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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2019, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (5): 764-776.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2019.84014


Effects of top dressing with reduced nitrogen fertilizer and density enhancement on water use efficiency and growth of potatoes planted in mini-ditch on ridges with plastic mulching

Xian-Feng YU1,Xu-Cheng ZHANG1,*(),Yan-Jie FANG1,Guang-Rong CHEN1,Hong-Li WANG1,Hui-Zhi HOU1,Yi-Fan MA1,Ji-Jun ZHAO2   

  1. 1 Institute of Dryland Farming, Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of High Water Utilization on Dryland of Gansu Province, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
    2 Gansu Agriculture Environment Protection Station, Lanzhou 730000, Gansu, China
  • Received:2018-01-30 Accepted:2018-12-24 Online:2019-05-12 Published:2019-01-07
  • Contact: Xu-Cheng ZHANG E-mail:gszhangxuch@163.com
  • Supported by:
    The study was supported by the National Science and Technology Research Projects of China(2015BAD22B04);the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Plan of Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(2017GAAS27);the Key R&D Projects in Gansu Province(18YF1WA092)


The optimization of ridge-furrow construction, plant density and fertilizer application are three promising ways to increase rainwater use efficiency, crop yield and water use efficiency. A long-term field experiment was carried out in semi-arid area of northwestern China from 2015 to 2017, using potatoes planted in mini-ditch on ridges with plastic mulching, to explore the effects of fertilizer application and plant density on soil temperature, water consumption at different growth stages, yield and water use efficiency. Two plant densities (low density of 49,500 plants ha -1, and high density of 64,500 plants ha -1) and three fertilization methods (traditional fertilizer application, PM; reduced chemical fertilizer dressing, PMN; and organic fertilizer substitution, PMO) were set up as treatments, using randomized block design with three replications. The high density did not affect soil temperature, SPAD values and yield significantly, but lowered water consumption in pre-flowering stage, above-ground biomass per plant, and water use efficiency. However, LAI and water consumption were improved in post-flowering stage. Compared with low density treatments, LAI in high density increased by 3.64%-15.01%, and water consumption in tuber bulking period increased by 6.50%-48.52%. Both PMN and PMO increased soil temperature in pre-flowering stage, potato foliar SPAD and LAI from squaring to tuber bulking stage, compared with PM. For example, LAI increased by 10.42%-44.26% at flowering stage. PMN and PMO decreased water consumption during pre-flowering period, but increased it during post-flowering period, resulting in a 6.95%-49.85% increment in aboveground biomass at bulking stage. On average, PMN increased potato tuber yield and WUE under low density by 9.96%-20.87% and 13.64%-17.61%, 5.46%-20.81% and 13.25%-45.24%, respectively, compared with PM and PMO. Consequently, the increment of plant density did not affect potato tuber yield and WUE. However, PMN and PMO promoted potato water utilization in post-flowering period and increased LAI, resulting in significant increment of potato tuber yield and WUE, showing an efficient way for fertilization management of potato in semiarid loess plateau of northwestern China.

Key words: reduced chemical nitrogen fertilizer dressing, density enhancement, mini-ditch planting on ridges with plastic mulching, potato, yield, water use efficiency

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of potato ridges and furrows planting with plastic mulching"

Table 1

The treatments of experiment"

Fertilizer rate
(plant hm-2)
Fertilizer type and dosage
Total fertilizer quantity
Traditional fertilizer
49500 有机肥15000 kg hm-2; 化肥纯N: 180 kg hm-2, P2O5: 105 kg hm-2, 全部基施。
Organic manure 15000 kg hm-2; N: 180 kg hm-2, P2O5: 105 kg hm-2, applied before sowing.
N: 255 kg hm-2, P2O5: 157.5 kg hm-2, K2O: 60 kg hm-2
Reduced chemical fertilizer dressing
49500 有机肥15000 kg hm-2; 化肥纯N: 135 kg hm-2, P2O5: 73.5 kg hm-2, K2O: 30 kg hm-2。基:追=6:4, 花期追肥。
Organic manure 15000 kg hm-2; N: 135 kg hm-2, P2O5: 73.5 kg hm-2, the ratio between base and dressing fertilizer was 6:4, flowering fertilizer.
N: 210 kg hm-2, P2O5: 126 kg hm-2, K2O: 90 kg hm-2
Organic manure substitution
49500 有机肥30000 kg hm-2; 化肥纯N: 90 kg hm-2, P2O5: 52.5 kg hm-2, K2O: 22.5 kg hm-2。基:追=6:4, 花期追肥。
Organic manure 30000 kg hm-2; N: 90 kg hm-2, P2O5: 52.5 kg hm-2, K2O: 22.5 kg hm-2, the ratio between base and dressing fertilizer was 6:4, flowering fertilizer.
N: 240 kg hm-2, P2O5: 157.5 kg hm-2, K2O: 142.5 kg hm-2

