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Differences in Yield and Grain Quality among Various Types of Indica/japonica Hybrid Rice and Correlation between Quality and Climatic Factors during Grain Filling Period

Dong XU1,Ying ZHU1,Lei ZHOU1,Chao HAN1,Lei-Ming ZHENG1,Hong-Cheng ZHANG1,Hai-Yan WEI1,*(),Yu WANG2,An-Ye LIAO3,Shi-Bo CAI3   

  1. 1 Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Physiology / Innovation Center of Rice Cultivation Technology in Yangtze Valley, Ministry of Agriculture / Co-Innovation Center for Modern Production Technology of Grain Crops, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, Jiangsu, China
    2 Dongqiao Town Hall, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo 315157, Zhejiang, China
    3 Meteorology Bureau of Yinzhou, Ningbo 315100, Zhejiang, China
  • Received:2017-12-20 Accepted:2018-07-20 Online:2018-10-10 Published:2018-07-30
  • Contact: Hai-Yan WEI E-mail:wei_hanyan@163.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the Grants from the National Key Research Program(2016YFD0300503);This study was supported by the Grants from the National Key Research Program(2017YFD0301205);the National Natural Science Foundation of China(23701350);the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-01-27);the Key Research Program of Jiangsu Province(BE2016344);the Major Independent Innovation Project in Jiangsu Province(CX[15]1002);Engineering Fund of Jiangsu Province(SXGC[2017]294)


Abstract: In order to find out the reasons for quality performance difference in different indica/japonica hybrid rice varieties, a field experiment was conducted with 18 early maturing late indica/japonica hybrid rice varieties (lines), among them three representative types of indica/japonica hybrid rice (including Type A: good quality with high yield; Type B: bad quality with high yield; Type C: bad quality and low yield) were screened according to them yield, cooking and eating quality. The variation in the yield and quality of different types of indica/japonica hybrid rice was studied. The average yields of A and B were 22.66% and 22.26% higher than there of C respectively, due to more panicles per unit area and large number of spikelets per panicle of A and B. The rates of brown rice and head milled rice of A were 1.9% to 2.5% and 13.9% to 22.7% higher than those of B and C respectively. Compared with A, the average chalky rate and chalkiness of B and C were 43.3% to 47.5% and 64.5% to 71.4% higher. The average amylose contents were 31.7% and 33% higher in B and C than in A, and the average gel consistency was 4.0% and 4.5% longer in A than in B and C respectively. Type A had the highest peak viscosity, breakdown, and the lowest setback. There was no significant differences in protein content among three types of indica/japonica hybrid rice. The temperature during the grain filling period was negatively correlated with the processing quality, appearance quality, the cooking and eating quality of indica/japonica hybrid rice. Therefore, in addition to genetic factors, through reasonable sowing date or cultivation management regulation, we can get relatively low temperature at grain filling stage of rice, which is conducive to the synchronous improvement in appearance quality and cooking and eating quality.

Key words: indica/japonica hybrid rice, yield, difference of quality

Table 1

Difference in yield and quality between indica/japonica hybrid rice of different types"

Variable amplitude
Standard deviation
CV (%)
单位面积穗数 No. of panicles 170.25-227.93 (×104 hm-2) 187.67 (×104 hm-2) 16.03(×104 hm-2) 8.54
每穗粒数 Spikelets per panicle 238.58-330.31 277.25 39.07 14.09
结实率 Seed-setting rate 80.38%-86.97% 83.76% 2.38% 2.84
千粒重 1000-grain weight 20.61-25.65 g 22.54 g 1.60 g 7.10
产量 Yield 8.74-11.06 t hm-2 10.11 t hm-2 1.78 t hm-2 17.61
糙米率 BR 81.87%-85.76% 83.76% 1.10% 1.31
整精米率 HMR 53.12%-68.36% 58.74% 4.49% 7.65
长宽比 L/W 2.68-3.25 2.89 0.099% 3.43
垩白率 CR 15.79%-24.69% 21.04% 2.74% 13.02
垩白度 CD 1.97%-3.67% 2.83% 0.23% 7.95
直链淀粉含量 AC 13.52%-20.18% 17.95% 2.22% 12.37
蛋白质含量 PC 8.45%-9.48% 8.96% 0.31% 3.46
胶稠度 GC 67.34-71.32 mm 68.65 mm 1.26 mm 1.84
食味值 Comprehensive 34-71 53.95 18.03 33.42

Table 2

Difference of temperature and light in main growth period and filling stage of different indica/japonica hybrid rice varieties"

Mean daily
temperature (°C)
temperature (°C)
hours (h)
A 甬优1540 7/22 8/28 10/25 23.58 787.64 597.1 151.5
Yongyou 1540
甬优1526 7/22 8/29 10/26 23.57 787.06 597.1 144.6
Yongyou 1526
B 甬优7850 7/20 8/23 10/21 24.66 864.94 566.6 183.6
Yongyou 7850
甬优4543 7/21 8/24 10/21 24.65 849.70 566.6 176.4
Yongyou 4543
C 甬优5356 7/20 8/22 10/20 24.66 864.94 566.6 191.6
Yongyou 5356
甬优7826 7/20 8/24 10/21 24.65 849.70 566.6 176.4
Yongyou 7826

