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Effect of planting density on light interception within canopy and grain yield of different plant types of maize

Yan-Wen BAI,Yong-Hong YANG,Ya-Li ZHU,Hong-Jie LI,Ji-Quan XUE,Ren-He ZHANG()   

  1. College of Agronomy, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China
  • Received:2019-03-04 Accepted:2019-06-24 Online:2019-12-12 Published:2019-07-22
  • Contact: Ren-He ZHANG E-mail:zhangrenhe1975@163.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China(2017YFD0300304);the Shaanxi Key Research and Development Program(2017ZDCXL-NY-02-02);the Shaanxi Technology Innovation and Guide Project(2019TG-002)


The objective of this study was to clarify the relationship between light interception in canopy and dry matter production and grain yield in different plant types of maize. The response of morphological characteristics, canopy light distribution, grain filling parameters and dry matter accumulation were studied using three different maize hybrids Shaandan 609 (SD609, compact), Qinlong 14 (QL14, semi-compact), and Shaandan 8806 (SD8806, flat) with four plant densities (4.5×10 4, 6.0×10 4, 7.5×10 4, and 9.0×10 4plants hm -2) in the field from 2016 to 2017. The average yields of SD609, QL14, and SD8806 were 12,176, 9624, and 8533 kg hm -2, respectively, within two years, reaching high yields under 9.0×10 4, 7.5×10 4, and 6×10 4 plants hm -2, with the yield increase of 26.9%, 20.4%, and 19.7% compared with those under 4.5×10 4 plants hm -2, respectively. With the increase of plant density, leaf area decreased, but LAI and leaf orientation value increased. The middle leaves of SD609 were more upright and larger than those of QL14 under 9×10 4 plants hm -2. With increasing plant density, Dmax (days to the maximum grain-filling rate), Wmax (kernel weight at the maximum grain filling rate), Gmax (maximum grain-filling rate), Gave (average grain-filling rate) and P (active filling period) decreased, the Dmax for SD609 was 1.4 days and 3.0 days earlier than that of QL14 and SD8806, and the Wmax and P were higher than those of SD636 (0.3 g and 3.3 d) and SD8806 (1.1 g and 5.4 d), respectively. The dry matter accumulation after silking and the contribution of dry matter transportation to grain yield increased and then decreased with the increase of plant density, the accumulation, transportation and contribution to grain of dry matter after anthesis were higher in SD609 than QL14 (5.1%, 36.0%, 33.5%) and SD8806 (26.6%, 46.7%, 59.1%). The light interception in the ear canopy was significantly correlated with yield (r = 0.631, P < 0.05), the dry matter accumulation after silking (r = 0.661) and average grain filling rate (r = 0.859) at P < 0.01. Thus, compared with QL14 and SD8806, SD609 could regulate the mid and upper leaves more vertical under close planting, improve the light distribution in the mid and lower canopy, maintain a higher area of green leaves, delay the senescence of canopy leaves, increase dry matter accumulation after anthesis and grain filling rate, so obtain a higher grain yield.

Key words: maize, plant type, plant density, canopy structure, dry matter accumulation and translocation, grain filling

Table 1

Effect of plant density on grain yield and components in different types of maize"

