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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2021, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (4): 638-649.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2021.04139


Responsive features of SiPRR37 to photoperiod and temperature, abiotic stress and identification of its favourable allelic variations in foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.)

JIA Xiao-Ping1,*(), LI Jian-Feng1, ZHANG Bo1, QUAN Jian-Zhang2, WANG Yong-Fang2, ZHAO Yuan1, ZHANG Xiao-Mei1, WANG Zhen-Shan1, SANG Lu-Man1, DONG Zhi-Ping2,*()   

  1. 1College of Agriculture, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471023, Henan, China
    2Institute of Millet, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences / National Millet Improvement Center, Shijiazhuang 050035, Hebei, China
  • Received:2020-06-25 Accepted:2020-10-14 Online:2021-04-12 Published:2020-11-20
  • Contact: JIA Xiao-Ping,DONG Zhi-Ping E-mail:jiaxiaoping2007@163.com;dzp001@163.com
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(31471569)


In this study, the clock gene SiPRR37 was cloned from the foxtail millet variety Yangu 11, and bioinformatics analysis, tissue specific expression analysis, diurnal expression patterns analysis under four different photo-thermal combinational conditions and responsive characteristics analysis to five abiotic stresses such as NaCl, ABA, PEG, low temperature and Fe were performed to reveal the mechanisms that SiPRR37 participated in regulating of photo-thermal interaction and coped with abiotic stresses. Mutation sites of SiPRR37 were detected by re-sequencing of 160 millet materials, which were used for haplotype analysis to explore the effect of SiPRR37 on main agronomic traits. The results showed that the CDS length of SiPRR37 gene was 2247 bp, which encoded 748 amino acids and contained REC and CCT domains. The phylogenetic analysis based on PRR37 proteins showed that foxtail millet had the closest relationship with broomcorn millet, sorghum and maize. Promoter prediction analysis found that various responsive elements to light, temperature, auxin, GA, ABA, MeJA, drought and salt stresses were detected in promoter region of SiPRR37. The decreasing order of relative expression level of SiPRR37 was root, panicle neck, panicle, parietal leaf, secondary parietal leaf and stem. Under four photo-thermal combinational conditions, SiPRR37 gave only one expression peak during the light period, and regardless of high temperature (27℃) or low temperature (22℃), the expression peak advanced under short-day condition compared to long-day condition, regardless of long-day or short-day, the expression peak advanced at low temperature (22℃) compared to high temperature (27℃). The expression of SiPRR37 was inhibited by NaCl and low temperature (15℃) stresses, induced by PEG-simulated drought stress and Fe stress. SiPRR37 participated in ABA signaling transduction process. The 10 SNPs in CDS region of SiPRR37 divided 160 millet materials into 19 haplotypes, of which Hap_7, Hap_10 and Hap_19 were favorable haplotypes for improving panicle traits. SiPRR37 exhibited circadian expression, and was regulated by photoperiod and temperature simultaneously. SiPRR37 participated in the responses of foxtail millet to salt stress, low temperature stress, drought stress and Fe stress. At the same time, SiPRR37 was correlated with heading stage and multiple panicle traits, showing certain application potential in high-yield molecular-assisted breeding of foxtail millet.

Key words: foxtail millet, SiPRR37, photo-thermal combinations, abiotic stress, expression analysis, haplotype

Table S1

160 foxtail millet resources used in this study"

