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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2019, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (6): 893-903.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2019.81078


Effect of annual straw return model on soil carbon sequestration and crop yields in winter wheat-summer maize rotation farmland

Hao-Yu LI1,Zhao-Liang MENG1,Dang-Wei PANG2,Jin CHEN2,Yong-Kun HOU1,Hai-Xing CUI1,Min JIN1,Zhen-Lin WANG1,*(),Yong LI1,*()   

  1. 1 Agronomy College, Shandong Agricultural University / State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology, Tai’an 271018, Shandong, China;
    2 College of Life Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University, Tai’an 201018, Shandong, China;
  • Received:2018-10-21 Accepted:2019-01-19 Online:2019-06-12 Published:2019-06-12
  • Contact: Zhen-Lin WANG,Yong LI E-mail:zlwang@sdau.edu.cn;xmliyong@sdau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Research and Development Program(2016YFD0300400);This study was supported by the National Research and Development Program(2017YFD0301001);the National Basic Research Program of China(2015CB150404);the Shandong Mount Tai Program for Industrial Leading Talents, and the Shandong Innovation Project for Applied Technologies in Agriculture (2014GJJS0201-5-2).


This study sought to determine the effects of different straw return patterns on the annual wheat-maize yield and soil organic carbon content (SOC) in the east area of Huang-Huai-Hai Plain. Four treatments were set up in the experiment: No straw return (NS), Summer maize-season straw return (SS), Winter wheat-season straw return (WS), and Double-season straw return (DS). SOC and aggregates classified by wet screening in 0-40 cm soil layers were measured. The straw return significantly decreased the soil bulk density and the mass proportion of micro-aggregate (< 0.25 mm), and increased the macro-aggregate of >5 mm, 5-2 mm, and 1-0.5 mm by 57.2%, 25.0%, and 13.7% on average suggesting straw return could accelerate soil aggregation and aggregate stability. MWD increased by 22.7%. Meanwhile, straw return not only increase SOC in 0-30 cm layers by 4.0% to 20.7%, and SCS by 0.2% to 14.7%, but also markedly increased the SOC of aggregates and carbon preservation capacity. The straw returning amount was correlated related with SOC, and SOC was positively correlated with MWD in 0-30 cm soil layers. In the 30-40 cm soil layer, both SOC of aggregates and carbon preservation capacity among treatments were not significantly different. The highest grain yield was observed in DS with the increased annual crop yield by 14.3%. Consequently, the double-season straw return model is a good option for improving soil quality in winter wheat-summer maize rotation systems; however, single-straw incorporation could maintain higher soil production, and provide abundant straw feed, energy and raw materials.

Key words: annual straw return model, aggregate, organic carbon, yield

Table 1

Experiment design"

Field operation
NS 秸秆双季不还田
No straw incorporation
All maize and wheat straws are removed.
SS 夏玉米季秸秆还田
Summer maize-season straw incorporation
玉米秸秆全量移除; 小麦秸秆经灭茬机粉碎后(约5~10 cm), 免耕覆盖还田。
Maize straws are removed fully. wheat straws are smashed (5-10 cm) and returned with no-tillage.
WS 冬小麦季秸秆还田
Winter wheat-season straw incorporation
玉米秸秆经灭茬机粉碎后(约5~10 cm), 旋耕还田; 小麦秸秆全量移除。
Maize straws are smashed (5-10 cm) and returned with rotary tillage. All wheat straws are removed.
DS 秸秆双季还田
Double-season straw incorporation
秸秆经灭茬机粉碎后(约5~10 cm), 玉米秸秆旋耕还田, 小麦秸秆免耕覆盖还田
All straws are smashed (5-10 cm); Maize straw was returned with rotary tillage and wheat straw with no-tillage.

Table 2

Rate and characteristics of returning-straw"

Straw type
The rate of straw returned to the field (kg hm-2)
Total N (g kg-1)
Organic carbon (g kg-1)
小麦秸秆 Wheat straw 22000 4.75 313.44 66.04
玉米秸秆 Maize straw 16000 7.57 363.77 48.05

Table 3

Effect of different straw incorporation model on soil bulk density, soil aggregate proportion, and mean weight diameter in 0-40 cm layers"