(×104 plants hm-2)
Ears hm-2
No. ear-1
100-kernels weight
Grain yield
(kg hm-2)
2016 陕单609 4.5 44689±851 d 589±11.2 a 37.8±0.0 a 9950±448 d
Shaandan 609 6.0 57807±1002 c 561±10.1 b 35.4±0.1 b 11483±1038 c
7.5 74482±2658 b 514±11.5 c 33.8±0.3 c 12940±885 b
9.0 90713±3321 a 486±11.6 d 31.8±0.1 d 14020±921 a
秦龙14 4.5 48802±1568 d 553±14.5 a 31.3±0.6 a 8447±236 c
Qinlong14 6.0 61142±1258 c 528±11.4 b 29.7±1.1 b 9588±682 b
7.5 74814±995 b 492±11.2 c 28.7±0.8 c 10564±965 a
9.0 90601±3584 a 402±8.2 d 26.8±1.1 d 9761±689 b
陕单8806 4.5 46912±2214 d 538±15.3 a 30.8±1.5 a 7774±398 c
Shaandan 8806 6.0 60695±3654 c 515±15.6 b 29.5±0.1 b 9221±991 a
7.5 73591±2256 b 441±7.8 c 26.1±0.1 c 8470±786 b
9.0 88800±1502 a 371±8.1 d 24.3±0.0 d 8006±683 c
差异来源Source of variation
密度 Density (D) ** ** ** **
品种 Hybrids (H) ns ** ** **
密度×品种 D×H ns ** ** **
2017 陕单609 4.5 47083±2523 d 613±19.8 a 35.7±0.8 a 10304±1211 c
Shaandan 609 6.0 59444±2216 c 588±21.5 b 33.6±1.1 b 11744±923 b
7.5 76389±3650 b 547±11.1 c 31.8±0.9 c 13288±1065 a
9.0 89361±4026 a 502±10.6 d 30.5±0.5 d 13682±689 a
秦龙14 4.5 46750±2601 d 574±10.3 a 32.1±1.1 a 8614±738 d
Qinlong 14 6.0 60417±668 c 528±9.6 b 30.8±1.2 b 9825±456 b
7.5 74027±2789 b 501±11.2 c 29.3±0.5 c 10867±669 a
9.0 86806±1269 a 410±12.3 d 26.2±0.7 d 9325±359 c
陕单8806 4.5 43639±754 d 545±16.8 a 31.5±1.1 a 7492±775 d
Shaandan 8806 6.0 61917±2105 c 518±19.2 b 30.6±0.4 b 9814±486 a
7.5 71639±1526 b 455±9.3 c 28.4±0.6 c 9257±698 b
9.0 82639±3058 a 386±6.3 d 25.8±0.0 d 8230±668 c
差异来源 Source of variation
密度 Density (D) ** ** ** **
品种 Hybrids (H) * ** ** **
密度×品种 D×H * ** ** **

Table 2

Regression equation between yield components and planting densities of different types of maize"

Regression equation
穗粒数 陕单609 Shaandan 609 y= -24.3x+714.3 0.992**
Kernel number 秦龙14 Qinlong 14 y= -33.6x+725.3 0.930**
陕单8806 Shaandan 8806 y= -37.2x+722.0 0.964**
粒重 陕单609 Shaandan 609 y= -1.2x+42.1 0.994**
Kernel weight 秦龙14 Qinlong 14 y= -1.1x+36.9 0.974**
陕单8806 Shaandan 8806 y= -1.4x+37.9 0.975**

Fig. 5

Effect of plant density on grain-filling rate of different types of maize Abbreviations are the same as those given in Figure 1."

Table 3

Effect of plant density on grain-filling parameters of different types of maize"

