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Mapping Grain Weight and Shape QTLs Using Four Sister Near Isogenic Lines (SNILs) of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

YAO Guo-Xin1,2, LI Jin-Jie1,ZHANG Qiang1,3,HU Guang-Long1,CHEN Chao1,TANG Bo1,ZHANG Hong-Liang1,LI Zi-Chao1,*   

  1. 1Key Laboratory of Crop Genomics and Genetic Improvement,Ministry of Agriculture/Beijing Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement,China Agricultural University,Beijing 100193,china;2School of Life Science and Technology,Xiaogan University,Xiaogan 432100,China;3Rice Research Institute,Jilin academy of Agricultural Sciences,Gongzhuling,136100,china
  • Received:2010-01-08 Revised:2010-04-20 Online:2010-08-12 Published:2010-05-20
  • Contact: LI Zi-Chao,E -mail: lizichao@cau.edu.cn; Tel: 010-62731414

Abstract: Grain weight (GW) is one of three major determinants of rice yield. In order to develop sister near isogenic lines (SNILs) for mapping GW and grain shape QTLs, we developed a cross with SLG-1 (as donor), one of the largest GW varieties in the world, and small GW variety Nipponbare(as recurrent), and selected larger GW plants to backcross with Nipponbare in different generations. Through analysis with total 73 BC4F1plants, we found four peaks in the frequency distribution of GW, and then selected four plants with the GW of each top peaks respectively to develop four SNIL populations. Using bulked segregant analysis(BSA), from 1 513 SSR makers evenly distributed on rice genome, we screened out 19 polymorphic SSR makers related to GW and grain shape. Using the LOD score 2.5 as the threshold, 12 QTLs for GW, grain length (GL), seed width (SW), and grain thickness (GT) were identified, which located on six regions of rice chromosome with explained phenotypic variation ranging from 7.22% to 53.38%. These QTL regions contained the cloned genes GS3 and GW2. Five GW and grain shape QTLs which were not be fine-mapped in previous research were also detected in the regions of RM6318–RM1367 on chromosome 2, RM5477–RM6417 on chromosome 3 and RM3370–RM1161 on chromosome 6. Among them, qGL3-1 with higher contribution was a new QTL for GL. The results provide a foundation for fine mapping and cloning new QTLs for GW and grain shape.

Key words:  Rice(Oriza sativa L.), Sister near-isogenic lines, Grain weight, Grain shape, QTL Rice(Oriza sativa L.), Grain weight, Grain shape, SNIL, QTL

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