Serial number
National unified number
Variety name
Origin region
1 00027956 郑谷2 Zhenggu 2 中国河南 Henan, China
2 00027954 豫谷6 Yugu 6 中国河南 Henan, China
3 00024231 郑06-6 Zheng 06-6 中国河南 Henan, China
4 00024221 豫谷3 Yugu3 中国河南 Henan, China
5 00027933 郑05-2 Zheng 05-2 中国河南 Henan, China
6 00024226 郑州12 Zhengzhou 12 中国河南 Henan, China
7 00024231 郑315 Zheng 315 中国河南 Henan, China
8 00024262 郑8041 Zheng 8041 中国河南 Henan, China
9 00024195 安5424 An 5424 中国河南 Henan, China
10 00027946 豫谷15 Yugu 15 中国河南 Henan, China
11 00027948 豫谷11 Yugu 11 中国河南 Henan, China
12 00028386 豫谷16 Yugu 16 中国河南 Henan, China
13 00027937 安4117 An 4117 中国河南 Henan, China
14 00027952 豫谷13号Yugu 13 中国河南 Henan, China
15 00028387 豫谷18号Yugu 18 中国河南 Henan, China
16 00027937 安04-5014 An 04-5014 中国河南Henan, China
17 00024170 豫谷2号Yugu2 中国河南 Henan, China
18 00010182 十里香Shilixiang 中国河南 Henan, China
19 00007844 毛毛亮Maomaoliang 中国河南 Henan, China
20 00020503 大黄糯谷Dahuangnuogu 中国河南 Henan, China
21 00027920 冀谷27 Jigu 27 中国河北 Hebei, China
22 00027921 冀谷28 Jigu 28 中国河北 Hebei, China
23 00027925 冀谷17 Jigu 17 中国河北 Hebei, China
24 00027919 金谷1号Jingu 1 中国河北 Hebei, China
25 冀特5号Jite 5 中国河北 Hebei, China
26 00027910 冀谷24 Jigu 24 中国河北 Hebei, China
27 00027909 冀谷22 Jigu 22 中国河北 Hebei, China
28 00027907 冀谷18 Jigu 18 中国河北 Hebei, China
29 00027906 冀谷31 Jigu 31 中国河北 Hebei, China
30 00027905 复12 Fu 12 中国河北 Hebei, China
31 00027924 冀谷15 Jigu 15 中国河北 Hebei, China
32 00027912 冀谷29 Jigu 29 中国河北 Hebei, China
33 00027911 冀谷26 Jigu 26 中国河北 Hebei, China
34 00027922 冀谷30 Jigu 30 中国河北 Hebei, China
35 00027733 谷丰1号Gufeng 1 中国河北 Hebei, China
36 532
37 00007619 张农8 Zhangnong 8 中国河北 Hebei, China
38 00022106 坝谷6 Bagu 6 中国河北 Hebei, China
39 00022109 坝谷81 Bagu 81 中国河北 Hebei, China
40 00022123 坝谷210 Bagu 210 中国河北 Hebei, China
41 00022173 坝91-0130 Ba 91-0130 中国河北 Hebei, China
42 00022116 坝谷139 Bagu 139 中国河北 Hebei, China
43 00022162 坝91-0053 Ba 91-0053 中国河北 Hebei, China
44 00022166 坝91-0079 Ba 91-0079 中国河北 Hebei, China
45 00007036 毛毛谷Maomaogu 中国河北 Hebei, China
46 00007040 沙粒滚Shaligun 中国河北 Hebei, China
47 00019241 大九根齐Dajiugenqi 中国河北 Hebei, China
48 00022090 矮41 Ai 41 中国河北 Hebei, China
49 000027926 衡谷9号Henggu 9 中国河北 Hebei, China
50 00022052 毛谷2号Maogu 2 中国河北 Hebei, China
51 00022608 南育3号Nanyu 3 中国河北 Hebei, China
