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Morphological and Physiological Traits of Root in Different Drought Resistant Peanut Cultivars

LI Guang-Hui, WAN Yong-Shan*, LIU Feng-Zhen, ZHANG Kun   

  1. National Key Laboratory of Crop Biology / College of Agronomy, Shandong Agricultural University, Tai’an 271018, China
  • Received:2013-08-06 Revised:2013-12-15 Online:2014-03-12 Published:2014-01-16


Drought stress is a serious constraint for peanut production worldwide. It is necessary to identify the drought resistance mechanisms of different peanut cultivars in drought-resistance breeding. Under the artificial water control condition, the peanut root morphological and physiological characteristics under drought stress at seedling stage and pod-setting stage were studied using 12 different drought-resistance peanut cultivars as material. The results showed that drought resistance at seedling stage was basically identical with that at pod-setting stage. According to yield-drought resistance coefficient, 12 peanut cultivars were divided into three grades: high-resistance, including A596, Shanhua 11, and Rugaoxiyangsheng; mid-resistance, including Huayu 20, Nongda 818, Haihua 1, Shanhua 9, and 79266; and weak-resistance, including ICG6848, Baisha 1016, Hua 17, and Penglaiyiwohou. In those peanut cultivars, Shanhua11 can be used as the standard cultivar for high drought resistance identification, and 79266 as the standard cultivar for weak one. The root drought resistance mechanism of 12 peanut cultivars were different, Shanhua 9, Shanhua11 and Huayu 20 presented a larger biomass and strong absorption capacity, while A596, Nongda 818, Shanhua 11 and Rugaoxiyangsheng had strong antioxidant capacity and membrane stability under drought stress. Correlations between drought resistance and root weight, volume, total absorption area per plant, root superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, malondialdehyde (MDA) content under serious drought stress were significant, also under control condition. Therefore, under drought stress of 40% RWC for 10 to 24 d after germination, the root weight, volume, total absorption area per plant, SOD activity and MDA content could be used for identifies the drought resistance ability of peanut roots, the resistances degree also can be reflected by the indices above under normal water condition. Shanhua 11 can be used as a suitable standard cultivar for root morphological and physiological drought resistance characteristics identification in peanut

Key words: Peanut cultivars, Drought stress, Root traits, Drought resistance

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