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Relationship between Pericarp Structure and Kernel Tenderness in Super Sweet Corn

YUE Su-Ju,XIAO De-Xing,LIU Peng-Fei,ZENG Mu-Heng,WANG Wei-Quan,WANG Xiao-Ming*   

  1. Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, Guangzhou 510225, China
  • Received:2011-03-25 Revised:2011-07-15 Online:2011-11-12 Published:2011-09-06
  • Contact: 王晓明, E-mail: wxm1724@sina.com

Abstract: In order to understand the relationship between kernel tenderness and pericarp structure, histological studies of a set of super-sweet corn (Z. mays subsp. mays) inbred lines (T4, T5, T19, T38, and T39) kernels at different developmental stages were conducted. The result indicated thatsuper-sweet cornpericarp was formed with several layers of cells, where the outermost layer of cells packed tightly with horny cell walls. T38 and T39 inbred lines had a good eating qualities due to their thinner cell walls and less cell layers of pericarp combining with lower level of fibrosis and lignification of cell wall. On the contrary, T4 and T5 inbred lines did not have a eating qualities with thicker cell walls and more cell layers of pericarp combining with high level of fibrosis and lignification of cell wall. T19 had the worst taste for its high-density pericarp cells adding very high fibrosis and lignification of cell wall among the five inbred lines.

Key words: Super-sweet corn, Pericarp, Eating quality

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