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Genetic stability of wheat-rye 6RS/6AL translocation chromosome and its transmission through gametes

LI Qing-Cheng,HUANG Lei,LI Ya-Zhou,FAN Chao-Lan,XIE Die,ZHAO Lai-Bin,ZHANG Shu-Jie,CHEN Xue-Jiao,NING Shun-Zong,YUAN Zhong-Wei,ZHAN Lian-Quan,LIU Deng-Cai,HAO Ming()   

  1. Triticeae Research Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu 611130, Sichuan, China
  • Received:2019-08-07 Accepted:2019-12-26 Online:2020-04-12 Published:2020-01-16
  • Contact: Ming HAO E-mail:haomingluo@foxmail.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the Key Projects of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education(16ZA0028);the Applied Basic Research Programs of Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province(2019YJ0415)


The wheat-rye 6RS/6AL translocation line HM812-41 harbors the powdery mildew resistance gene Pm56. In order to evaluate the potential utilization in breeding, the translocation line was crossed to common wheat varieties Shumai 580, Shumai 830, and Shumai 969. The F1 hybrids were then reciprocally crossed with Chinese spring to estimate the genetic stability of 6RS/6AL and its transmission rate through male and female gametes in different genetic backgrounds. Double-top crossing (DTC) strategy was used to improve the agronomic traits of the translocation line. Genome in situ hybridization analysis indicated that the 6RS/6AL translocation was very stable during transmission. The 6RS/6AL translocation was transmitted to offsprings with a high frequency, which was 45.05%-53.33% for female gametes and 43.94%-53.04% for male gametes. Based on the agronomical performances of DTC F2 populations, we found that the 6RS/6AL translocation was not linked to obvious defects for major agronomic traits, such as plant height, spike length, spikelet number and seed-setting ratio in selfing. The agronomic traits of the translocation line can be obviously improved through DTC strategy.

Key words: wheat, rye (Secale cereal), powdery mildew, 6RS/6AL translocation, gamete transmission, genetic stability

Fig. 1

Centromeres of 6RS/6AL translocation lines A: 42 chromosomes of the translocation line HM812-41; B: centromeres of the translocation line HM812-41 detected by the probe 6C6; C: centromeres of the translocation line HM812-41 detected by the probe pAWRC.1; D: merging of B and C. Arrows show the centromeres of the translocated chromosome 6RS/6AL."

Table 1

Transmission rate of 6RS/6AL through gametes in wheat background"

Type of
No. of total plants
No. of plants with 6RS
Ratio of transmission (%)
(Shumai 580×HM812-41)×CS
雌配子Female 91 41 45.05 0.35
CS×(Shumai 580×HM812-41)
雄配子Male 93 43 46.24 0.47
(Shumai 830×HM812-41)×CS
雌配子Female 120 64 53.33 0.47
CS×(Shumai 830×HM812-41)
雄配子Male 115 61 53.04 0.51
(Shumai 969×HM812-41)×CS
雌配子Female 75 36 48.00 0.73
CS×(Shumai 969×HM812-41)
雄配子Male 66 29 43.94 0.32

Fig. 2

Crossing diagram for improving 6RS/6AL translocation line and the progenies' performance A: Crossing diagram for improving 6RS/6AL translocation line; B: the progenies’ performance. The plants from left to right are the translocation line HM812-41, Shumai 580, Shumai 830, Shumai 969, Shumai 969/HM812-41 F1, Shumai 969/HM812-41//Shumai 830 F1, Shumai 969/HM812-41//Shumai 830/3/WJL3931 F1, and Shumai 969/HM812-41//Shumai 830/3/WJL3931 F2, respectively."

Fig. 3

Performances of major traits for two DTC F2 populations A: plant height; B: spike length; C: spikelet number; D: seed set ratio. Pop.1+ and Pop.1-, represent sub-population with and without 6RS/6AL translocation from Shumai 969/HM812-41//Shumai 830/3/WJL3931 F2 population, respectively. Pop.2+ and Pop.2-, represent subpopulation with and without 6RS/6AL translocation from Shumai 969/HM812-41//WJL5606/3/Shumai 126 F2 population. **: significantly difference between sub-populations with and without 6RS/6AL translocation (two-way t-test, P < 0.01)."

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