52 00027898 承谷11 Chenggu 11 中国河北 Hebei, China
53 00028046 矮88 Ai 88 中国河北 Hebei, China
54 00012329 小青谷Xiaoqinggu 中国河北 Hebei, China
55 00012587 黄毛谷Huangmaogu 中国河北 Hebei, China
56 00022881 齐头白Qitoubai 中国河北 Hebei, China
57 00022525 老绳头Laoshengtou 中国河北 Hebei, China
58 00008960 龙爪谷Longzhuagu 中国河北 Hebei, China
59 00008461 小白苗Xiaobaimiao 中国河北 Hebei, China
60 00007568 黑色腰Heiseyao 中国河北 Hebei, China
61 00024082 济叶冲4 Jiyechong 4 中国山东Shandong, China
62 00019597 鲁谷3号Lugu 3 中国山东Shandong, China
63 00023553 早白糯Zaobainuo 中国山东Shandong, China
64 00012887 钱串子Qianchuanzi 中国山东Shandong, China
65 00014233 拔谷Bagu 中国山东Shandong, China
66 00012877 红根子谷Honggenzigu 中国山东Shandong, China
67 00011078 早谷Zaogu 中国山东Shandong, China
68 00006337 晋汾13 Jinfen 13 中国山西Shanxi, China
69 00027993 晋谷35号Jingu 35 中国山西Shanxi, China
70 00027995 汾选5号Fenxuan 5 中国山西Shanxi, China
71 00018008 皇龙谷Huanglonggu 中国山西Shanxi, China
72 00017042 红腿谷Hongtuigu 中国山西Shanxi, China
73 00024502 大同黄Datonghuang 中国山西Shanxi, China
74 00020590 龙谷26 Longgu 26 中国黑龙江Heilongjiang, China
75 00027854 白谷9号Baigu 9 中国吉林Jilin, China
76 00027862 公谷66号Gonggu 66 中国吉林Jilin, China
77 00027699 公谷69号Gonggu 69 中国吉林Jilin, China
78 00027704 公矮3号Gong’ai 3 中国吉林Jilin, China
79 00000785 白杆白沙Baiganbaisha 中国吉林Jilin, China
80 00000077 糟皮一把奇Zaopiyibaqi 中国黑龙江Heilongjiang, China
81 00015441 龙爪粘Longzhuanian 中国黑龙江Heilongjiang, China
82 00015445 安丰Anfeng 中国黑龙江Heilongjiang, China
83 00000011 老来变Laolaibian 中国黑龙江Heilongjiang, China
84 00027903 06-766 中国北京 Beijing, China
85 00012037 小早谷Xiaozaogu 中国北京Beijing, China
86 00018398 红杆谷Honggangu 中国陕西Shaanxi, China
87 00026203 呼和浩特大毛谷Huhehaotedamaogu 中国陕西Shaanxi, China
88 00028011 延谷11号Yangu 11 中国陕西Shaanxi, China
89 11郄1071 11qie1071
90 00014610 米泉谷Miquangu 中国新疆Xinjiang, China
91 00014612 沙湾谷子Shawanguzi 中国新疆Xinjiang, China
92 00018817 谷子Guzi 中国新疆Xinjiang, China
93 00018811 谷子Guzi 中国新疆Xinjiang, China
94 00021709 谷上谷Gushanggu 中国甘肃 Gansu, China
95 00028014 陇谷11号Longgu 11 中国甘肃Gansu, China
96 00027972 塞外香谷子Saiwaixiangguzi 中国宁夏Ningxia, China
97 00021671 红燃谷Hongrangu 中国宁夏Ningxia, China
98 00018751 小苗谷Xiaomiaogu 中国宁夏Ningxia, China
99 00003251 大青苗鱼刺Daqingmiaoyuci 中国甘肃Gansu, China
100 00018675 尕红谷Gahonggu 中国甘肃Gansu, China
101 00002910 黄玉3 Huangyu 3 中国内蒙古 Inner Mongolia, China
