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Effects of Planting Density on the Mechanical Harvesting Characteristics of Semi-winter Rapeseed

Xiao-Yong LI1, Min ZHOU1, Tao WANG2, Lan ZHANG2, Guang-Sheng ZHOU1, Jie KUAI1,*()   

  1. 1 College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China
    2 Shayang Plant Protection Station, Shayang 448200, Hubei, China
  • Received:2017-08-29 Accepted:2017-11-21 Online:2018-02-12 Published:2017-12-12
  • Contact: Jie KUAI E-mail:kuaijie@mail.hzau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Key Technology R&D Program of China (2014BAD11B03), the China Agriculture Research System (NYCYTC-00510), and the Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities (2013PY001).


Two canola varieties (Zhongshuang 11 and Huayouza 9) with four planting densities (15 × 104, 30 × 104, 45 × 104, and 60 × 104 plants ha-1) were used to evaluate their effects on yield, lodging and pod shattering resistance index (PSRI). With the increase of plant density, effective pods per hectare increased, resulting in increasing yield. The highest yield was observed at density of 45 × 104 plants ha-1 for both of the two varieties. With the increase of plant density, the root crown diameter decreased which led lodging index to be increased. Under the densities of 15 × 104 and 30 × 104 plants ha-1, the part of stem below canopy had the highest lodging index, while under the densities of 30 × 104 and 45 × 104 plants ha-1, the central of stem and the upper part of middle stem had the highest lodging index, indicating that the lodging region was lower than under low plant density. The PSRI of branches was smaller than that of main stems, with a tendency of increasing firstly and then decreasing with decreasing branch height. The PSRI of main stem of the two varieties had different responses to increasing density, that was decreasing in Zhongshuang 11 while increasing firstly and then decreasing in Huayouza 9, with a highest PSRI under 300 000 plants ha-1. The water declining rate of pod wall from early pod development to pod maturity had highly significant and negative correlation with pod shattering resistance, indicating that this index is most important for density effects on pod shattering.

Key words: rapeseed (Brassica napus L.), planting density, yield, pod shattering, lodging

Table 1

Effect of density on yield and yield components of rapeseed"

单株有效角果数Effective pod number
per plant
Number of seeds
per pod
1000-seed weight (g)
(kg hm-2)
2014-2015 中双11
Zhongshuang 11
D1 164.5 a 22.7 a 4.30 a 2381.3 c
D2 126.4 b 22.3 b 4.34 a 2969.3 b
D3 88.4 c 20.4 c 4.27 ab 3158.5 a
D4 63.4 d 20.0 d 4.18 b 3029.1 b
Huayouza 9
D1 193.5 a 25.8 a 3.01 b 2521.3 d
D2 132.8 b 24.4 b 3.10 ab 2910.7 c
D3 108.5 c 23.4 c 3.12 ab 3514.4 a
D4 86.0 d 23.5 c 3.16 a 3076.0 b
2015-2016 中双11
Zhongshuang 11
D1 170.5 a 23.1 a 4.48 b 2626.3 c
D2 108.1 b 22.7 b 4.52 a 2938.9 b
D3 95.0 c 21.6 c 4.34 c 3255.9 a
D4 66.4 d 21.2 d 4.26 d 3042.6 b
Huayouza 9
D1 216.5 a 27.4 a 2.95 c 2691.8 d
D2 123.0 b 26.1 b 2.99 bc 3094.4 b
D3 107.0 c 25.1 c 3.04 ab 3358.3 a
D4 79.8 d 24.6 d 3.11 a 2916.9 c
方差分析 Variance analyses
年份(Y) ** ** NS **
品种(V) ** ** ** **
密度(D) ** ** ** **
Y×V ** NS ** **
Y×D ** NS NS **

Table 2

Effect of density on agronomic traits at maturity of rapeseed"

