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Molecular Mapping of Leaf Rust Resistance Genes in Wheat Line Tian 95HF2

ZHOU Yue,WANG Long,ZHANG Ye,LI Zai-Feng*,LIU Da-Qun*   

  1. College of Plant Protection, Agricultural University of Hebei / Biological Control Center for Plant Diseases and Plant Pests of Hebei Province, Baoding 071001, China
  • Received:2010-03-15 Revised:2010-04-24 Online:2010-08-12 Published:2010-06-11
  • Contact: LIU Da-Qun, E-mail: ldq@hebau.edu.cn, Tel: 0312-7528500;LI Zai-Feng, E-mail: lzf7551@yahoo.com.cn, Tel: 0312-7528500

Abstract: The wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) line Tian 95HF2 appears in low infection to most of Chinese current pathotypes of Puccinia triticina at seedling stage. For postulating the resistance genes in Tian 95HF2, F1 and F2 populations from the cross between Tian 95HF2 and Zhengzhou 5389 (susceptible to leaf rust) were inoculated with pathotypes FHTT and PHTS in greenhouse. The infection types were investigated 15 d after inoculation and molecular markers were also used for mapping the resistance genes. When inoculating with pathotype FHTT, only one resistance gene was detected. After screening 1274 primer pairs in the parents and the resistant and susceptible bulks, the resistance gene was found between the interval of a sequence tag site for Lr1 (WR003) and a microsatellite (wmc443) on 5DL.The genetic distances to the two markers were 2.9 cM and 3.1 cM, respectively. This resistance gene was finally postulated to be Lr1. The segregation of infection type in response to pathotype PHTS showed that there were two resistance genes in Tian 95HF2. One was inferred as Lr1, and the other was likely to be LrZH84, which is located on chromosome 1BL.

Key words: SSR marker, Resistance gene to wheat leaf rust, Tian 95HF2, Lrl, LrZH84

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