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Mutagenic Effects of Different Factors in Spaceflight Environment of Shijian-8 Satellite in Wheat

GUO Hui-Jun,JIN Wen-Kui,ZHAO Lin-Shu,ZHAO Shi-Rong,ZHAO Hong-Bing,LIU Lu-Xiang*   

  1. Institute of Crop sciences,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/National Key Facility for Crop Gene Resources and Genetic Improvement,Beijing 100081,China
  • Received:2009-11-26 Revised:2010-01-13 Online:2010-05-12 Published:2010-03-15
  • Contact: LIU Lu-Xiang, E-mail: luxiang@263.net.cn; Tel: 010-62122719


Space environment mainly consisted of cosmic rays and microgravity is a kind of complicated mutagen, and has been used for plant mutation induction and breeding. In the recoverable satellite Shijian-8 that was launched for breeding purpose on September 9, 2006, seeds of three wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars, Lunxuan 987, Xinmai 18, and Zhoumai 18, were loaded. In the 1×g centrifuge, 300 seeds of each variety were treated with space cosmic rays (CR-E), and in the lead screen container and the satellite capsule, 500 seeds of each cultivar were treated with microgravity (Mg-E) and comprehensive factors of space environment (SPc-E), respectively. The treated seeds were germinated at room temperature and transplanted in the field after vernalization, the inhibition effects of the three treatments were evaluated and the mutagenic effects on wheat were compared. In the SPc-E treatment, growth of seedlings was significantly inhabited in the first generation (SP1) of Lunxuan 987 and Xinmai 18, whereas no significant effect was observed in the seedling growth of Zhoumai 18. In the CR-E treatment, only the growth of Lunxuan 987 seedlings was significantly inhibited. The Mg-E treatment had no significant effect on seedling growth in all the three cultivars. No significant variations were detected in main agronomic traits in the SP1 generation. In the SP2 generation, there were obvious mutations in phenotypes of the three cultivars, such as plant height, spike length and thousand-grain weight. In Lunxuan 987 and Xinmai 18, the highest mutation frequency was observed in the SPc-E treatment, followed by the CR-E treatment, and the lowest mutation frequency in the Mg-E treatment. A novel inheritable mutant of striated-albino leaf, with the frequency of 0.48%, appeared in the SP2 population of Xinmai 18 under the SPc-E condition. Among the three treatments, comprehensive factors of space environment induced the most frequent mutations of wheat, indicating the synergistic effect between cosmic rays and microgravity, while the single effect of microgravity was much lower than that of cosmic rays.

Key words: Wheat, Spaceflight, Cosmic rays, Microgravity, Biological damage, Mutagenic effect

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