Density (×104 plant hm-2)
Richards equation
R2 Dmax
(g 100-kernel-1)
(g kernel-1 d-1)
(g kernel-1 d-1)
2016 陕单609 4.5 y=36.8/[1+exp(1.87-0.11x)]^3.3 0.9993 28.7±0.3 a 15.6±0.1 a 1.27±0.06 a 0.86±0.01 a 54.2±1.3 a
Shaandan 609 6.0 y=35.4/[1+exp(2.58-0.11x)]^2.2 0.9995 28.4±0.3 b 15.4±0.2 b 1.17±0.02 b 0.79±0.02 b 52.6±0.9 b
7.5 y=34.7/[1+exp(1.85-0.10x)]^3.1 0.9993 28.1±0.4 c 14.6±0.3 c 1.07±0.02 c 0.73±0.01 c 51.5±1.1 c
9.0 y=33.2/[1+exp(1.51-0.09x)]^3.8 0.9989 27.9±0.4 d 13.7±0.3 d 0.98±0.01 d 0.66±0.00 d 50.1±0.7 d
秦龙14 4.5 y=33.2/[1+exp(1.15-0.09x)]^4.4 0.9992 30.5±0.2 a 13.9±0.4 a 1.03±0.02 a 0.70±0.00 a 52.6±0.9 a
Qinlong 14 6.0 y=32.3/[1+exp(1.73-0.09x)]^2.8 0.9988 30.2±0.3 b 13.7±0.1 b 0.93±0.02 b 0.65±0.01 b 51.5±1.2 b
7.5 y=30.2/[1+exp(2.62-0.10x)]^1.8 0.9989 30.1±0.6 c 13.6±0.1 b 0.89±0.03 c 0.62±0.02 c 50.2±1.1 c
9.0 y=29.5/[1+exp(2.36-0.09x)]^1.9 0.9976 29.7±0.3 c 13.2±0.2 c 0.79±0.04 d 0.58±0.03 d 49.5±0.8 d
陕单8806 4.5 y=30.7/[1+exp(4.55-0.15x)]^0.8 0.9992 31.8±0.3 a 13.8±0.5 a 1.01±0.06 a 0.70±0.00 a 49.3±0.7 a
Shaandan 8806 6.0 y=29.0/[1+exp(4.11-0.14x)]^0.9 0.9993 31.7±0.1 b 13.6±0.1 b 0.97±0.01 b 0.64±0.01 b 47.1±1.1 b
7.5 y=28.6/[1+exp(3.71-0.13x)]^1.0 0.9997 31.4±0.6 c 13.4±0.4 c 0.90±0.04 c 0.60±0.01 c 46.7±0.6 c
9.0 y=28.8/[1+exp(0.68-0.08x)]^1.5 0.9993 31.2±0.5 d 12.9±0.2 d 0.84±0.02 d 0.53±0.04 d 45.7±0.3 d
2017 陕单609 4.5 y=37.6/[1+exp(2.88-0.11x)]^7.8 0.9992 29.6±0.2 a 14.9±0.2 a 1.07±0.03 a 0.87±0.01 a 55.1±0.5 a
Shaandan 609 6.0 y=34.8/[1+exp(0.66-0.08x)]^5.4 0.9991 29.4±0.2 b 13.9±0.3 b 0.95±0.01 b 0.83±0.01 b 53.7±0.8 b
7.5 y=33.3/[1+exp(0.91-0.08x)]^4.4 0.9994 29.1±0.5 c 13.5±0.2 c 0.88±0.04 c 0.75±0.00 c 52.4±0.3 c
9.0 y=32.2/[1+exp(0.59-0.08x)]^5.5 0.9995 28.9±0.4 d 12.8±0.4 d 0.84±0.03 d 0.69±0.00 d 51.9±1.2 d
秦龙14 4.5 y=30.8/[1+exp(1.68-0.08x)]^1.1 0.9996 30.6±0.3 a 13.7±0.5 a 0.96±0.02 a 0.69±0.01 a 52.5±0.3 a
Qinlong 14 6.0 y=28.8/[1+exp(1.77-0.08x)]^1.1 0.9994 30.2±0.7 b 13.2±0.3 b 0.92±0.06 b 0.67±0.02 a 52.1±0.2 b
7.5 y=29.9/[1+exp(2.01-0.09x)]^2.3 0.9992 29.9±0.1 c 13.0±0.3 c 0.86±0.04 c 0.63±0.01 b 51.4±0.8 c
9.0 y=26.9/[1+exp(3.39-0.12x)]^1.4 0.9994 29.6±0.2 d 12.7±0.3 d 0.82±0.02 d 0.58±0.03 c 46.0±1.1 d
陕单8806 4.5 y=32.4/[1+exp(1.06-0.09x)]^4.3 0.9995 32.3±0.4 a 13.4±0.4 a 0.96±0.01 a 0.67±0.04 a 49.4±1.0 a
Shaandan 8806 6.0 y=31.1/[1+exp(1.75-0.10x)]^2.8 0.9993 32.1±0.2 a 13.2±0.1 a 0.95±0.01 a 0.65±0.01 a 48.1±0.3 a
7.5 y=29.8/[1+exp(1.30-0.09x)]^3.8 0.9994 31.8±0.3 b 12.3±0.3 b 0.91±0.00 b 0.61±0.01 b 46.6±0.5 b
9.0 y=28.8/[1+exp(0.68-0.08x)]^5.6 0.9903 31.5±0.5 c 11.5±0.2 c 0.80±0.07 c 0.51±0.02 c 45.5±0.4 c

Table 4

Accumulation and transportation of dry matter after silking of different types of maize"

