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Effect of Different Planting Patterns on Maize Growth and Yield in Western Liaoning Province

BAI Wei1,2,SUN Zhan-Xiang1,*,ZHENG Jia-Ming1,HOU Zhi-Yan1,LIU Yang1,FENG Liang-Shan1,YANG Ning1   

  1. 1 Tillage and Cultivation Research Institute, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Engineering Research Centre for Dryland and Water-Efficient Farming of Liaoning Province, Shenyang 110161, China; 2 College of Land and Environment, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang 110161, China?
  • Received:2013-04-10 Revised:2013-07-25 Online:2014-01-12 Published:2013-09-29
  • Contact: 孙占祥, E-mail: sunzhanxiang@sohu.com


The study of planting patterns is critical to improving maize yield. Based on a field experiment,we investigated the effect of three planting patterns (three ratio space, big ridge double line and equal line) on maize growth, photosynthetic characteristics and yield using two varieties suitable for high-density (Zhengdan 958) and middle-density (Shenyu 21). Our results indicated that the yield and growth of maize were dramatically influenced by various planting patterns. High-density variety was suitable for using the pattern of big ridge double line which promoted plant height, stem diameter, leaf area and photosynthetic efficiency of maize. The yield averaged 8882.36 kg ha-1 for two years, with an increasing rate of 6.51% compared with the control. This increase in biomass was largely contributed by hundred-grain weight and number of lines per ear. But differently, middle-density variety, planted with both patterns of big ridge double line and three ratio spaces, showed a higher yield. These two planting patterns could also increase plant height, stem diameter, leaf area and photosynthetic efficiency in maize. The 2-year-averaged yields were 8294.58 kg ha-1 and 8188.30 kg ha-1, for the two patterns of big ridge double line and equal line, respectively. An increasing rate of 21.36% for big ridge double line and 19.81% for equal line spacing were observed compared with the control, which mainly contributed by the high number of kernels per line. Our results indicated that big ridge double line is an optimal planting pattern to improve maize yield in the western Liaoning Province.

Key words: Planting pattern, Maize, Growth, Yield, Western Liaoning Province

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