(g cm-3)
R0.25 (%)
各粒级团聚体质量比例 Soil aggregate proportion (%) 平均重量直径
MWD (mm)
>5 mm 5-2 mm 2-1 mm 1.0-0.5 mm 0.05-0.25 mm <0.25 mm
0-10 cm
NS 1.41 a 73.50 b 3.99 a 15.43 a 13.63 a 20.54 a 19.91 a 26.50 a 1.24 b
SS 1.32 b 81.95 a 8.71 a 16.39 a 15.32 a 25.43 a 16.10 a 18.05 b 1.54 a
WS 1.35 ab 82.21 a 6.37 a 17.41 a 13.10 a 25.95 a 19.37 a 17.79 b 1.44 ab
DS 1.30 b 84.55 a 8.97 a 17.19 a 13.92 a 25.88 a 18.59 a 15.45 b 1.56 a
10-20 cm
NS 1.49 a 74.82 b 3.13 a 17.22 a 15.13 a 23.69 a 15.66 a 25.18 a 1.29 b
SS 1.42 ab 80.29 b 3.32 a 16.52 a 17.07 a 28.32 a 15.06 a 19.71 a 1.32 b
WS 1.47 ab 89.45 a 5.82 a 18.13 a 21.13 a 28.82 a 15.56 a 10.55 b 1.54 ab
DS 1.39 b 88.49 a 8.44 a 24.63 a 20.30 a 25.19 a 9.92 a 11.51 b 1.84 a
20-30 cm
NS 1.51 a 70.83 c 3.25 a 9.96 c 11.73 b 23.11 a 22.80 a 29.18 a 1.02 b
SS 1.46 ab 75.14 bc 3.42 a 11.62 bc 17.62 ab 22.58 a 19.90 a 24.87 ab 1.15 ab
WS 1.50 ab 80.40 ab 1.56 a 17.59 ab 12.77 ab 29.82 a 18.66 a 19.60 bc 1.23 ab
DS 1.44 b 84.40 a 2.25 a 20.21 a 20.38 a 26.99 a 14.57 a 15.60 c 1.42 a
30-40 cm
NS 1.51 a 76.84 a 1.03 a 5.69 a 10.80 a 38.60 a 20.73 a 23.16 a 0.84 a
SS 1.46 a 72.64 a 0.32 a 3.29 a 8.49 a 38.49 a 22.05 a 27.36 a 0.70 a
WS 1.51 a 72.42 a 0.63 a 4.83 a 15.21 a 31.47 a 20.28 a 27.58 a 0.81 a
DS 1.46 a 71.31 a 0.24 a 2.70 a 10.05 a 26.12 a 32.21 a 28.69 a 0.65 a

Fig. 1

Effects of straw incorporation on SOC and SCS in 0-40 cm layers NS: no straw incorporation; SS: summer maize-season straw incorporation; WS: winter wheat-season straw incorporation; DS: double-season straw incorporation; SOC: soil organic carbon content; SCS: soil carbon stock."

Table 4

Effect of straw incorporation on aggregate-associated soil organic carbon content in 0-40 cm layers"

Soil depth
不同粒级团聚体有机碳含量 Aggregate-associated SOC (g kg-1)
>5 mm 5-2 mm 2-1 mm 1.0-0.5 mm 0.50-0.25 mm <0.25 mm
0-10 cm NS 6.30 a 5.92 b 5.88 b 5.55 a 5.53 a 5.24 a
SS 6.76 b 6.54 ab 6.24 ab 5.89 a 5.92 a 5.43 a
WS 6.56 ab 6.42 ab 5.92 ab 5.58 a 5.61 a 5.25 a
DS 6.87 a 6.71 a 6.41 a 6.03 a 5.93 a 5.43 a
10-20 cm NS 7.05 a 6.19 b 6.10 b 5.93 a 5.73 a 5.43 a
SS 7.11 a 6.59 ab 6.44 ab 6.13 a 5.96 a 5.67 a
WS 7.42 ab 6.63 ab 6.51 ab 6.29 a 5.96 a 5.64 a
DS 7.77 a 7.02 a 6.92 a 6.37 a 5.95 a 5.85 a
20-30 cm NS 4.92 c 3.75 a 3.72 c 3.57 c 3.34 b 3.18 a
SS 5.36 b 4.64 a 4.02 bc 3.79 bc 3.58 b 3.20 a
WS 5.40 b 4.71 a 4.48 ab 4.03 b 3.94 ab 4.09 a
DS 5.93 a 4.01 a 4.94 a 4.74 a 4.53 a 4.05 a
30-40 cm NS 2.50 a 2.30 b 2.18 b 2.07 a 1.96 a
SS 2.66 a 2.61 ab 2.27 b 2.12 a 1.87 a
WS 2.74 a 2.80 ab 2.71 a 2.57 a 2.51 a
DS 2.87 a 2.93 a 2.81 a 2.38 a 2.35 a

