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Effects of Mechanized Planting Methods on Yield Components and Plant Type Characteristics of Indica Hybrid Rice Fyou 498

LEI Xiao-Long1,LIU Li1,LIU Bo1,HUANG Guang-Zhong2,GUO Xiang3,MA Rong-Chao1,*,REN Wan-Jun1,*   

  1. 1 Sichuan Agricultural University / Key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Farming System in Southwest China, Ministry of Agriculture, Wenjiang 611130, China; 2 Pixian Bureau of Rural Development, Pixian 611730, China; 3 Agrometeorological Center of Sichuan Meteorological Bureau, Chengdu 610066, China
  • Received:2013-11-07 Revised:2014-01-12 Online:2014-04-12 Published:2014-02-14
  • Contact: 马荣朝, E-mail: marongcao@163.com; 任万军, E-mail: rwjun@126.com E-mail:leixl1989@163.com


In order to identify plant type characteristics of high-yield population of indica hybrid rice using mechanized planting methods, a split plot field experiment was conducted using Fyou 498 as material. The plant type characteristics and their relationships with yield components in treatments of mechanized direct-seeding, mechanized transplanting and artificial transplanting with different seedlings per hill and different sowing dates were studied. The main results were as follows: (1) The traits of plant type differed markedly among the treatments of three planting methods. The length, width and leaf distance of top three leaves as well as blade tangent and drooping angle were larger under mechanized direct-seeding and transplanting. The top three leaves were erect with proper leaf area in the treatment of artificial transplanting. Plant height and leaf size of top three leaves were significantly larger in the treatments of mechanized direct-seeding and transplanting than in that of artificial transplanting. However, specific leaf weight, panicles per plant and total leaves were greater under artificial transplanting than under mechanized planting. For culm angle, spikelets and grain weight per panicle, the ranking orders of treatments were mechanized transplanting > artificial transplanting > mechanized direct-seeding. Leaf area increased with delaying sowing date or decreasing seedling number per hill and late sowing reduced the ratio of grain number to leaf area, panicles per plant, spikelets per panicle and seed-setting rate markedly. A significantly positive correlation was observed between grain weight per panicle and length, width, inserted height of leaf and plant height. Grain weight per plant was lower under mechanized direct-seeding than under mechanized transplanting and artificial transplanting. (2) The yield was significantly lower under mechanized direct-seeding than under mechanized transplanting and under artificial transplanting, which decreased by delaying sowing date or decreasing seedling number per hill. There were significant correlations between some traits of plant type and yield as well as its components. The notable characteristics of high-yield plant type in mechanized planting were proper plant height, length of top three leaves, LAI and culm angle. Meanwhile, the larger leaf width, specific leaf weight, leaf distance of top three leaves, erect leaves, adequate panicle number and large panicles were critical to high yield. Good plant type characteristics of individuality and optimal population structure are a prerequisite for increasing yield. Indica hybrid rice should be sowed earlier as the time allows with three seedlings per hill approximately in mechanized planting.

Key words: Indica hybrid rice, Mechanized planting methods, Plant type, Yield, Panicle traits

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