Fig. 2

Precipitation and average air temperature in potato growth stage from 2015 to 2017"

Table 2

Effects of fertilization patterns and plant density on soil temperature (℃)"

块茎膨大期Bulking 淀粉积累期Accumulating 收获期Maturing
2015 传统施肥低密度PML 15.5 ab 19.6 b 19.9 a 18.2 a 22.5 a 15.8 ab
减量追施低密度PMNL 15.8 a 20.5 ab 20.7 a 19.1 a 21.7 a 15.4 b
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 15.5 ab 20.4 ab 20.5 a 18.5 a 21.8 a 16.5 ab
传统施肥高密度PMH 15.0 c 19.6 b 19.9 a 18.8 a 22.2 a 16.7 ab
减量追施高密度PMNH 15.6 a 21.0 a 20.3 a 18.6 a 22.9 a 17.2 a
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 15.1 bc 19.9 b 20.1 a 18.4 a 20.9 a 16.0 ab
块茎膨大期Bulking 淀粉积累期Accumulating 收获期Maturing
2016 传统施肥低密度PML 19.8 c 23.5 c 21.6 d 25.0 e 24.1 c 13.2 ab
减量追施低密度PMNL 20.9 d 23.0 d 22.4 cd 26.5 c 24.8 b 12.4 b
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 21.4 b 24.1 b 23.3 b 28.0 a 25.9 a 13.7 a
传统施肥高密度PMH 22.1 a 25.7 a 24.9 a 27.5 b 25.7 a 13.8 a
减量追施高密度PMNH 20.2 b 24.1 b 22.6 bc 25.8 d 24.6 b 12.7 b
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 20.9 b 24.1 b 22.4 cd 25.9 d 24.6 b 13.7 a
2017 传统施肥低密度PML 20.1 c 21.3 a 25.2 ab 25.3 a 23.0 a 17.0 a
减量追施低密度PMNL 20.8 abc 22.6 a 26.0 a 25.6 a 25.0 a 17.5 a
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 21.2 ab 22.0 a 26.0 a 25.7 a 24.0 a 17.8 a
传统施肥高密度PMH 20.3 abc 22.5 a 25.4 ab 25.3 a 23.8 a 17.4 a
减量追施高密度PMNH 21.6 a 23.0 a 25.6 ab 25.4 a 23.6 a 17.2 a
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 20.7 bc 21.8 a 24.3 b 24.1 a 22.9 a 17.5 a

Table 3

Effects of fertilization patterns and sowing density on leaf SPAD"

2015 传统施肥低密度PML 38.4 a 45.2 a 72.0 b 78.1 c 52.6 a
减量追施低密度PMNL 34.6 a 42.6 a 57.6 c 85.9 b 50.2 a
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 32.2 a 45.4 a 86.2 a 96.3 a 46.2 a
传统施肥高密度PMH 35.6 a 40.4 a 77.1 b 76.7 c 51.5 a
减量追施高密度PMNH 34.2 a 42.4 a 87.0 a 72.6 c 50.8 a
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 33.5 a 41.0 a 87.9 a 85.0 b 52.1 a
2016 传统施肥低密度PML 51.0 a 75.0 ab 52.0 a 55.2 a 57.3 a
减量追施低密度PMNL 50.6 a 74.5 ab 51.4 a 54.1 a 54.6 a
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 49.2 a 79.7 ab 52.3 a 55.3 a 54.9 a
传统施肥高密度PMH 47.6 a 69.4 b 51.2 a 55.1 a 58.4 a
减量追施高密度PMNH 51.2 a 85.9 a 50.9 a 55.6 a 56.4 a
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 48.8 a 85.9 a 52.5 a 55.3 a 58.4 a
2017 传统施肥低密度PML 53.9 a 54.6 a 56.3 a 55.9 a 52.7 a
减量追施低密度PMNL 54.5 a 56.0 a 53.5 a 57.9 a 54.2 a
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 54.7 a 54.8 a 57.6 a 57.5 a 54.2 a
传统施肥高密度PMH 53.8 a 55.6 a 55.1 a 59.4 a 51.9 a
减量追施高密度PMNH 56.5 a 53.7 a 55.1 a 54.2 a 50.2 a
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 56.1 a 54.4 a 54.1 a 60.0 a 50.2 a

