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Identification of Salt Tolerance and Screening for Its Indicators in Sweet Potato Varieties during Seedling Stage

Wen-Xue DUAN1,*,**(),Hai-Yan ZHANG1,**(),Bei-Tao XIE1,Bao-Qing WANG1,Li-Ming ZHANG2,*()   

  1. 1 Crop Research Institute, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Scientific Observation and Experimental Station of Tuber and Root Crops in Huang-Huai-Hai Region, Ministry of Agriculture, Jinan 250100, Shandong, China
    2 Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jinan 250100, Shandong, China
  • Received:2017-11-20 Accepted:2018-03-26 Online:2018-08-10 Published:2018-04-20
  • Contact: Wen-Xue DUAN,Hai-Yan ZHANG,Li-Ming ZHANG E-mail:duanwenxue2010@163.com;zhang_haiyan02@163.com;zhanglm11@sina.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the Key Research and Development Project of Shandong Province(2016ZDJS10A03);the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31501261);the Major Science and Technology Projects of Shandong Province(2015ZDJS03001);the Modern Agricultural Technology System of Tubers and Root Crops in Shandong Province(SDAIT-16-09);the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-10-B08)


Eighteen sweet potato varieties were selected as the test material. The control and treatment groups were established via saline soil cultivation in seedling stage. The treatment group received 200 mmol L -1 NaCl. Fourteen physical traits were observed in each treatment, which were fresh stem leaf weight, fresh root weight, dry stem leaf weight, dry root weight, relative leaf conductivity, Fv/Fm, SPAD value, superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, malondialdehyde (MDA) content, proline content, root vigor, root Na + content, root K +content, and Na +/K + ratio. A comprehensive analysis of the salt tolerance of different varieties was conducted via correlation analysis, principal component analysis, clustering analysis, and stepwise regression of the salt tolerance efficiency of each index. Principal component analysis narrowed down the 14 single indexes in the salt-stressed seedling stage of sweet potatoes to five independent comprehensive indexes. Subordinate function analysis was conducted to obtain the comprehensive assessment value (D-value) of salt tolerance of different varieties in seedling stage. In clustering analysis, the 18 sweet potato varieties were divided into four salt tolerance types, including four salt-sensitive, three weak salt tolerant, seven moderate salt-tolerant, and four high salt-tolerant. On the basis of this division, stepwise regression method was used to establish a regression equation for salt tolerance assessment of sweet potatoes in seedling stage. Eight physiological indexes were selected (fresh stem leaf weight, fresh root weight, dry stem leaf weight, leaf SPAD value, SOD enzyme activity, MDA content, proline content, and Na +/K + ratio) for the same assessment purpose. This paper presents the germplasm information for selection and breeding of new salt-tolerant sweet potato varieties. The results could serve as a basis for subsequent assessment of seedling stage salt tolerance of sweet potatoes and further studies on their salt tolerance mechanism.

Key words: sweet potato, seedling stage, salt tolerant, comprehensive assessment, identified index

Table 1

Salt tolerance coefficient of each physiological parameter in leaf and roots of sweet potato seedlings under salt stress"

Table 2

Correlation coefficient matrix of individual physiological indices in leaves and roots of sweet potato seedlings under salt stress"

Table 3

Eigen value, contribution ratio, and eigen vector of comprehensive indexes (CIx)"

项目 Item CI1 CI2 CI3 CI4 CI5
特征根 Eigen value 8.6185 1.2008 1.1091 1.0367 0.5274
贡献率 Contribution ratio 61.5606 8.5772 7.9219 7.4050 3.7674
累计贡献率 Cumulative contribution ratio 61.5606 70.1377 78.0597 85.4647 89.2321
特征向量 Eigen vector X1 0.3147 0.0425 -0.1932 0.1368 0.1386
X2 0.3092 0.1377 0.1058 -0.0449 0.1869
X3 0.3095 0.0180 -0.1334 0.0591 -0.0586
X4 0.2819 0.0376 0.1084 -0.4418 0.0333
X5 0.2477 0.1128 -0.2463 -0.3718 0.6375
X6 0.2756 -0.2629 0.3830 -0.1045 -0.0300
X7 -0.2737 -0.1865 0.2135 -0.2465 0.4086
X8 0.1871 -0.5779 -0.1393 0.4066 0.2228
X9 0.2646 0.3335 0.2197 -0.1753 -0.3389
X10 -0.2837 0.1796 0.2257 0.0216 0.0700
X11 -0.3230 -0.0103 0.0359 0.0757 0.1798
X12 0.1844 -0.1598 0.7166 0.1962 0.1313
X13 -0.2591 0.2681 0.1778 -0.0038 0.2789
X14 0.1642 0.5347 0.0620 0.5744 0.2652

Table 4

Comprehensive index (Clx), index weight, u(Xj),D value, and comprehensive valuation in each variety"

Fig. 1

Dendrogram of 18 sweet potato varieties"

Table 5

Analysis of evaluation accuracy of equation"

Variety (line)
Regression value
Primary value
Evaluation accuracy (%)
08365 0.240 0.229 -0.011 95.35
09049 0.759 0.758 -0.001 99.90
09110 0.611 0.613 0.002 99.70
11025 0.295 0.282 -0.013 95.57
12092 0.203 0.207 0.003 98.37
12109 0.621 0.612 -0.009 98.59
12148 0.164 0.157 -0.007 95.65
12156 0.488 0.484 -0.003 99.29
12211 0.445 0.447 0.002 99.62
12231 0.577 0.571 -0.006 98.89
13055 0.664 0.668 0.004 99.45
紫罗兰 Ziluolan 0.396 0.379 -0.017 95.81
烟薯25 Yanshu 25 0.544 0.534 -0.010 98.19
济薯18 Jishu 18 0.518 0.526 0.008 98.50
济薯21 Jishu 21 0.764 0.769 0.005 99.36
济徐23 Jixu 23 0.804 0.778 -0.026 96.78
济薯25 Jishu 25 0.598 0.604 0.006 99.07
济薯26 Jishu 26 0.838 0.857 0.019 97.81
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