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Comparison in Nitrogen Metabolism and Photosynthetic Characteristics between Japonica Rice Varieties Differing in Nitrogen Sensitivity

Cheng-Xin JU1,2(), Zhu-Biao ZHOU1, Bu-Hong ZHAO2, Zhi-Qin WANG1, Jian-Chang YANG1,*()   

  1. 1 Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Physiology / Co-innovation Center for Modern Production Technology of Grain Crops, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, Jiangsu, China
    2 Lixiahe Region Agricultural Research Institute, Yangzhou 225007, Jiangsu, China
  • Received:2017-08-28 Accepted:2017-11-21 Online:2018-03-12 Published:2017-12-18
  • Contact: Jian-Chang YANG E-mail:cxju1124@163.com;jcyang@yzu.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31461143015, 31471438, 31471447), the National Key Technology Support Program of China (2014AA10A605), the National Key Research and Development Support Program of China (2016YFD0300206-4), the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD), and the Top Talent Supporting Program of Yangzhou University (2015-01).


Understanding the physiological characters associated with nitrogen (N) use efficiency (NUE) is very important in selecting and breeding N-efficient varieties. However, the information on such characters is very limited. Four japonica rice varieties, i.e., two nitrogen sensitive varieties, Huaidao 5 (HD-5) and Lianjing 7 (LJ-7), two nitrogen insensitive varieties, Ningjing 1 (NJ-1) and Yangjing 4038 (YJ-4), were grown in the field, and two N rates, 0 and 200 kg ha-1, were applied during the growing season. The yield components, NUE and aboveground physiological characters were investigated. The nitrogen sensitive varieties produced higher grain yield, exhibited higher NUE than nitrogen insensitive varieties at N rates of 0 and 200 kg ha-1. When compared with the nitrogen insensitive varieties, the nitrogen sensitive varieties had a higher photosynthetic rate and N accumulation, stronger activity of the enzymes involved in N metabolism, higher photosynthetic NUE, more accumulation of soluble sugars and starch in stems and sheaths at heading time, and more remobilization of nonstructural carbohydrate from stems to grains during grain filling. These physiological traits resulting in higher grain yield and nitrogen use efficiency are important and can be used as physiological indexes to select and breed high-yielding and N-sensitive rice varieties.

Key words: rice, nitrogen sensitivity, grain yield, nitrogen use efficiency, physiological characteristics

Table 1

Grain yield and its components of rice varieties under different nitrogen rates"

N rate
(t hm-2)
No. of panicles
(×104 hm-2)
per panicle
Seed setting rate
Grain weight
2015 0 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 5.59 a 202 a 105 b 93.4 a 26.8 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 5.61 a 204 a 112 a 92.7 a 27.1 b
宁粳1号 NJ-1 5.20 b 196 ab 102 c 92.5 a 28.3 a
扬粳4038 YJ-4 5.22 b 190 b 107 b 89.4 b 26.3 c
200 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 9.51 a 297 a 126 b 91.7 a 28.5 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 9.48 a 288 b 136 a 91.8 a 26.8 b
宁粳1号 NJ-1 8.69 b 289 b 118 c 90.5 a 28.2 a
扬粳4038 YJ-4 8.52 b 285 b 129 b 87.5 b 26.2 c
2016 0 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 6.29 a 208 a 124 b 88.0 a 27.7 b
连粳7号 LJ-7 6.24 a 205 a 133 a 86.5 a 26.4 c
宁粳1号 NJ-1 5.62 b 210 a 107 c 87.0 a 28.8 a
扬粳4038 YJ-4 5.79 b 177 b 142 a 87.1 a 26.4 c
200 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 9.24 a 232 b 173 a 83.7 a 27.5 b
连粳7号 LJ-7 9.30 a 263 a 165 a 81.5 b 26.3 c
宁粳1号 NJ-1 8.25 b 233 b 147 b 85.1 a 28.3 a
扬粳4038 YJ-4 8.47 b 220 b 175 a 84.6 a 26.0 c

Table 2

Nitrogen use efficiency of rice varieties under different nitrogen rates"

RE (%)
AE (kg kg-1)
PE (kg kg-1)
PFP (kg kg-1)
2015 淮稻5号 HD-5 42.8 a 19.6 a 45.8 a 47.6 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 41.9 a 19.4 a 46.3 a 47.4 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 39.5 b 17.5 b 44.3 b 43.1 b
扬粳4038 YJ-4 38.0 b 16.5 b 43.4 b 42.6 b
2016 淮稻5号 HD-5 41.2 a 14.8 a 35.9 a 46.2 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 41.6 a 15.4 a 37.0 a 46.5 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 38.2 b 13.1 b 34.2 b 41.3 b
扬粳4038 YJ-4 39.7 b 13.5 b 34.0 b 42.4 b

Fig. 1

Leaf photosynthetic rate of rice varieties under zero nitrogen application rate (A) and 200 kg hm-2 nitrogenapplication rate (B) PI: panicle initiation; HD: heading; DAH10: 10 days after heading; DAH20: 20 days after heading; DAH30: 30 days after heading; HD-5: Huaidao 5; LJ-7: Lianjing 7; NJ-1: Ningjing 1; YJ-4: Yangjing 4038."

