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Effects of organic manure combined with nitrogen fertilizer on spring maize yield and soil fertility under drip irrigation

WANG Yan-Li,WU Peng-Nian,LI Pei-Fu(),WANG Xi-Na,ZHU Xu   

  1. School of Agriculture, Ningxia University, Yinchuan 750021, Ningxia, China
  • Received:2018-12-06 Accepted:2019-04-15 Online:2019-08-12 Published:2019-07-16
  • Contact: Pei-Fu LI E-mail:peifuli@163.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Science and Technology Projects for Rural Areas during the “12th Five-Year Plan”(2015BAD22B05-03)


The study focused on the problems of poor fertility, low nutrient utilization and weak productivity in sandy soil of Ningxia provinces. A two-year of continuous field positioning experiment designed by split block, the main treatment for non-organic fertilizer (-M) and organic fertilizer 3000 kg hm -2(+M) treatment, and the secondary treatment for pure nitrogen of 0 (N0), 75 (N75), 125 (N125), 225 (N225), and 300 (N300) kg hm -2, total 5 different nitrogen fertilizer dosages. The aim for this study was to screen the best fertilizer combination for improving soil fertility and achieving high yield, high quality of corn. The application of organic fertilizer combined with nitrogen fertilizer could effectively increase the contents of soil organic matter, total N, total P, available K, and available P, the dry matter accumulation and grain yield of maize, and two treatments of applying organic fertilizer 3000 kg hm -2combined with pure nitrogen of 300 kg hm -2 and 225 kg hm -2 performed the best. There was no significant difference in yield among the treatments of organic fertilizer combined with pure nitrogen of 150, 225, and 300 kg hm -2, these three treatments increased maize yield by 74.21%, 91.33%, and 81.23% respectively compared with that of the treatment without organic fertilizer, and the average yield of organic fertilizer treatments was 24.28% higher than that of non-organic fertilizer treatments. Organic fertilizer combined with pure nitrogen of 225 kg hm -2 to 300 kg hm -2 is recommended in the test area.

Key words: drip irrigation, organic fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, maize yield, water-fertilizer status

Fig. 1

Daily precipitation and mean temperature in growth period in 2016-2017"

Table 1

Irrigation and fertilization status during growing stage of maize"

灌水日期 Irrigation date (month/day) 4/27 5/18 6/7, 6/22 7/3, 7/14 7/26 8/5, 8/22 9/3
灌水量Irrigation quantity (m3 hm-2) 225 150 225, 375 375, 300 375 300, 225 225
尿素Urea - 15% 20%, 20% 15%, 15% 5% 5%, 5% -
磷酸二氢钾KH2PO4 - 25% -, 25% -, 25% - 25%, - -

Table 2

Effects of organic manure combined with nitrogen fertilizer on nutrients in 0-40 cm soil layer during the mature period in 2016 and 2017"

(g kg-1)
Total N
(g kg-1)
Total P
(g kg-1)
Alkaline N
(mg kg-1)
Available P
(mg kg-1)
Available K
(mg kg-1
2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017
-M-N0 4.59 e 5.36 e 0.33 e 0.57 e 0.34 d 0.56 e 25.32 c 30.26 e 5.04 d 6.81 e 68.65 e 73.52 e
-M+N75 4.87 d 5.62 d 0.42 d 0.68 d 0.38 d 0.63 d 25.48 c 31.32 d 5.20 c 7.06 d 78.10 d 83.40 d
-M+N150 5.14 c 5.79 c 0.55 c 0.83 c 0.45 c 0.69 c 25.67 b 33.74 c 5.34 b 7.34 c 97.01 c 106.91 c
-M+N225 5.42 b 5.96 b 0.68 b 0.92 b 0.55 b 0.77 b 25.79 ab 36.06 b 5.55 a 7.52 b 133.75 a 176.77 a
-M+N300 5.77 a 6.17 a 0.83 a 0.97 a 0.59 a 0.82 a 25.96 a 36.47 a 5.54 a 7.66 a 123.56 b 134.93 b
+M-N0 4.62 e 5.51 e 0.38 e 0.65 e 0.35 d 0.59 e 25.43 c 32.60 e 5.14 d 6.94 d 70.14 e 82.91 e
+M+N75 5.00 d 5.71 d 0.45 d 0.76 d 0.42 c 0.66 d 25.57 bc 33.62 d 5.30 c 7.21 c 87.21 d 98.73 d
+M+N150 5.26 c 5.80 c 0.66 c 0.88 c 0.51 b 0.74 c 25.74 b 34.81 c 5.45 b 7.40 b 104.62 c 107.86 c
+M+N225 5.56 b 6.08 b 0.78 b 0.95 b 0.59 a 0.81 b 26.01 a 36.86 b 5.68 a 7.83 a 149.20 a 186.62 a
+M+N300 5.93 a 6.39 a 0.89 a 0.99 a 0.63 a 0.88 a 26.10 a 39.32 a 5.43 b 7.80 a 135.88 b 154.98 b
M * * * * * * * * * * * *
N * * * * * * * * * * * *
M×N ns * ns ns * * ns ns ns * * *

