129_1 14.46 M74065 9.38 M93277 12.20 ORS525_1 9.38
M9089 31.98 ORS65_2 14.46 M31222 9.38 M10378 9.38 ORS965_4 14.46
M9090 31.98 M21636 9.38 M31223 9.38 M75855 8.01 M109397 24.15
M18321 31.98 M21637 9.38 M5387 9.38 M36906 11.78 M109396 27.93
M49169 32.61 M34808 9.38 M5388 9.38 M36907 11.78 M28142 20.64
M94707 32.61 M21634 9.38 M74062 9.38 M36908 11.78 M28141 24.15
M86618 31.98 M21635 9.38 M13016 11.78 M36909 11.78 M98430 22.41
M108153 32.61 M52731 9.38 M13017 11.78 ORS1040 11.78 M94939 28.52
M108154 32.61 M52732 9.38 M82388 9.38 M91533 13.24 M102100 17.41
M108155 32.61 M52733 9.38 M76708 29.90 ORS1242 9.38 ORS519 45.79
M115788 26.02 M52734 9.38 ORS418_2 45.79 ORS516_2 11.78 ORS575 14.46
M77329 21.75 M25595 11.78 M29707 11.78 M27654 27.93 M32713 22.41
M77330 21.75 M35009 9.38 M29708 11.78 M64799 24.15 ORS881_2 45.79
M49170 21.17 M31914 11.78 ORS1112 45.79 M67544 27.93 ORS315_4 20.64
M85256 21.17 M3202 11.78 ORS749_4 45.79 M22786 27.93 ORS486 56.38
M64415 21.17 M3203 11.78 ORS749_5 45.79 M22787 27.93 M19982 31.98
M65118 17.90 M33360 11.78 ORS1065_1 45.79 M86304 12.20 ORS881_3 45.79
M46192 17.42 M65122 11.78 M47014 9.38 M86305 12.20 ORS403_2 45.79
M46193 17.42 M70448 11.78 M47015 9.38 M82844 16.02 ORS380 27.93
M46191 17.42 M20592 9.38 M29995 11.78 M114875 17.42 ORS297 45.79
M64315 20.64 M17294 9.38 M29996 11.78 M12323 20.64


QTLs detectedl by one-way ANOVA of drought-tolerance popuaitipon"

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