Table 3

Differences in yield and components of different indica/japonica hybrid rice varieties"

No. of panicles
(×104 hm-2 )
Spikelets per
rate (%)
weight (g)
(t hm-2)
A 甬优1540 Yongyou 1540 202.15 318.91 84.12 21.69 10.62
甬优1526 Yongyou 1526 204.80 321.54 81.91 21.12 10.79
平均值Mean 203.48 Aa 320.23 Aa 83.02 Aa 21.41 Aa 10.71 Aa
B 甬优7850 Yongyou 7850 203.26 320.65 83.96 21.24 10.73
甬优4543 Yongyou 4543 201.12 316.89 82.87 20.91 10.67
平均值Mean 202.19 Aa 318.77 Aa 83.42 Aa 21.08 Aa 10.70 Aa
C 甬优5356 Yongyou 5356 186.39 251.36 86.37 21.58 8.73
甬优7826 Yongyou 7826 185.51 249.80 84.89 22.98 8.74
平均值Mean 185.95 Bb 250.58 Bb 85.63 Aa 22.28 Aa 8.74 Bb
A 甬优1540 Yongyou 1540 203.50 318.59 81.55 21.55 10.57
甬优1526 Yongyou 1526 204.62 327.06 85.08 20.68 10.98
平均值Mean 204.06 Aa 322.83 Aa 83.32 Aa 21.12 Aa 10.78 Aa
B 甬优7850 Yongyou 7850 202.90 315.00 83.75 21.70 10.54
甬优4543 Yongyou 4543 204.40 317.75 82.66 20.95 10.89
平均值Mean 203.65 Aa 316.36 Aa 83.21 Aa 21.33 Aa 10.72 Aa
C 甬优5356 Yongyou 5356 183.20 249.11 86.03 22.73 8.72
甬优7826 Yongyou 7826 188.30 259.40 85.86 21.20 8.87
平均值Mean 185.75 Bb 254.25 Bb 85.95 Aa 21.97 Aa 8.78 Bb

Table 4

Differences in cooking and eating value of different indica/japonica hybrid rice varieties"

Balance degree
A 甬优1540 Yongyou 1540 68.00 6.50 6.50 6.90 6.70
甬优1526 Yongyou 1526 71.00 6.80 6.70 7.30 6.80
平均值Mean 69.5 Aa 6.7 Aa 6.6 Ab 7.1 Aa 6.8 Aa
B 甬优7850 Yongyou 7850 51.00 3.90 8.50 3.90 3.80
甬优4543 Yongyou 4543 50.00 3.80 8.10 3.80 3.60
平均值Mean 50.5 Bb 3.9 Bb 8.3 Aa 3.9 Bb 3.7 Bb
C 甬优5356 Yongyou 5356 54.00 4.40 7.60 4.70 4.40
甬优7826 Yongyou 7826 55.00 4.20 7.50 4.30 4.20
平均值Mean 54.5 Bb 4.3 Bb 7.6 Aa 4.5 Bb 4.3 Bb

Table 5

Differences in processing quality and appearance quality in different types of indica/japonica hybrid rice"

Brown rice rate (%)
Head milled rice rate (%)
L/W (mm)
CR (%)
CD (%)
A 甬优1540 Yongyou 1540 84.09 66.89 2.89 16.53 2.09
甬优1526 Yongyou 1526 84.44 68.36 2.88 15.79 1.97
平均值Mean 84.27 Aa 67.72 Aa 2.87 Ab 16.16 Bb 2.03 Bb
B 甬优7850 Yongyou 7850 82.64 58.77 2.92 23.96 3.57
甬优4543 Yongyou 4543 82.81 60.11 2.91 22.35 3.10
平均值Mean 82.72 ABb 59.44 ABb 2.92 Aa 23.16 Aa 3.34 Aa
C 甬优5356 Yongyou 5356 81.87 53.12 2.92 24.68 3.67
甬优7826 Yongyou 7826 82.56 57.23 2.92 22.98 3.30
平均值Mean 82.21 Bb 55.18 Bb 2.92 Aa 23.83 Aa 3.48 Aa

Table 6

Differences in cooking, eating, and nutritional quality of indica/japonica hybrid rice varieties"