102 00003005 籼紫灰谷Xianzihuigu 中国内蒙古Inner Mongolia, China
103 00003008 二白谷Erbaigu 中国内蒙古Inner Mongolia, China
104 00022053 蒜皮白Suanpibai 中国内蒙古Inner Mongolia, China
105 00015547 金香玉Jinxiangyu 中国内蒙古Inner Mongolia, China
106 00014740 朝鲜谷子Chaoxianguzi 朝鲜Korea
107 00015037 SET3/80 德国Germany
108 00015049 ISE-430 美国 America
109 00014718 大王国Dawangguo 日本Japan
110 00014938 ISE-245 印度 India
111 00015012 法谷28-81 Fagu 28-81 法国 France
112 00014729 骨绿早1 Gulyuzao 1 朝鲜DPRK
113 00022367 ISE 770 国际半干旱研究所ICRISAT
114 00022370 ISE 775 国际半干旱研究所ICRISAT
115 00014697 岛原Daoyuan 日本Japan
116 00014706 六十日Liushiri 日本Japan
117 00015402 金德Jinde 美国America
118 00022430 Red manna 南非South Africa
119 00026837 K-3606 俄罗斯Russia
120 00014949 Ise-455 美国America
121 00015029 Set 64/82 德国Germany
122 00027931 8322-14
123 00027915 白米1号Baimi 1 中国辽宁 Liaoning, China
124 00027927 2013
125 0027917 谷丰2号Gufeng 2 中国河北Hebei, China
126 00015128 芝麻粟Zhimasu
127 00014623 大头糯Datounuo 中国湖南 Hunan, China
128 00022285 乐山白糯Leshanbainuo 中国四川 Sichuan, China
129 00022313 黄谷Huanggu 中国西藏 Tibet, China
130 00026488 黄粟Huangsu 中国广西 Guangxi, China
131 00025646 黄谷子Huangguzi 中国青海Qinghai, China
132 00025962 喇叭黄Labahuang 中国青海Qinghai, China
133 15HN-206 中国河北Hebei, China
134 15HN-138 中国河北Hebei, China
135 15HN-79 中国河北Hebei, China
136 六十天还家 Liushitianhuanjia 中国吉林Jilin, China
137 谷子Guzi 中国青海Qinghai, China
138 红糯谷Hongnuogu 中国宁夏Ningxia, China
139 小明谷子Xiaomingguzi 中国甘肃Gansu, China
140 粘子糯Nianzinuo
141 毛粟Maosu
142 00018651 茄谷Qiegu 中国甘肃Gansu, China
143 然谷Rangu 中国陕西Shaanxi, China
144 铁谷4号Tiegu 4 中国辽宁 Liaoning, China
145 红苗2 Hongmiao 2 中国吉林Jilin, China
146 叩根Kougen 中国吉林Jilin, China
147 00021176 铁7924 Tie 7924 中国辽宁 Liaoning, China
148 00020837 小金苗Xiaojinmiao 中国吉林Jilin, China
149 00015437 嫩选十号Nenxuanshi 中国黑龙江Heilongjiang, China
150 00028013 陇谷10号Longgu 10 中国甘肃Gansu, China
151 00027871 辽谷1号Liaogu 1 中国辽宁 Liaoning, China
152 00027852 嫩选十六Nenxuanshiliu 中国黑龙江Heilongjiang, China
153 00027882 蒙早谷9号Mengzaogu 9 中国内蒙古Inner Mongolia, China
154 红钙谷Honggaigu 中国天津Tianjin, China
155 00007028 黑谷子Heiguzi 中国河北Hebei, China
156 00021303 赤谷6号Chigu 6 中国内蒙古Inner Mongolia, China
157 二不黄Erbuhuang 中国山西Shanxi, China
158 白罗砂Bailuosha 中国河北Hebei, China
159 竹叶青Zhuyeqing 中国河北Hebei, China
160 压塌车Yatache 中国河北Hebei, China