Table 4

Effects of fertilization patterns and sowing density on potatoes LAI"

2015 传统施肥低密度PML 3.15 c 3.86 c 4.39 b 3.29 c
减量追施低密度PMNL 4.03 ab 4.60 b 5.03 ab 4.53 ab
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 3.58 bc 4.64 b 4.67 b 4.30 b
传统施肥高密度PMH 3.60 bc 3.93 c 4.88 ab 3.58 c
减量追施高密度PMNH 4.30 a 5.64 a 5.79 a 4.79 a
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 3.92 ab 4.75 b 5.26 ab 4.26 b
2016 传统施肥低密度PML 0.80 d 1.20 b 3.28 a 2.45 b
减量追施低密度PMNL 0.91 d 1.33 b 3.54 a 2.79 ab
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 1.13 c 1.52 b 3.84 a 2.49 b
传统施肥高密度PMH 1.43 b 1.67 b 3.35 a 2.09 b
减量追施高密度PMNH 1.77 a 2.32 a 3.70 a 2.36 b
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 1.88 a 2.24 a 3.83 a 3.41 a
2017 传统施肥低密度PML 1.61 d 2.44 c 4.28 a 3.45 b
减量追施低密度PMNL 1.81 c 3.33 b 4.54 a 3.84 ab
有机肥替代低密度PMOL 2.13 b 3.52 ab 4.59 a 3.49 b
传统施肥高密度PMH 1.93 c 2.37 c 4.35 a 3.19 b
减量追施高密度PMNH 2.82 a 3.32 b 4.70 a 3.36 b
有机肥替代高密度PMOH 2.88 a 3.69 a 4.83 a 4.41 a

Fig. 3

Effects of fertilization patterns and sowing density on dry matter accumulation PM: traditional fertilizer; PMN: reduced chemical fertilizer dressing; PMO: organic manure substitution."

Table 5

Analysis of variance for effects of years, density, and fertilization on ET"

Source of variation
Sum of squares
Mean square
年份Year (A) 10334.39 2 5167.20 84.4341 0.0001
密度Density (B) 494.95 1 494.95 8.0878 0.0075
施肥Fertilization (C) 6078.17 2 2039.08 49.6599 0.0001
A×B 299.21 2 149.60 2.4445 0.1019
A×C 12043.23 4 3010.81 49.1978 0.0001
B×C 2245.68 2 1122.84 18.3477 0.0001
A×B×C 2398.56 4 599.65 9.7984 0.0001

Fig. 4

Effects of fertilization patterns and sowing density on stage water consumption PML: traditional fertilizer with low density; PMNL: reduced chemical fertilizer dressing with low density; PMOL: organic manure substitution with low density; PMH: traditional fertilizer with high density; PMNH: reduced chemical fertilizer dressing with high density; PMOH: organic manure substitution with high density."

Table 6

Effects of fertilization patterns and sowing density on stage water consumption"

传统施肥低密度PML 减量追施低密度PMNL 有机肥替代低密度PMOL 传统施肥高密度PMH 减量追施高密度PMNH 有机肥替代高密度PMOH
2015 289.7 b 310.6 ab 304.5 ab 311.1 ab 320.2 a 283.0 b
2016 332.7 abc 329.7 bc 348.7 ab 318.7 c 344.3 ab 351.1 a
2017 284.9 e 284.9 e 368.2 a 322.4 c 303.4 d 349.7 b

Table 7

Analysis of variance for effects of year, density, and fertilizer on yield and WUE"

Source of variation
Sum of squares
Mean square
产量 年份Year (A) 2 1716451184 858225592 235.0364 0.0001
Yield 密度Density (B) 1 10842711 10842711 2.9694 0.0939
施肥Fertilization (C) 2 51563415 25781707 7.0607 0.0027
A×B 2 214486100 107243050 29.3699 0.0001
A×C 4 29927497 7481874 2.0490 0.1095
B×C 2 18801364 9400682 2.5745 0.0910
A×B×C 4 221833261 8703072 2.3835 0.0707
水分利用效率 年份Year (A) 2 23650 11825 576.1169 0.0001
WUE 密度Density (B) 1 209 209 10.1753 0.0031
施肥Fertilization (C) 2 664 332 16.1653 0.00001
A×B 2 1844 922 44.9266 0.0001
A×C 4 284 71 3.4612 0.0178
B×C 2 576 288 14.0378 0.00004
A×B×C 4 409 102 4.9848 0.0029

Fig. 5

Effects of fertilization patterns and sowing density on yield and WUE PM: traditional fertilizer; PMN: reduced chemical fertilizer dressing; PMO: organic manure substitution."

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