Table 3

Effects of organic manure combined with nitrogen fertilizer on dry matter of maize at key growth stages (kg hm-2) "

2016年 2017年
Tasseling period
Jointing period
Tasseling period
-M-N0 1689 e 8154 d 9981 d 22748 c 2614 c 10080 b 11214 b 23355 d
-M+N75 1830 d 8511 c 11373 c 23346 bc 2885 b 10377 b 11625 b 24148 c
-M+N150 2108 c 8757 c 11631 bc 23734 ab 2903 b 10539 b 13062 a 24786 c
-M+N225 2311 b 9519 ab 11940 ab 24127 a 3330 a 11265 a 13431 a 25519 b
-M+N300 2525 a 10197 a 12240 a 24222 a 3511 a 11205 a 13704 a 26537 a
+M-N0 2440 d 10656 d 12804 d 24158 d 2655 c 11403 b 13815 c 25372 d
+M+N75 2577 c 11370 c 13869 c 25531 c 2673 bc 11625 b 14697 bc 27062 c
+M+N150 2606 c 11628 bc 14508 b 25859 c 2866 bc 12282 a 15114 b 28788 b
+M+N225 2863 b 11790 b 14979 ab 28355 a 2902 bc 12633 a 16788 a 29664 a
+M+N300 3056 a 12132 a 15234 a 27384 b 3159 a 12447 a 16731 a 30384 a
M ns ns * * ns * * *
N * * * * * * * *
M×N ns ns ns * ns * * *

Fig. 2

Effects of organic manure combined with nitrogen fertilizer on maize yield in 2016 and 2017 Bars superscripted by different letters are significantly different among different treatments in the same year at P < 0.05. * indicates significance (P < 0.05); ns indicates no significance (P > 0.05). Abbreviations are the same as those given in Table 1."

Table 4

Effects of organic manure combined with nitrogen fertilizer on water use efficiency of maize "

Yield (kg hm-2)
ET (mm)
WUE (kg hm-2 mm-1)
2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017
-M-N0 7246 c 8556 d 576 a 602 a 12.58 d 14.21 c
-M+N75 9585 b 9956 cd 127.79 a 137.18 a 31.18 a 23.10 a 563 b 583 b 17.02 c 17.65 b
-M+N150 10972 ab 11276 bc 73.15 b 72.95 b 24.84 b 15.91 c 557 b 579 c 19.70 bc 18.90 b
-M+N225 12407 a 12620 ab 55.14 c 56.09 c 22.94 b 18.06 b 549 c 572 c 22.60 a 22.06 a
-M+N300 11918 a 13880 a 39.73 d 46.27 c 15.57 c 17.75 b 548 c 565 d 21.75 ab 24.57 a
+M-N0 11575 c 9612 b 537 a 549 a 21.55 d 17.51 d
+M+N75 12498 bc 13054 a 166.63 a 174.05 a 12.30 b 37.01 a 531 ab 537 b 23.54 c 23.07 c
+M+N150 13562 ab 13966 a 90.41 b 93.11 b 13.25 ab 30.80 b 523 b 529 c 25.93 b 26.90 b
+M+N225 14875 a 15359 a 66.11 c 68.26 c 16.15 a 28.51 b 513 c 518 d 29.65 a 30.94 a
+M+N300 14275 ab 14363 a 47.58 d 48.87 d 8.56 c 19.17 c 504 d 510 e 28.06 a 30.12 a
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