Root crown diameter (mm)
Plant height
Branch height
Branch number
Pod starting point (cm)
2014-2015 中双11
Zhongshuang 11
D1 20.81 a 168.17 a 62.00 c 6.0 a 96.73 a
D2 16.79 b 162.50 ab 76.43 b 4.3 ab 96.73 a
D3 14.97 c 156.99 bc 82.57 ab 4.2 bc 97.47 a
D4 12.35 d 151.53 c 90.33 a 2.5 c 96.60 a
华油杂9号Huayouza 9 D1 16.08 a 164.84 a 58.51 c 6.3 a 85.61 a
D2 14.34 b 155.83 ab 68.87 b 4.1 b 83.97 a
D3 13.35 b 152.32 b 76.62 ab 3.3 c 82.81 a
D4 11.22 c 147.19 b 81.75 a 2.9 c 82.41 a
2015-2016 中双11
Zhongshuang 11
D1 21.28 a 170.00 a 63.77 c 6.3 a 99.50 a
D2 16.05 b 167.23 ab 78.03 b 4.3 b 104.33 a
D3 13.97 bc 164.50 ab 86.43 ab 3.7 b 104.80 a
D4 12.90 c 162.33 b 97.43 a 1.7 c 105.00 a
华油杂9号Huayouza 9 D1 19.69 a 173.67 a 54.60 c 7.7 a 94.57 a
D2 14.66 b 170.53 ab 81.90 b 5.3 b 98.50 a
D3 13.22 c 165.50 bc 82.67 b 5.3 b 99.67 a
D4 11.94 d 158.17 c 90.00 a 4.3 c 97.83 a
方差分析 Variance analyses
年份(Y) ** ** ** ** **
品种(V) ** ** ** * **
密度(D) ** ** ** ** NS
Y×V ** NS NS ** *
Y×D ** NS * * **

Fig. 1

Lodging sites at different planting densities of rapeseed D1, D2, D3, and D4 indicate the planting densities of 15×104, 30×104, 45×104, and 60×104 plant ha-1, respectively."

Table 3

Effect of density on lodging index at different parts of rapeseed stems"

No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 均值
2014-2015 中双11
Zhongshuang 11
D1 0.809 b 0.846 b 0.914 c 1.025 a 0.899
D2 0.876 b 1.040 b 1.078 bc 1.160 a 1.039
D3 0.922 b 0.973 b 1.186 b 1.089 a 1.043
D4 1.278 a 1.597 a 1.536 a 1.273 a 1.421
Huayouza 9
D1 0.701 b 0.742 c 0.786 b 0.909 b 0.785
D2 0.809 b 0.991 b 1.073 ab 0.872 b 0.936
D3 1.224 a 1.656 a 1.335 a 1.051 a 1.317
D4 1.476 a 1.484 a 1.321 a 1.101 a 1.346
2015-2016 中双11
Zhongshuang 11
D1 0.862 b 0.954 c 1.050 c 1.113 b 0.995
D2 1.618 a 1.805 b 1.922 b 2.126 a 1.868
D3 1.665 a 1.943 b 2.281 a 1.908 a 1.949
D4 1.829 a 2.372 a 2.248 a 2.178 a 2.157
Huayouza 9
D1 1.001 a 1.129 b 1.208 b 1.288 a 1.157
D2 1.066 a 1.089 b 1.215 b 1.321 a 1.173
D3 1.371 a 1.528 a 1.727 a 1.522 a 1.537
D4 1.086 a 1.349 ab 1.228 b 1.148 a 1.203
方差分析 Variance analyses
年份(Y) ** ** ** **
品种(V) ** ** ** **
密度(D) ** ** ** **
Y×V ** ** ** **
Y×D ** NS ** **
V×D * ** ** **
Y×V×D ** ** ** **

Fig. 2

Effect of plant density on pod shattering resistance of rapeseed D1, D2, D3, and D4 indicate the planting densities of 15×104, 30×104, 45×104, and 60×104 plant ha-1 respectively; “0” in the middle of abscissa axis means main stem, and “1-7” mean the first branch to the eleventh branch from top to bottom, respectively."

Fig. 3

Effect of density on pod wall dry weight (A) and water content (B) of rapeseed D1, D2, D3, and D4 indicate the planting densities of 15×104, 30×104, 45×104, and 60×104 plant ha-1, respectively."

Table 4

Correlation coefficients of PSRI with pod wall weight and water content"

Pod wall
dry weight
角果壳含水量 Pod wall water content
花后天数 Days after flowering Δ含水量
Δ water content
21 d 28 d 35 d 42 d 49 d 56 d
Zhongshuang 11
0.751** -0.065 -0.45 -0.38 0.382 0.653 0.971** -0.968**
Huayouza 9
0.581** 0.110 -0.73 -0.71 0.895* 0.660 0.900** -0.968**
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