(×104 plant hm-2)
(kg hm-2)
(kg hm-2)
(kg hm-2)
2016 陕单609 4.5 7797.5±205 d 13689.1±894 d 1756.8±102 d 27.8±1.1 c
Shaandan 609 6.0 9756.1±189 c 15885.1±954 c 2812.5±135 c 29.5±1.6 b
7.5 10088.2±697 b 19356.0±1011 b 3048.5±205 b 35.0±0.5 a
9.0 11189.6±1035 a 20995.1±1242 a 4105.3±152 a 36.4±0.6 a
秦龙14 4.5 6791.6±305 c 11735.0±899 d 1665.8±88 c 14.0±0.5 d
Qinlong 14 6.0 7856.6±195 b 14659.2±1168 c 2020.2±105 b 21.0±0.9 c
7.5 9964.2±558 a 16185.1±942 b 3165.0±119 a 33.0±0.5 a
9.0 9285.8±386 a 18526.1±1049 a 2534.0±168 b 27.0±1.1 b
陕单8806 4.5 7761.3±411 d 11089.0±863 d 1687.0±99 c 11.9±0.1 d
Shaandan 8806 6.0 8397.0±414 c 13560.2±756 c 2812.0±136 a 22.3±0.6 a
7.5 9654.2±765 b 14996.1±1269 b 2630.3±166 b 19.2±0.4 b
9.0 9479.3±669 a 17200.8±1036 a 1942.2±104 c 16.6±0.6 c
2017 陕单609 4.5 8181.2±319 d 13058.4±693 d 2144.2±99 d 26.3±1.3 c
Shaandan 609 6.0 9547.5±406 c 16113.1±528 c 2765.8±188 c 31.6±0.8 b
7.5 9998.1±546 b 18859.1±1466 b 3326.4±205 b 34.2±0.5 a
9.0 10636.2±735 a 21144.0±1389 a 4023.6±86 a 35.0±0.6 a
秦龙14 4.5 6103.8±365 d 10996.2±1022 d 1896.3±68 d 17.6±0.4 d
Qinlong 14 6.0 7764.6±532 c 13986.2±689 c 2156.9±139 c 22.6±0.4 c
7.5 9688.5±489 a 16785.4±779 b 2989.0±125 a 30.5±1.5 a
9.0 9105.9±759 b 19205.3±823 a 2675.0±165 b 27.6±0.5 b
陕单8806 4.5 7722.6±532 c 11356.8±996 d 1612.3±131 c 14.1±0.3 c
Shaandan 8806 6.0 8180.3±418 b 14259.6±668 c 2655.2±158 a 21.4±1.1 a
7.5 9059.4±398 a 15119.6±1044 b 2388.9±201 b 19.5±0.5 b
9.0 9103.5±564 a 18004.2±916 a 2113.2±122 b 15.8±0.4 c

Table 5

Correlation analysis of dry matter transfer, light interception, and kernels formation"

光能截获率 The fraction of light interception
H1 H2 H3 H4
籽粒产量 Grain yield -0.101 0.020 0.631* 0.465*
平均灌浆速率 Average grain-filling rate 0.782** 0.803** 0.859** 0.541**
花后干物质积累量 Dry matter accumulation after silking -0.302 0.205 0.661** 0.527**
花后干物质转运量 Transfer amount of dry matter 0.478* 0.369 0.689* 0.696**

Fig. 1

Effect of plant density on leaf areas at different positions of different types of maize (silking stage) SD609: Shaandan 609; QL14: Qinlong 14; SD8806: Shaandan 8806."

Fig. 2

Effect of plant density on leaf area index of different types of maize V6: jointing; V12: trumpeting; VT: silking; R3: milk; R6: maturity. Abbreviations are the same as those given in Fig. 1."

Fig. 3

Effect of plant density on leaf orientation values (LOV) of different types of maize"

Fig. 4

Effect of plant density on photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) transmission in canopies of different types of maize H1 is 15 cm above the ground, H2 is distance from the soil surface to the ear, H3 is the ear height, H4 is distance from the ear to the canopy top, and H5 is the top canopy. Abbreviations are the same as those given in Fig. 1."

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