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Editing Sites in Transcript of Mitochondrial atp6 Gene of Male Sterile Line with Aegilops kotschyi Cytoplasm in Wheat

HAN Yan-Fen,ZHANG Long-Yu**,HU Jun-Min,ZHANG Gai-Sheng*,LI Ya-Xin,SHENG Ying,WEI Fang,NIU Na,MA Shou-Cai   

  1. Northwest A&F University / Key Laboratory of Crop Heterosis of Shaanxi Province / Wheat Breeding Engineering Research Center, Ministry of Education, Yangling 712100, China
  • Received:2010-05-18 Revised:2010-07-16 Online:2010-12-12 Published:2010-10-09
  • Contact: ZHANG Gai-Sheng,E-mail:zhanggsh@public.xa.sn.cn,Tel:029-87092152

Abstract: RNA editing of atp6 gene at different stages of pollen development was sequenced directly and from clones using the cytoplasmic male-sterile line ms(Kots)-90-110 (A) and its near-isogenic line (NIL, BC5F2). The DNA sequences of ms(Kots)-90-110 (A) and the NIL had 99% identities with those of common wheat (Triticum aestivum) and T. timopheevi. There were 15 editing sites in the conservative regions of atp6 transcripts between male sterile and fertile lines, of which 13 occurred at the first or the second position of codons with alteration of amino acid type, and two occurred at the third position with no change of amino acid type. Codens at the sixth and seventh sites were cotranscripted. The frequency of the editing site was increased gradually as the developmental stage of anther proceeded. The restorer gene in BC5F2 obviously increased the editing frequency at each editing site. Transcripts that were inadequately edited might affect the normal mitochondria function. RNA editing of atp6 is probably associated with CMS in wheat with Aegilops kotschyi cytoplasm.

Key words: wheat, cytoplasmic male sterility, atp6, RNA-editing

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