Table 1

Specific primers"

Primer name
Primer sequences (5°-3°)
Expected fragment size (bp)
1295 克隆SiPRR37
Cloning SiPRR37
229 内参荧光定量
Internal reference fluorescence quantification
91 SiPRR37荧光定量
SiPRR37 fluorescence quantification

Fig. 1

Electrophoresis results of total RNA extracted from leaves in Yangu 11 1, 2: two tubes of RNA extracted. "

Fig. 2

RT-PCR results of SiPRR37 genes M: marker DL2000; A: amplified products of PRR37-1 and PRR37-2; B: amplified product of PRR37-3. "

Fig. S1

cDNA sequences of SiPRR37 gene in millet The underlined parts are initiation codon and termination codon. "

Fig. 3

Domain analysis of SiPRR37 protein in millet"

Fig. S2

Analysis of phosphorylation site of millet SiPRR37 protein"

Fig. 4

Molecular phylogenetic tree of PRR37 protein"

Fig. 5

Tissue-specific expression analysis of SiPRR37 gene Values followed by different uppercase and lowercase letters above the bar represent significant difference at the 0.01 and 0.05 probability levels, respectively."

Table 2

Analysis of cis-acting elements in promoter region of SiPRR37"

Regulatory element
Core sequence
Distribution region (bp)
LTR CCGAAA 1 658-663 参与低温响应顺式激活元件
cis-acting element involved in low-temperature responsiveness
G-box CACGTG, TCCACATGGCA, CACGAC 4 123-128, 1870-1879, 1103-1108, 1517-1522 参与光响应顺式作用元件
cis-acting regulatory element involved in light responsiveness
AE-box AGAAACTT 1 409-416 部分光响应元件 Part of a light responsive element
Box II CCACGTGGC 1 122-130 部分光响应元件 Part of a light responsive element
Sp1 GGGCGG 1 23-28 光响应元件 Light responsive element
3-AF1 binding site TAAGAGAGGAA 1 1045-1054 光响应元件 Light responsive element
AuxRR-core GGTCCAT 1 1536-1542 参与生长素响应顺式作用元件
cis-acting regulatory element involved in auxin responsiveness
TGACG-motif TGACG, CGTCA 2 29-33, 1563-1567 参与茉莉酸甲酯响应的顺式激活元件
cis-acting regulatory element involved in the MeJA-
TATC-box TATCCCA 1 925-931 参与赤霉素响应顺式激活元件
cis-acting element involved in gibberellin-responsiveness
P-box CCTTTTG 1 1726-1732 赤霉素响应元件 Gibberellin-responsive element
Myb-binding site CAACAG 1 1154-1159 参与干旱、盐胁迫等逆境响应
Involved in drought, salt dresses responsiveness
DRE1 ACCGAGA 1 342-348 干旱胁迫响应元件
ABRE ACGTG, CACGTG 2 31-35, 123-128 参与ABA响应的顺式激活元件
cis-acting element involved in the abscisic acid responsiveness

Fig. 6

Expression characteristics of SiPRR37 gene under different photo-thermal combinational treatments A: the effect of different photoperiods on SiPRR37 gene under low temperature condition; B: the effect of different temperatures on SiPRR37 gene under short-day condition; C: the effect of different temperatures on SiPRR37 gene under long-day condition; D: the effect of different photoperiods on SiPRR37 gene under high temperature condition. Long day: 6:00-21:00 light, 0:00-6:00 and 21:00-0:00 dark; Short day: 6:00-15:00 light, 0:00-6:00 and 15:00-0:00 dark. LTSD: low temperature short day; LTLD: low temperature long day; HTSD: high temperature short day; HTLD: high temperature long day. Different uppercase and lowercase letters above the bar represent significant difference at the 0.01 and 0.05 probability levels, respectively."

Fig. 7

Response of SiPRR37 gene to abiotic stresses in millet A: salt stress; B: ABA osmotic stress; C: PEG simulated drought stress; D: low-temperature stress; E: iron stress. Different uppercase and lowercase letters above the bars represent significant difference at the 0.01 and 0.05 probability levels, respectively."

Table 3

SNP loci of SiPRR37 gene detected in 160 millet materials"

5° UTR
Exon region
Intron region
3° UTR
Full length
序列长度Sequence length (bp) 978 2247 10,440 678 14,343
SNP数目 Number of SNPs 6 10 31 0 47
SNP频率SNP frequency (bp SNP-1) 163 224.7 336.77 0 305.17

Table S2

Distribution of haplotypes of the coding region of SiPRR37 gene in 160 millet varieties"