Fig. 2

Nitrogen accumulation of rice varieties under zero nitrogen application rate (A) and 200 kg hm-2 nitrogen application rate (B) MT: middle tillering; PI: panicle initiation; HD: heading; MA: maturity; HD-5: Huaidao 5; LJ-7: Lianjing 7; NJ-1: Ningjing 1; YJ-4: Yangjing 4038."

Fig. 3

Nitrogen accumulation of rice varieties during the growth period under zero nitrogen application rate (A) and 200 kg hm-2 nitrogen application rate (B) TS: transplanting; MT: middle tillering; PI: panicle initiation; HD: heading; MA: maturity; HD-5: Huaidao 5; LJ-7: Lianjing 7; NJ-1: Ningjing 1; YJ-4: Yangjing 4038."

Table 3

Activities of enzymes involved in nitrogen metabolism in leaves of rice varieties under different nitrogen rates"

N rate
NR (μg NO-2 h-1 g-1 FW)
GS (μmol h-1 g-1 FW)
GOGAT (μmol h-1 g-1 FW)
0 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 86.7 a 45.2 a 110.2 a 126.7 a 21.9 a 30.3 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 89.2 a 47.2 a 103.2 a 132.6 a 20.6 a 29.9 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 60.7 b 28.0 b 74.7 b 105.0 b 16.4 b 22.5 b
扬粳4038 YJ-4 62.3 b 25.4 b 70.1 b 99.5 b 18.2 ab 23.2 b
200 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 91.7 a 95.5 a 136.8 a 220.8 a 30.3 a 32.0 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 93.5 a 88.7 a 143.0 a 215.5 a 31.0 a 33.2 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 89.1 ab 49.4 b 105.7 b 216.1 a 26.7 b 29.5 a
扬粳4038 YJ-4 86.2 b 54.4 b 111.2 b 210.9 a 25.8 b 30.4 a

Table 4

Leaf nitrogen content, specific leaf nitrogen content and photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency of rice varieties under different nitrogen rates"

N rate
LNC (mg kg-1)
SLNC (g cm-2)
PUNE (μmol g-1 s-1)
0 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 19.20 a 1.62 a 12.02 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 19.33 a 1.70 a 11.76 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 18.87 b 1.31 b 10.29 c
扬粳4038 YJ-4 19.03 a 1.42 b 10.99 b
200 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 22.13 c 3.12 a 8.40 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 24.93 a 3.24 a 8.24 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 22.40 c 2.89 b 7.72 b
扬粳4038 YJ-4 23.10 b 2.85 b 7.65 b

Table 5

Contents of soluble sugar, sucrose and starch in the stems and sheaths of rice varieties under different nitrogen rates"

N rate
Soluble sugar (mg g-1 DW)
Sucrose (mg g-1 DW)
Starch (mg g-1 DW)
0 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 125.1 a 34.3 a 94.7 a 24.9 a 73.7 a 26.3 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 123.5 ab 34.0 a 93.7 a 24.5 a 72.6 a 25.5 ab
宁粳1号 NJ-1 118.9 b 35.8 a 90.7 b 26.0 a 70.0 b 25.1 b
扬粳4038 YJ-4 115.4 b 34.9 a 89.2 b 25.6 a 68.6 b 26.4 a
200 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 177.6 a 68.1 a 136.8 a 46.4 a 101.5 a 50.8 ab
连粳7号 LJ-7 175.8 a 67.7 a 135.6 a 45.4 a 100.2 a 50.2 ab
宁粳1号 NJ-1 166.8 b 69.4 a 130.1 b 45.9 a 92.3 b 51.6 a
扬粳4038 YJ-4 164.3 b 68.9 a 129.3 b 46.2 a 91.3 b 49.9 b

Table 6

Non-structural carbohydrate reserve in stems and sheaths of rice varieties under different nitrogen rates"

N rate
HD (mg g-1 DW)
MA (mg g-1 DW)
Remobilization (%)
0 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 198.9 a 60.5 a 69.58 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 196.2 a 59.6 a 69.62 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 188.9 b 62.9 a 66.70 b
扬粳4038 YJ-4 184.1 b 61.3 a 66.70 b
200 kg hm-2 淮稻5号 HD-5 279.1 a 118.9 a 57.40 a
连粳7号 LJ-7 276.0 a 117.8 a 57.32 a
宁粳1号 NJ-1 258.9 b 121.1 a 53.23 b
扬粳4038 YJ-4 255.6 b 118.8 a 53.52 b
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