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Genetic Analysis of a New Yellow-green Leaf Mutant and Fine-mapping of Mutant Gene in Rice

HE Ni-Qing,LIU Zhou,ZHANG Long,BAI Su-Yang,TIAN Yun-Lu,JIANG Ling*,WAN Jian-Min   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement / Research Center of Jiangsu Plant Gene Engineering / Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Biology / Genetics and Breeding of Japonica Rice in Mid-lower Yangtze River / The Yangtze River Valley Hybrid Rice Collaboration Innovation Center, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
  • Received:2015-02-02 Revised:2015-05-04 Online:2015-08-12 Published:2015-06-03
  • Contact: 江玲, E-mail: jiangling@njau.edu.cn, Tel: 025-84399061 E-mail:heniqing@hotmail.com


The yellow-green leaf mutant T113, which was isolated from a T-DNA mutant pool with Dongjin variety as the background material, showed a yellow-green leaf phenotype in whole developing stage. Compared with wild type, the contents of chlorophyll and carotenoid decreased, the yellow-green leaf became more and more obvious along with developing in T113. At maturity, the number of productive panicles per plant, panicle length, seed setting rate, 1000-grain weight and plant height reduced. The date of heading of T113 also delayed. The phenotype of mutant was not affected by temperature. Ultrastructural analysis showed that the chloroplast of mutant was brighter than that of wild type, the mutant developed loosed thylakoid lamellar structures. The expression of genes associated with chlorophyll biosynthetic and chloroplast development of T113 changed a lot. Genetic analysis showed that the yellow-green leaf trait of the T113 mutant was controlled by one pair of recessive nuclear genes. Genetic mapping of the mutant gene was conducted using a F2 mapping population of T113/N22. Finally, the mutant gene was mapped between Indel markers CX2 and JX18 on the long arm of chromosome 2 with physical distance of 79 kb, in which 12 predicted genes had been annotated.

Key words: Oryza sativa L., Yellow-green leaf mutant, Genetic analysis, Fine-mapping

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