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Relationship between a Water Stress Responsive Protein and Drought Resistance and Molecular Mapping of the Target Gene in Common Wheat

JIN Xiu-Feng,WANG Xian-Guo,REN Wan-Jie,ZHANG Xiao-Ke*,XIE Hui-Min,FAN Feng-Gui   

  1. College of Agronomy, Northwest A&F University / Yangling Sub-center of National Wheat Improvement Center, Yangling 712100, China
  • Received:2013-05-24 Revised:2013-08-31 Online:2014-02-12 Published:2013-11-14
  • Contact: 张晓科, E-mail: zhangxiaoke66@126.com


Proteins in response to water stress may closely relate to drought resistance in plants. Genes encoding such proteins are potentially used in wheat breeding aiming to improve drought resistance. The drought resistance of 128 wheat varieties (lines) was identified in two locations in the 2010–2011 growing season. These varieties were then subjected to SDS-PAGE analysis for a ~66.2 kD water stress responsive protein after seedling treatment with -0.5 MPa PEG-6000 for 48 h. Sixty-seven varieties showed expression of the target protein, whereas the remaining 61 varieties absented from the protein expression. Drought resistance index (DI) revealed significant difference between the two groups of varieties (1.00 for protein-positive varieties and 0.80 for protein-negative varieties, P < 0.01), and the ratio of protein-positive varieties in each DI level decreased with the decrease of DI value. A dominate gene was found to encode the ~66.2 kD protein using the F3 population derived from Jinmai 47 ´ Xinong 2208, which was composed of 230 lines. The target gene was located on chromosome 5AS of wheat, linking to SSR markers Xgwm129, Xgwm304, Xbarc56, Xbarc117,and Xbarc197. The closest flanking markers were Xbarc56 and Xbarc117 with genetic distances of 2.2 cM and 2.9 cM, respectively. To validate the effectiveness of SSR markers, we conducted PCR amplification in the 128 varieties using Xbarc56 and Xbarc117 primers. Sixty-seven varieties amplified the same band as that in Jinmai 47 (high drought resistance), in which 86.6% (58/67) expressed the ~66.2 kD protein after PEG-6000 treatment. Apparently, this ~66.2 kD water stress responsive protein has a close relationship with drought resistance in common wheat, and the SSRs flanking to its coding gene are useful in marker-assisted selection.

Key words: Common wheat, Water stress responsive protein, Drought resistance index (DI), Gene mapping with molecular markers

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