Hap_1 84 郑谷2, 豫谷6, 郑06-6, 郑05-2, 郑州12, 郑315, 安5424, 豫谷11, 豫谷16, 安4117, 豫谷13号, 安04-5014,大黄糯谷, 冀谷27, 冀谷28, 冀谷17, 金谷1号, 冀谷24, 冀谷22, 冀谷18, 冀谷31, 复12, 冀谷15, 冀谷29号, 冀谷26号, 冀谷30, 谷丰1号, 532, 坝91-0130, 坝91-0053, 大九根齐, 矮41, 衡谷9号, 南育3号, 承谷11, 矮88, 黄毛谷, 齐头白, 老绳头, 济叶冲4, 早白糯, 钱串子, 拔谷, 红根子谷, 晋谷35号, 皇龙谷, 龙谷26, 白谷9号, 公谷66号, 公谷69号, 公矮3号, 白杆白沙, 安丰, 老来变, 06-766, 延谷11号, 黄玉3, 金香玉, ISE-430, 大王国, ISE-245, 骨绿早1, ISE775, 岛原, 六十日, 金德, Set64/82, 8322-14, 白米1号, 2013, 芝麻粟, 大头糯, 乐山白糯, 黄谷, 喇叭黄, 15HN-138, 然谷, 红苗2, 铁7924, 小金苗, 嫩选十六, 黑谷子, 赤谷6号, 压塌车
Zhenggu 2, Yugu 6, Zheng 06-6, Zheng 05-2, Zhengzhou 12, Zheng 315, An 5424, Yugu 11, Yugu 16, An 4117, Yugu 13, An 04-5014, Dahuangnuogu, Jigu 27, Jigu 28, Jigu 17, Jingu 1, Jigu 24, Jigu 22, Jigu 18, Jigu 31, Fu 12, Jigu 15, Jigu 29, Jigu 26, Jigu 30, Gufeng 1, 532, Ba 91-0130, Ba 91-0053, Dajiugenqi, Ai 41, Henggu 9, Nanyu 3, Chenggu 11, Ai 88, Huangmaogu, Qitoubai, Laoshengtou, Jiyechong 4, Zaobainuo, Qianchuanzi, Bagu, Honggenzigu, Jingu 35, Huanglonggu, Longgu 26, Baigu 9, Gonggu 66, Gonggu 69, Gong’ai 3, Baiganbaisha, Anfeng, Laolaibian, 06-766, Yangu 11, Huangyu 3, Jinxiangyu, ISE-430, Dawangguo, ISE-245, Gulyzao 1, ISE775, Daoyuan, Liushiri, Jinde, Set64/82, 8322-14, Baimi1, 2013, Zhimasu, Datounuo, Leshanbainuo, Huanggu, Labahuang, 15HN-138, Rangu, Hongmiao 2, Tie7924, Xiaojinmiao, Nenxuanshiliu, Heiguzi, Chigu 6, Yatache
Hap_2 2 豫谷3号, 鲁谷3号 Yugu 3, Lugu 3
Hap_3 1 郑8041 Zheng 8041
Hap_4 1 豫谷15 Yugu 15
Hap_5 2 豫谷18号, 沙粒滚 Yugu 18, Shaligun
Hap_6 48 豫谷2号, 十里香, 坝谷6, 坝谷81, 坝谷210, 坝91-0079, 毛毛谷, 毛谷2号, 小青谷, 龙爪谷, 黑色腰, 早谷,晋汾13, 汾选5号, 红腿谷, 龙爪粘, 红杆谷, 呼和浩特大毛谷, 11郄1071, 米泉谷, 谷上谷, 塞外香谷子, 红燃谷, 小苗谷, 大青苗鱼刺, 尕红谷, 籼紫灰谷, 二白谷, Red manna, Ise-455, 黄粟, 黄谷子, 15HN-206, 15HN-79,六十天还家, 谷子, 红糯谷, 毛粟, 茄谷, 铁谷4号, 嫩选十号, 陇谷10号, 辽谷1号, 蒙早谷9号, 红钙谷, 二不黄, 白罗砂, 竹叶青
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Hap_7 2 毛毛亮, 陇谷11号 Maomaoliang, Longgu 11
Hap_8 1 冀特5号 Jite 5
Hap_9 3 张农8, 谷子, 蒜皮白 Zhangnong8, Guzi, Suanpibai
Hap_10 1 坝谷139 Bagu 139
Hap_11 2 小白苗, K-3606 Xiaobaimiao, K-3606
Hap_12 1 大同黄 Datonghuang
Hap_13 3 糟皮一把奇, 朝鲜谷子, SET3/80 Zaopiyibaqi, Chaoxianguzi, SET3/80
Hap_14 2 小早谷, 谷子 Xiaozaogu, Guzi
Hap_15 2 沙湾谷子, 谷丰2号 Shawanguzi, Gufeng 2
Hap_16 2 法谷28-81, 叩根 Fagu 28-81, Kougen
Hap_17 1 ISE770 ISE770
Hap_18 1 小明谷子 Xiaomingguzi
Hap_19 1 粘子糯 Nianzinuo

Fig. 8

Haplotypes effects analysis based on SNPs of SiPRR37 gene Bars marked with different uppercase and lowercase letters represent significant difference at the 0.01 and 0.05 probability levels, respectively."

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