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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (6): 878-888.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2020.92043


Physicochemical properties and sequence analysis of Wx and OsSSIIa genes in japonica rice cultivars from Jiangsu province and northeast of China

ZHAO Chun-Fang,YUE Hong-Liang,TIAN Zheng,GU Ming-Chao,ZHAO Ling,ZHAO Qing-Yong,ZHU Zhen,CHEN Tao,ZHOU Li-Hui,YAO Shu,LIANG Wen-Hua,LU Kai,ZHANG Ya-Dong,WANG Cai-Lin()   

  1. Institute of Food Crops, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Jiangsu High Quality Rice Research and Development Center / Nanjing Branch of China National Center for Rice Improvement, Nanjing 210014, Jiangsu, China
  • Received:2019-08-13 Accepted:2020-01-15 Online:2020-06-12 Published:2020-01-23
  • Contact: Cai-Lin WANG E-mail:clwang@jaas.ac.cn
  • Supported by:
    Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(BK20180302);Jiangsu Agriculture Science and Technology Innovation Fund(CX[18]1001);Key Research and Development Programs of Jiangsu Province(BE2018357);China Agriculture Research System(CARS-01-62);Provincial Key Laboratory of Agrobiology Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(4911707Z201705)


According to geographic origin and amylose content, 87 investigated japonica rice cultivars were divided into three types: Jiangsu common japonica rice, Northeast japonica rice and Jiangsu semi-waxy japonica rice. In order to explore the eating quality characteristics of the three types of japonica rice and their molecular basis, the physicochemical properties and the sequence of major genes Wx and OsSSIIa for starch synthesis were analyzed. Compared with Northeast japonica rice, Jiangsu common japonica rice had lower amylose content, higher protein content and gelatinization temperature, and similar gel consistency and RVA profiles. Compared with Northeast japonica rice and Jiangsu common japonica rice, Jiangsu semi-waxy japonica rice contained the lowest amylose content, the highest gel consistency and unique RVA profile. Variation coefficients of all characters except for setback value were small in three types of rice varieties, indicating that there was a great range of retrogradation within all the cultivars. The correlation coefficients among traits were different among three types of japonica rice, which indicated that the correlations were affected by the ecological conditions of different regions and properties of varieties. By cluster analysis, 87 japonica rice varieties (lines) were divided into four groups. Jiangsu common and Northeast japonica rice varieties (lines) were intersected in group I and group II. Group III was composed of two lines of Jiangsu common japonica rice and one semi-waxy variety (Xudao 9), and the most of their character values were ranged between those common japonica rice and semi-waxy japonica rice. The Jiangsu semi-waxy rice varieties (lines) with unique physicochemical characteristics were clustered into group IV. By sequence analysis, there was no difference in Wx b gene between Jiangsu common japonica rice and Northeast japonica rice, but in Jiangsu semi-waxy japonica rice G/A substitution occurred in Exon 4 of Wx b, which is the Wx mp allele. The higher gelatinization temperature in some of Jiangsu japonica rice varieties (lines) was controlled by the allele of OsSSIIa (G-GC).

Key words: japonica rice, eating quality, low amylose content, Wx, OsSSIIa

Table 1

The information of materials used in this study"

Variety name
Jiangsu common japonica rice
34 武运5020、武运5051、淮稻5号、扬粳3012、武运粳32、武育粳3号、泗稻16、泗稻212、泗稻301、连粳16、江苏省农业科学院粮食作物研究所培育的普通粳稻品系24份
Wuyun 5020, Wuyun 5051, Huaidao 5, Yangjing 3012, Wuyunjing 32, Wuyujing 3, Sidao 16, Sidao 212, Sidao 301, Lianjing 16, 24 breeding lines of common japonica rice bred by the Institute of Food Crops, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Northeast japonica rice
32 稻花香2号、龙洋16、松粳22、松粳34、松香2号、五优稻1号、龙稻16、龙稻18、龙稻25、龙稻28、吉粳113、吉粳302、吉粳303、吉粳306、吉粳511、吉粳512、吉粳526、吉粳528、吉粳803、吉粳809、吉粳81、吉粳83、吉粳88、吉农引6号、沈农9903、长白19、长白20、昌粳1号、昌尹1号、辽粳337、辽粳399、铁粳11
Daohuaxiang 2, Longyang 16, Songjing 22, Songjing 34, Songxiang 2, Wuyoudao 1, Longdao 16, Longdao 18, Longdao 25, Longdao 28, Jijing 113, Jijing 302, Jijing 303, Jijing 306, Jijing 511, Jijing 512, Jijing 526, Jijing 528, Jijing 803, Jijing 809, Jijing 81, Jijing 83, Jijing 88, Jinongyin 6, Shennong 9903, Changbai 19, Changbai 20, Changjing 1, Changyin 1, Liaojing 337, Liaojing 399, Tiejing 11
Jiangsu semi-waxy japonica rice
21 徐稻9号、宁粳8号、苏香粳100、南粳46、南粳5055、南粳9108、南粳2728、南粳505、南粳3908、南粳5718、南粳58、南粳晶谷、江苏省农业科学院粮食作物研究所培育的半糯粳稻品系9份
Xudao9, Ningjing 8, Suxiangjing 100, Nanjing 46, Nanjing 5055, Nanjing 9108, Nanjing 2728, Nanjing 505, Nanjing 3908, Nanjing 5718, Nanjing 58, Nanjing jinggu, 9 breeding lines of semi-waxy japonica rice bred by the Institute of Food Crops, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Table 2

