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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2018, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (03): 414-422.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2018.00414


Photosynthetic Characteristics, Dry Matter Accumulation and Translocation, Grain Filling Parameter of Three Main Maize Varieties in Production

Tian-Jun XU**(), Tian-Fang LYU**(), Jiu-Ran ZHAO*(), Rong-Huan WANG*(), Chuan-Yong CHEN, Yue-E LIU, Xiu-Zhi LIU, Yuan-Dong WANG, Chun-Ge LIU   

  1. Maize Research Center, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Beijing Key Laboratory of Maize DNA Fingerprinting and Molecular Breeding, Beijing 100097, China
  • Received:2017-05-28 Accepted:2017-11-21 Online:2018-03-12 Published:2017-12-13
  • Contact: Tian-Jun XU,Tian-Fang LYU,Jiu-Ran ZHAO,Rong-Huan WANG E-mail:xtjxtjbb@163.com;314565358@qq.com;maizezhao@126.com;ronghuanwang@126.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Key Research and Developing Program of China (2016YFD0300106), the Youth Research Fund of the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (QNJJ201728), the Innovative Team Construction Project of BAAFS (JNKYT201603), the China Agriculture Research System (CARS-02-11), and the National Natural Science Fund Youth Science Fund Project (31601247).


The objective of this study was to explore yield-forming characteristics of high yield maize varieties. Using three widely cultivated maize varieties Zhengdan 958 (ZD958), Xianyu 335 (XY335) and Jingke 968 (JK968), we tested grain yield, photosynthetic characteristics, dry matter accumulation and translocation, and grain filling characteristics. The yield of JK968 was the highest, and was 14.55% and 7.93% higher than that of ZD958 and XY335, respectively. The photosynthetic rate and canopy photosynthetic capacity showed JK968 > XY335 > ZD958 and silking stage > milk stage. The ear photosynthetic rate of JK968 at silking stage and milk stage was 7.84% and 16.78% higher than that of XY335, as well as 22.23% and 24.44% higher than that of ZD958, respectively. The photosynthetic capacity of JK968 at silking stage and milk stage was 38.77% and 58.41% higher than that of XY335, as well as 50.83% and 56.49% higher than that of ZD958, respectively. Dry matter accumulation after silking stage, the transfer amount of dry matter, translocation efficiency of dry matter and contribution to grain dry matter for JK968 were the highest, with 13.72%, 21.20%, 6.32%, and 4.77% higher than those of XY335, as well as 31.87%, 39.96%, 18.49%, and 10.42% higher than those of ZD958, respectively. There was a big difference in grain filling parameters among those different varieties, the average filling rate of JK968 (0.73 g 100-grain-1 d-1) and XY335 (0.75 g 100-grain-1 d-1) was higher than that of ZD958 (0.67 g 100-grain-1 d-1) and the active grain filling period of ZD958 (53.69 d) was longer than that of the JK968 (51.02 d) and XY335 (48.95 d). Maize yield was significantly correlated with net photosynthetic rate at P < 0.05, and with the dry matter accumulation after silking stage and the translocation rate at P < 0.01. Thus, JK968 had higher photosynthetic efficiency, dry matter accumulation after silking stage, translocation rate, grain filling rate and longer grain filling period, which is the main reason that JK968 had the higher yield than ZD958 and XY335.

Key words: maize, photosynthetic characteristics, dry matter accumulation and translocation, grain filling

Table 1

Growth stage of the tested varieties (d)"

Emergence period-Silking period
Silking period-Maturity period
Growth stage
郑单958 Zhengdan 958 66 60 126
先玉335 Xianyu 335 64 59 123
京科968 Jingke 968 66 60 126
郑单958 Zhengdan 958 68 59 127
先玉335 Xianyu 335 67 57 124
京科968 Jingke 968 68 59 127

Table 2

Yield and yield components of the tested varieties"

Panicle number
(spike hm-2)
Grains per spike
100-grain weight
(kg hm-2)
2015 郑单958 Zhengdan 958 63810 b 600.90 c 34.62 c 12812.55 c
先玉335 Xianyu 335 63180 c 650.81 b 35.37 ab 13852.50 b
京科968 Jingke 968 65055 a 698.60 a 35.42 a 14612.55 a
2016 郑单958 Zhengdan 958 63675 b 589.80 c 33.54 c 12088.65 c
先玉335 Xianyu 335 62970 c 612.92 b 34.78 ab 13433.25 b
京科968 Jingke 968 65235 a 665.43 a 34.89 a 14155.05 a
Sources of
品种Variety (V) ** * ** **
年份Year (Y) NS ** ** **
互作V×Y ** NS * **

Fig. 1

Comparison of net photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance, intercellular CO2 concentration and transpiration rate of the tested varieties SS: silking stage; MK: milking stage. ZD958: Zhengdan 958; XY335: Xianyu 335; JK968: Jingke 968. Different letters above error bars indicate significant difference between two types of varieties (P < 0.05)."

Fig. 2

Leaf area index and canopy photosynthetic ability of the tested varieties Abbreviations are the same as those given in Fig. 1. Different letters above error bars indicate significant difference between two types of varieties (P < 0.05)."

Table 3

Accumulation and transportation of dry matter after silking of the tested varieties"

Dry matter accumulation and transportation
Zhengdan 958
Xianyu 335
Jingke 968
花后干物质积累量 Dry matter accumulation after silking (kg hm-2) 8285.50 c 9608.00 b 10926.30 a
干物质转运量 Transfer amount of dry matter (kg hm-2) 2629.70 c 3036.70 b 3680.50 a
干物质转运率 Transfer rate of dry matter (%) 27.37 c 30.50 b 32.43 a
干物质转运对籽粒的贡献率 Contribution to grain of dry matter transportation (%) 26.87 b 28.32 a 29.67 a
收获指数 Harvest index 0.55 a 0.55 a 0.56 a

Fig. 3

Grain filling dynamics and grain filling rate of the tested varieties"

Table 4

Grain filling parameters of the tested varieties"

Zhengdan 958
Xianyu 335
Jingke 968
R2 0.9987 0.9932 0.9964
A 35.95 36.82 37.42
B 0.82 0.66 13.24
C 0.08 0.09 0.10
D 0.11 0.09 0.67
Tmax (d) 25.97 23.48 28.54
Wmax (g 100-grain-1) 13.90 14.13 17.40
Gmax (g 100-grain-1 d-1) 0.99 1.11 1.09
Gave (g 100-grain-1 d-1) 0.67 0.75 0.73
P (d) 53.69 48.95 51.02

Table 5

Correlation analysis of grain filling parameters, dry matter transfer rate and photosynthetic characteristics and yield"

Correlation coefficient
X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6
X1 1.00
X2 -0.98* 1.00
X3 0.71 -0.55 1.00
X4 0.72 -0.56 0.98** 1.00
X5 0.81 -0.67 0.99* 0.99** 1.00
X6 0.81 -0.67 0.97* 0.99** 0.96** 1.00
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