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Physiological Characteristics of Drought Resistance in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

LI Long,WANG Lan-Fen,WU Jing,JING Rui-Lian,WANG Shu-Min*   

  1. 王述民, E-mail: wangshumin@caas.cn, Tel: 010-62175628
  • Received:2012-12-16 Revised:2014-01-12 Online:2014-04-12 Published:2014-02-14


hree common bean cultivars, Yuejindou (drought-resistant), 260205 (drought-resistant) and Naihuayundou (drought-susceptible) were evaluated with two treatments (drought stress and normal water supply) in pot experiments. We determined physiological and biochemical parameters during growth stage and yield and traits related to yield after harvest, analyzed the changes of all parameters and indicators under drought stress. The result showed that the root dry weight of Yuejindou and 260205 was 20.2% and 20.6% of the total biomass and the pod dry weight was 30.0% and 28.9% of the total biomass especially at 36 days of drought treatment, while, the root dry weight and pod dry weight only 10.6% and 17.1% of the total biomass in Naihuayundou, indicating that effective photosynthate distribution is significantly correlated with drought resistance in common bean.The water use efficiency in the drought-resistant cultivar (Yuejindou) increased by 230.5% compared with control, much higher than the 60% increase in drought-susceptible cultivar (Naihuayundou). The drought-resistant cultivars had an efficient CO2 diffusion and fixation in leaf tissues, and an effective water-use. In drought-resistant cultivars, antioxidant enzyme and photorespiration played a significant role in reactive oxygen scavenging; proline and soluble sugar contributed to the maintenance of relative water content in leaves under low water potential. All together, our results indicated that the competence of drought-resistant cultivars to maintain seed production under drought stress relies on effective adjustments in morphology, stomatal conductance, osmosis and antioxidant capacity.

Key words: Common bean, Drought stress, Physiological characteristics, Evaluation indices

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