Sequence information of primers used in this study"

Primer sequence (5°-3°)
Fragment length (bp)

Table 3

Comparison of physicochemical properties in three types of japonica rice cultivars"

Jiangsu common japonica rice
Northeast japonica rice
Jiangsu semi-waxy japonica rice
系数 CV (%)
CV (%)
CV (%)
AC (%) 16.5 b 14.2 18.9 7.8 19.0 a 14.8 22.6 9.4 9.2 c 7.5 11.0 10.3
PC (%) 9.0 a 7.2 11.4 10.7 8.5 b 6.4 10.9 12.8 9.2 a 7.1 10.6 9.5
GC (mm) 68.8 b 52.0 85.0 14.4 69.4 b 58.5 86.5 10.2 84.2 a 76.5 98.5 7.2
GT (°C) 73.4 a 68.9 80.0 3.5 70.7 b 67.3 74.5 2.2 73.2 a 69.6 80.7 3.8
PV (cP) 2462.0 a 1973.0 2944.0 10.5 2441.5 a 1796.0 2946.0 9.5 2502.8 a 1705.0 2953.0 15.0
TV (cP) 1560.4 a 1210.0 1950.0 13.3 1586.1 a 1110.0 2104.0 15.6 1261.8 b 763.0 1765.0 22.4
FV (cP) 2602.4 a 2135.0 3017.0 8.7 2634.9 a 2015.0 3243.0 10.6 1823.0 b 1229.0 2461.0 18.3
BDV (cP) 901.6 b 586.0 1284.0 18.4 855.4 b 479.0 1222.0 22.0 1241.0 a 942.0 1683.0 16.5
SBV (cP) 140.4 a -193.0 456.0 105.9 193.4 a -212.0 471.0 86.5 -679.9 b -1269.0 -334.0 36.5
Pet (min) 6.4 a 6.1 6.7 2.6 6.5 a 6.1 6.9 3.4 5.9 b 5.2 6.3 5.1

Fig. 1

Frequency distribution of physicochemical properties in three types of japonica rice a: amylose content; b: gel consistency; c: gelatinization temperature; d: breakdown viscosity; e: setback viscosity; f: peak time. "

Fig. 2

RVA profiles in three types of japonica rice"

Table 4

Correlation coefficients of physicochemical characters in three types of japonica rice"

蛋白质含量PC 胶稠度
0.307 0.343*
-0.081 0.097
-0.204 -0.036
-0.291 0.662** -0.137
-0.176 0.336 0.296
-0.366 0.269 0.348
-0.089 0.427* 0.268 0.693**
0.046 0.251 -0.047 0.455**
-0.056 -0.187 0.111 0.123
-0.228 0.433** 0.295 0.470** 0.768**
0.329 0.343 0.148 0.479** 0.691**
0.240 -0.146 -0.036 -0.234 0.842**
-0.159 0.334* 0.267 0.408* 0.820** 0.938**
0.285 0.389* 0.068 0.404* 0.803** 0.906**
0.400 -0.165 -0.072 -0.323 0.761** 0.972**
0.146 0.032 0.050 0.493** 0.600** -0.051 0.108
-0.375* -0.153 -0.252 -0.070 0.321 -0.463** -0.203
-0.435* -0.139 0.254 0.549** 0.667** 0.159 0.049
-0.088 -0.239 -0.060 -0.584** -0.492** 0.090 0.095 -0.880**
0.414* 0.303 0.179 0.047 -0.039 0.562** 0.565** -0.784**
0.625** 0.057 -0.265 -0.622** -0.487* 0.036 0.196 -0.942**
-0.162 0.311 0.223 -0.003 0.129 0.678** 0.526** -0.647** 0.576**
0.310 0.320 0.284 0.522** 0.358* 0.885** 0.678** -0.721** 0.642**
0.551** 0.045 -0.305 -0.635** 0.157 0.645** 0.708** -0.604** 0.717**

Fig. 3

Dendrogram of 87 japonica rice varieties (lines) based on physicochemical traits"

Fig. 4

Allelic variation of Wx gene (a, c) and detection of Wxmp genotype (b) "

Fig. 5

Sequence analysis of OsSSIIa in japonica rice varieties (lines) with different gelatinization temperatures"

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