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FAE1 Sequence Characteristics and Its Relationship with Erucic Acid Content in Brassica juncea

 XU Ai-Xia1,2,HUANG Zhen2, MA Chao-Zhi1, XIAO En-Shi2, ZHANG Xiu-Sen2, TU Jin-Xing1*, FU Ting-Dong1   

  1. 1National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement,Huazhong Agricultural University,Wuhan 430070,China;2College of Agriculture,Northwest A&F University,Yangling 712100,china
  • Received:2009-10-13 Revised:2010-02-07 Online:2010-05-12 Published:2010-03-15
  • Contact: TU Jin-Xing,E-mail:tujx@mail.hzau.edu.cn;Tel:027-87281819 E-mail:xuaixia64@yahoo.com.cn;Tel: 029-87081655


Low erucic acid content, which may result from the differential mutation of the fatty acid elongation 1 (FAE1) gene, is a major breeding target in canola quality improvement. We cloned the FAE1 genes in six Brassica juncea varieties (with high, intermediate and low contents of erucic acid), and their sibling species: two B. rapa (with high erucic acid and low contents of erucic acid) and one B. nigra varieties by using the method of homologous sequencing. The results showed that the sequences of FAE1 genes in nine varieties were 1 522 bp without introns, and all encoded a protein of 507 amino acids. There were two FAE1 gene sequences (BjFAEBjFAE1.1 and BjFAE1.2) in B. juncea, and only one FAE1 gene sequence was in B. rapa (BrFAE1) and B. nigra (BnFAE1), respectively. BjFAE1.1 was corresponding to the BrFAE1 of B. rapa; and BjFAE1.2 was corresponding to BnFAE1 of B. nigra. There were 71 nucleotide variations and the different HindIII restriction sites (No. 1415 and No. 1144) and 15 amino acid variations in protein construction between BjFAE1.1 and BjFAE1.2. The FAE1 gene sequences comparison analysis showed that there were two SNPs (No. 968 and No. 1265) in BjFAE1.1, two SNPs (No. 49 and No. 237) in BjFAE1.2, three of the four SNPs (No. 49, No. 968, and No. 1265) resulted in differences in the amino acid level. The No. 323 amino acid in BjFAE1.1 gene was changed (Thr → Ile) duo to the change of the No. 968 base (C→T)), which could explain the decrease of erucic acid content in B. juncea and B. rapa. The point mutation at the No. 1265 base (T→C) resulted in the change at No. 422 amino acid (Phe→Ser), which could partially explained partly explained the variations from high erucic acid to low erucic acid in Brassica juncea, but no difference was found in No. 1265 in B. rapa varieties with high and low erucic acid content. The mutation at No. 49 base (T→C) resulted in No.17 amino acid change (Phe→Leu), which could explained the variations from intermediate erucic acid to high erucic acid (erucic acid) in B. juncea. We compared the FAE1 gene sequences of the low erucic acid yellow mustard mutant called 1278-3 from northern Shaanxi and the varieties with low erucic acid from foreign countries, the results showed that their difference was only in No.1265 base.

Key words: Brassica juncea, FAEl, Cloning, Sequence analysis

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