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Research progress on genetic basis and QTL mapping of oil content in peanut seed

ZHANG Yue(), WANG Zhi-Hui, HUAI Dong-Xin, LIU Nian, JIANG Hui-Fang, LIAO Bo-Shou(), LEI Yong()   

  1. Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Oil Crops, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, Wuhan 430062, Hubei, China
  • Received:2023-04-10 Accepted:2023-09-28 Online:2024-03-12 Published:2023-10-12
  • Contact: *E-mail: leiyong@caas.cn; E-mail: lboshou@hotmail.com
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Youth Foundation of China(32201770);Key Area Research and Development Program of Hubei Province(2021BBA077);Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province(2022CFB332)


Peanut is an important oilseed crop in China, and oil content is an important quality trait and breeding target of peanut. One percentage point increase in peanut oil content is equivalent to an increase of two percentage points in yield, and oil processing profit can be increased by seven percentage points. This study outlined four predominant methods for phenotyping peanut oil content. The genetic characteristics of oil content in peanut were quantitative traits under polygenic control, that were affected by additive and dominant effects, and influenced by G×E interaction. There were 124 QTL reported for oil content, with 36 major effect loci by (phenotypic variation explained) more than 10%. Eight major effect QTL on A03, A05, and A08 can be consistently identified. A consistent genetic map of oil content in peanut was constructed, with a hotspot region on the 33.59-50.24 Mb of A08. In addition, the research progress of lipid synthesis and the regulatory mechanisms of associated genes was detailed. This review aspires to provide theoretical guidance for the genetic improvement of oil content and the breeding of high oil varieties of peanut.

Key words: peanut, oil content, genetic characteristics, QTL mapping, genes

Table 1

Genetic characteristics of oil content in peanut"

Material name
Analysis methods
Genetic characteristics
亲本SPI056 × 花育17及其F1、F2群体
SPI056 with high oil content, Huayu 17 with low oil content, F1 and F2 populations derived from a cross between them
Mixed major gene plus polygene inheritance model
Two additive-dominant-epistatic major- genes plus additive-dominant polygenes
P1, P2, F1, and F2 of four hybrid combinations composed of parents with different oil contents
Major gene-polygene genetic
separation analysis
Additive gene effects
包含215个家系的重组自交系群体(F9)及其亲本郑8903 × 豫花4号
215 F9 RILs and their parents Zheng 8903 and Yuhua 4
Mixed major gene plus polygene inheritance model; major gene- polygene genetic separation analysis
Two linked complementary major gene plus polygene inheritance mode
高油613 × 花育36号及其构建的重组自交系, P1、P2、RIL
Gaoyou 613 × Huayu 36, recombinant inbred line constructed by Gaoyou 613 × Huayu 36, P1, P2, RIL
Mixed major gene plus polygene inheritance model
2对主基因+加性多基因控制, 且主基因存在抑制作用
Two pairs of major genes with inhibiting effect and polygenes with additive effect
Five peanut varieties, F1 and F2 formed by 20 hybrid combinations of five parent varieties through complete diallel cross
General genetic model
胚基因型直接控制, 以加性为主; 同时存在母体加性和显性效应, 无细胞质效应
Mainly controlled by embryo genotype, based on additive effect; followed by
maternal additive effect and dominant effects, but no cytoplasmic effect
A reciprocal cross combination constructed using high-oil parent W191 and low-oil parent JT1, and F2 population
Mixed major gene plus polygene inheritance model
Two pairs of major gene equal dominance model
潍花8号 × 12L49的5个家系世代材料
Five pedigrees and generations from hybrid combination with Weihua 8 × 12L49
联合分析; 多世代联合分析
Mixed major gene plus polygene inheritance model; multi-generation joint analysis method
Polygene inheritance
Five parental lines, F1 hybrids produced by 20 peanut parents were prepared by Griffing
complete diallel crossing design
Hayman model of complete diallel cross
加性效应为主, 显性效应较小且存在部分显性
Mainly additive effect, while the dominant effect was small and partial dominant
Five parental lines, F1 hybrids produced by incomplete diallel crosses
General genetic model
主要是胚加性效应, 其次是母体加性效应
Mainly controlled by embryo additive
effect, followed by maternal additive effect

Table 2

QTL loci for oil content in peanut"

Cross group
Population size/type
Marker number
Range of phenotypic variation (%)
QTL number
TamrunOL01 × BSS56 88/RIL 112/SSR 39.84-51.60 1 [31]
TG26 × GPBD4 146/RIL 45/SSR 40.76-49.55 4 LG1, LG2, LG3, LG8 [32]
郑8903 × 豫花4号
Zheng 8903 × Yuhua 4
215/RILs 1556/SSR 2 LG1, LG17 [33]
SunOleic 97R × NC94022 352/RILs 206/SSR 10 A05, A07, A08, B03, B04, B08 [34]
Tifrunner × GT-C20 248/RILs 378/SSR 8 B08
中花10号 × ICG12625
Zhonghua 10 × ICG12625
232/F2:3 470/SSR 45.40-57.10 1 B03 [35]
中花6号 × 徐花13
Zhonghua 6 × Xuhua 13
187/RIL 868/SSR 43.19-56.70 2 A08, B03 [36]
远杂9102 × 徐州68-4
Yuanza 9102 × Xuzhou 68-4
188/RIL 365/SSR 47.20-55.29 3 LG7, LG16 [37]
ICGV07368 × ICGV06420 184/F2 854/DArT, SSR 47.2-55.7 8 A02, A08, A10, B03, B06, B09 [8]
Florunner × TxAG-6 90/BC3F6 91/SSR 44.00-63.00 13 A05, A06 [39]
潍花8号 × 12L49
Weihua 8 × 12L49
140/F2 103/SSR 44.28-54.61 3 Chr13, Chr16, Chr18 [40]
徐花13 × 中花6号
Xuhua 13 × Zhonghua 6
186/RIL 2595/SNP 43.19-56.37 7 A04, A05, A08, B05, B06 [41]
农大D666 × P12
Nongda D666 × P12
568/F2 271376/SNP, 58903/InDel 47.04-61.91 1 A01 [42]
中花10号 × ICG12625
Zhonghua 10 × ICG12625
140/RILs 1443/SSR 39.84-51.60 18 A01, A02, A05, A08, A09, A10, B04, B06, B10 [43]
TMV2 × TMV2-NLM 432/RILs 713/SNP, 143/AhTE, 47/SSR 43-57 11 Ah03, Ah05, Ah10, Ah11, Ah13, Ah20 [44]
花育36 × 6-13
Huayu 36 × 6-13
181/RILs 3866/SNP, SSR 43.18-61.39 5 A06, A08, B05, B07 [46]
豫花15 × W1202
Yuhua 15 × W1202
329/RILs 213868/SNP 45.2-59.8 27 A01, A02, A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08, A09, A12, A14, A17 [45]

Fig. 1

Consistency map of genetic loci for oil content in peanut Red marks are associated loci with phenotypic variation explained (PVE) greater than or equal to 10% while green marks are less than 10%. The red boxes represent the major-effect QTL loci, and the black boxes represent the minor-effect QTL loci."

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