Table 5

Effect of straw incorporation on carbon preservation capacity of soil aggregates in 0-40 cm layers"

Soil depth
TCPC (g kg-1)
不同粒级团聚体固碳能力 Aggregate-associated CPC (g kg-1)
>5 mm 5-2 mm 2-1 mm 1-0.5 mm 0.5-0.25 mm <0.25 mm
0-10 cm NS 5.60 b 0.22 a 0.95 a 0.83 a 1.10 b 1.12 a 1.37 a
SS 6.07 a 0.54 a 1.10 a 0.98 a 1.53 a 0.94 a 0.98 ab
WS 5.79 ab 0.42 a 1.13 a 0.75 a 1.44 ab 1.10 a 0.96 b
DS 6.15 a 0.61 a 1.13 a 0.89 a 1.60 a 1.07 a 0.84 b
10-20 cm NS 5.87 c 0.22 a 0.95 b 0.94 a 1.50 a 0.98 a 1.28 a
SS 6.17 b 0.28 a 1.05 ab 1.03 a 1.70 a 0.98 a 1.13 ab
WS 6.37 ab 0.51 a 1.31 ab 0.47 a 1.70 a 0.82 a 0.57 c
DS 6.61 a 0.59 a 1.66 a 1.41 a 1.63 a 0.58 a 0.74 bc
20-30 cm NS 3.51 c 0.19 a 0.35 b 0.43 b 0.82 b 0.75 a 0.97 a
SS 3.82 c 0.19 a 0.55 ab 0.76 ab 0.84 b 0.67 a 0.82 a
WS 4.21 b 0.08 a 0.81 a 0.54 b 1.21 a 0.77 a 0.80 a
DS 4.73 a 0.14 a 0.99 a 1.01 a 1.30 a 0.65 a 0.64 a
30-40 cm NS 2.13 b 0.14 a 0.23 a 0.87 a 0.41 a 0.48 a
SS 2.17 b 0.09 b 0.22 a 0.94 a 0.46 a 0.47 a
WS 2.59 a 0.13 a 0.40 a 0.82 a 0.57 a 0.68 a
DS 2.57 a 0.08 b 0.33 a 0.74 a 0.73 a 0.69 a

Table 6

Correlation coefficients of SIR with SBD, SOC, SCS, MWD, and TCPC"

Soil depth
0-10 cm SBD -0.75*
MWD 0.81** -0.63*
SOC 0.79* -0.56** 0.59*
SCS 0.41 -0.05 0.26 0.80*
TCPC 0.75** -0.93** 0.66* 0.61* 0.05
10-20 cm SBD -0.70**
MWD 0.72** -0.49
SOC 0.81** -0.56* 0.72**
SCS 0.58* -0.12 0.89** 0.89*
TCPC 0.82** -0.26 0.69** 0.80** 0.80*
20-30 cm SBD -0.70*
MWD 0.83** -0.53
SOC 0.57* -0.45** 0.71*
SCS 0.41* -0.19 0.62* 0.96**
TCPC 0.85** -0.58* 0.87** 0.79** 0.69
30-40 cm SBD -0.56
MWD -0.77** 0.35
SOC -0.02 0.19 0.28
SCS 0.12 0.37 0.33 0.98**
TCPC 0.59* -0.13 -0.25 0.23 0.20

Table 7

Effects of straw incorporation on grain yield of winter wheat and summer maize"

Wheat yield
(kg hm-2)
夏玉米产量 Maize yield
(kg hm-2)
周年产量Annual yield
(kg hm-2)
Yield increases of annual crop
(kg hm-2)
Yield increases of wheat
(kg hm-2)
Ratio of yield increases
Yield increases of maize
(kg hm-2)
增产比例 Ratio of yield increases
NS 8320.20 b 9257.65 b 17577.85 d
SS 8610.80 b 9975.31 ab 18586.11 c 1008.26c 290.60 c 28.8 717.66 b 71.2
WS 9902.50 a 9763.41 ab 19665.91 b 2088.06 b 1582.30 b 75.8 505.76 b 24.2
DS 10340.80 a 10491.05 a 20831.85 a 3254.00 a 2020.60 a 62.1 1233.40 a 37.9
NS 7186.20 b 9505.57 c 16691.77 c
SS 7303.93 ab 9897.48 b 17201.41 bc 509.64 b 117.73 b 23.1 391.91 b 76.9
WS 7696.10 a 9729.75 bc 17425.85 b 734.08 b 509.90 ab 69.5 224.18 b 30.5
DS 7759.90 a 10622.24 a 18382.14 a 1690.37 a 573.70 a 33.9 1116.67 a 66.1
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