GC (mm)
AC (%)
PC (%)
A 甬优1540 Yongyou 1540 71.32 15.10 8.57
甬优1526 Yongyou 1526 70.96 15.02 8.45
平均值Mean 71.04 Aa 15.06 Bb 8.51 Aa
B 甬优7850 Yongyou 7850 68.76 19.89 9.00
甬优4543 Yongyou 4543 67.81 19.76 9.07
平均值Mean 68.29 Ab 19.83 Aa 9.04 Aa
C 甬优5356 Yongyou 5356 67.86 20.18 8.83
甬优7826 Yongyou 7826 68.05 19.87 8.52
平均值Mean 67.96 Ab 20.03 Aa 8.68 Aa

Table 7

Difference in RVA profile characteristics of different indica/japonica hybrid rice varieties"

Peak viscosity
Trough viscosity
Final viscosity
A 甬优1540 Yongyou 1540 2621 1396 1225 2362 -259
甬优1526 Yongyou 1526 2516 1273 1242 2252 -264
平均值Mean 2568.5 Aa 1334.5 Aa 1233.5 Aa 2307 Aa -261.5 Ab
B 甬优7850 Yongyou 7850 2253 1232 1021 2020 -233
甬优4543 Yongyou 4543 2275 1202 1073 2035 -240
平均值Mean 2264 Ab 1217 Aab 1047 Bb 2027.5Aab -236.5 Aa
C 甬优5356 Yongyou 5356 1998 1012 986 1768 -230
甬优7826 Yongyou 7826 2075 1022 1053 1845 -230
平均值Mean 2036.5 Ab 1017 Ab 1019.5 Bb 1806.5 Ab -230 Aa

Table 8

Thermodynamic characteristics in different types of indica/japonica hybrid rice"

To (°C)
Tp (°C)
Tc (°C)
ΔHgel (J g-1)
ΔHret (J g-1)
A 甬优1540 Yongyou 1540 59.2 62.9 75.6 9.44 1.69 17.9
甬优1526 Yongyou 1526 59.1 63.1 75.5 10.72 1.79 16.7
平均值Mean 59.15 Bc 63.00 Ab 75.55 Bc 10.08 Aa 1.74 Ab 17.30 Bc
B 甬优7850 Yongyou 7850 59.9 63.5 77.4 6.81 2.77 40.68
甬优4543 Yongyou 4543 59.8 63.5 77.3 6.86 2.84 41.40
平均值Mean 59.85 Aa 63.50 Aa 77.35 Aa 6.83 Ab 2.80 Aa 41.04 Aa
C 甬优5356 Yongyou 5356 59.5 63.9 76.2 7.54 2.78 36.87
甬优7826 Yongyou 7826 59.5 63.8 76.5 7.40 2.53 34.19
平均值Mean 59.50 ABb 63.85 Aa 76.35 ABb 7.47 Ab 2.66 Aa 35.53 Ab

Table 9

Correlation coefficients of temperature photorage of different types of indica/japonica hybrid rice with processing quality and appearance quality"

糙米率BR 0.939** -0.988** -0.950** -0.960** 0.983**
整精米率HMR 0.912* -0.970** -0.924** -0.936** 0.961** 0.994**
长宽比L/W -0.934** 0.948** 0.944** 0.939** -0.963** -0.945** -0.922**
垩白率CR -0.977** 0.990** 0.984** 0.995** -0.989** -0.980** -0.962** 0.959**
垩白度CD -0.961** 0.989** 0.970** 0.992** -0.976** -0.975** -0.960** 0.954** 0.997**

Table 1

0 Correlation coefficients of food taste indices with temperature and light in different types of indica/japonica hybrid rice"

胶稠度 GC 0.975** -0.909* -0.971** -0.938** 0.959**
直链淀粉含量 AC -0.998** 0.961** 0.999** 0.988** -0.988**
蛋白质含量 PC -0.882* 0.761 0.875* 0.848* -0.815*
起始温度 To -0.857* 0.787 0.858* 0.856* -0.808
峰值温度 Tp -0.897* 0.889* 0.898* 0.891* -0.905*
终止温度 Tc -0.825* 0.707 0.818* 0.801 -0.750
胶凝热焓值 ΔHgel 0.950** -0.905* -0.954** -0.932** 0.944**
回生热焓值 ΔHret -0.977** 0.939** 0.977** 0.974** -0.958**
峰值黏度 PV 0.891* -0.896* -0.894* -0.892* 0.906*
热浆黏度 TV 0.754 -0.738 -0.752 -0.734 0.762
崩解值 BD 0.961** -0.995** -0.970** -0.990** 0.983**
最终黏度 FV 0.882* -0.888* -0.884* -0.883* 0.897*
消减值 SB -0.968** 0.931** 0.970** 0.957** -0.960**
食味值 Comprehensive 0.973** -0.918** -0.974** -0.957** 0.954**
外观 Appearance 0.985** -0.910* -0.983** -0.959** 0.955**
硬度 Hardness -0.882* 0.814* 0.878* 0.893* -0.821*
黏度 Viscosity 0.975** -0.890* -0.972** -0.945** 0.939**
平衡度 Balance degree 0.981** -0.895* -0.977** -0.952** 0.941**
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