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Effect of Increasing K Application Rate on Partial Physiological & Biochemical Parameters and Occurrence of Black Shank and Black Root Rot in Tobacco Variety Hongda

ZUO Li-Juan1,ZHAO Zheng-Xiong1,*,YANG Huan-Wen1,DUAN Feng-Yun2,WANG De-Xun2,XU Fa-Hua2,LU Fen1   

  1. 1 College of Tobacco Science, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming 650201, China; 2 Dali Tobacco Company, Yunnan Tobacco Company, Dali 671000, China
  • Received:2009-12-01 Revised:2010-02-07 Online:2010-05-12 Published:2010-03-15
  • Contact: ZHAO Zheng-Xiong,E-mail:zhaozx0801@163.com;Tel:0871-5220536


Flue-cured tobacco production plays an important role for the most farmers in Yunnan province. However, farmers are not willing to plant Hongdavariety, partly because the tobacco seedlings are much susceptible to black shank and black root rot even when fertilized with the same ratio of potassium as for the resistant varieties such as K326 and Yun 85. In addition to the genetic difference in resistance, whether potassium application rate recommended for Hongda variety in the production is sufficient to enhance its resistance to diease is not clear. Therefore, three potassium application rates, including 187.5 (CK, recommended in the production), 262.5 and 337.5 kg K2O ha–1, were designed to compare the tobacco seedlings’ resistance to black shank and black root rot in field experiment. The leaves were sampled from healthy tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum L. var. Hongda) at 33, 41, 62, 69, 76 days after transplanting (DAT), and some physiological-biochemical parameters such as contents of nitrogen, protein, free amino acid, soluble sugar, phenol and flavonoid were determined. Meanwhile, the severity of black shank and black root rot on tobacco plants was recorded in the field at 10-day interval from 24 DAT to 114 DAT. The results showed that the contents of N, protein and free amino acid reduced, the contents of flavonoid, phenol and soluble sugar in leaf increased when potassium application rate was raised. In addition, decreased severity of black shank and black root rot was observed with increasing potassium rate at 44, 54, 64, 74, 84, 94, 104 and 114 DAT. There was significant difference between the two treatments with K2O application rate at 337.5 and 187.5 kg ha–1 respectively in the parameters mentioned above. However, the leaf yield and economic value reached the peak when potassium was applied at 262.5 kg K2O ha–1. Compared with those of the control, the leaf yield and economic value increased by 4.49% and 18.27% respectively in the treatment with potassium application rate at 262.5 kg K2O ha–1, while by 1.55% and 12.34% respectively in the treatment with K2O rate at 337.5 kg ha–1. It suggested that potassium application rate recommended in the production of Nicotiana tabacum L.variety Hongda is inadequate, therefore a relatively higher potassium application rate, i.e. 262.5 kg K2O ha–1 in the experiment, should be preferred to decrease the severity of black shank and black root rot.

Key words: Flue-cured tobacco, Variety Hongda, Potassium, Resistance, Black shank, Black root rot

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