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Effects of PSAG12-IPT gene expression on leaf senescence, yield, and fiber quality in cotton

WANG Ye1,2**(), LIU Zhao2,**, XIAO Shuang2, LI Fang-Jun2, WU Xia3, WANG Bao-Min2, TIAN Xiao-Li2,*()   

  1. 1College of Plant Science and Technology, Beijing University of Agriculture, Beijing 102206, China
    2College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University / China Engineering Research Center of Plant Growth Regulator, Ministry of Education, Beijing 100193, China
    3Shanxi Agricultural University / Cotton Research Institute Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yuncheng 044000, Shanxi, China
  • Received:2020-11-21 Accepted:2021-04-26 Online:2021-11-12 Published:2021-06-09
  • Contact: TIAN Xiao-Li E-mail:wangyebua@126.com;tianxl@cau.edu.cn
  • About author:First author contact:** Contributed equally to this work
  • Supported by:
    National Major Project for Developing New GM Crops(2011ZX08005-004-008);National Natural Science Foundation of China(31701337)


A chimeric gene of bacterial IPT and the senescence-specific SAG12 promoter from Arabidopsis (PSAG12-IPT) was overexpressed in cotton, and nine independent transgenic lines were obtained. To identify the leaf senescence characteristics, yield, and fiber quality of PSAG12-IPT cotton plants, we performed the experiments at the Shangzhuang Experimental Station of China Agricultural University in 2011 and 2012. The results showed that the expression of IPT genes in transgenic lines was dramatically up-regulated at leaf aging stage, and the content of Z+ZR-type cytokinin was significantly higher than that of wild type Jihe 321. According to the content of Z+ZR-type cytokinin, nine transgenic lines were clustered into three categories with strong, weak, and moderate anti-aging ability. During leaf senescence period, the contents of chlorophyll and soluble proteins in transgenic lines were positively related to the content of Z+ZR-type cytokinin. Compared to wild type, transgenic lines had a higher or equal number of bolls (diameter ≥ 2 cm) per plant and boll weigh, but their boll-opening rate at the first harvest was significantly decreased, and the extent of reduction was positively related to the anti-aging ability. Consequently, the seed cotton yield of PSAG12-IPT lines (OE-37 and OE-38) with strong or moderate anti-aging ability decreased due to less opened bolls, while the line (OE-30) with weak anti-aging ability had a comparable yield to that of wild type. The fiber length uniformity of PSAG12-IPT cotton lines was significantly higher than that of wild type. Compared with wild type, the micronaire results of transgenic lines revealed an increasing trend, and fiber length, breaking strength, and breaking elongation was not significantly different from that of wild type.

Key words: cotton, PSAG12-IPT, cytokinin, yield, fiber quality

Fig. 1

Construction of plasmid PSG529"

Fig. 2

PCR detection of transgenic cotton plants with PSAG12-IPT gene A: PCR detection of IPT genes in the leaves of transgenic plants; B: PCR detection of NPT II gene in the leaves of transgenic plants; C: PCR detection of NPT II gene in the roots of transgenic plants."

Fig. 3

Relative expression of PSAG12-IPT gene in different transgenic lines of cotton at leaf senescence stage Different lowercase letters above the bars indicate significant difference at the 0.05 probability level."

Fig. 4

Effects of PSAG12-IPT gene overexpression on cytokinin concentration of cotton leaves at leaf senescence stage Different lowercase letters above the bars indicate significant difference at the 0.05 probability level."

Table 1

Cluster analysis of cytokinin concentration in leaves of different transgenic cotton lines"

Code of line
Number of
Mean of cluster
(nmol g-1)
(nmol g-1)
I OE-9, OE-30 2 22.22 75.66 c 75.45-75.88
II OE-17, OE-19B, OE-19L, OE-22, OE-27, OE-37 6 66.67 87.43 b 82.23-93.19
III OE-38 1 11.11 113.62 a 113.62

Fig. 5

Relative expression profile of PSAG12-IPT gene in leaves of transgenic cotton lines"

Fig. 6

Dynamic variations of cytokinin concentrations in leaves of wild type and transgenic cotton lines"

Fig. 7

Dynamic variations of chlorophyll contents in leaves of wild type and transgenic cotton lines"

Fig. 8

Dynamic variations of soluble protein concentrations in leaves of wild type and transgenic cotton lines"

Table 2

Effects of PSAG12-IPT genes overexpression on agricultural traits of cotton plants"

2011 2012
Plant height
First node
producing fruiting branch
Number of fruiting branch
Plant height
First node
producing fruiting branch
Number of fruiting branch
冀合321 Jihe 321 103.3 a 6.3 b 14.0 a 134.5 a 7.6 b 16.9 a
OE-30 91.7 bc 8.0 a 12.3 a 127.1 a 9.5 a 16.5 a
OE-37 88.0 c 8.0 a 12.0 a 129.8 a 8.3 a 16.2 a
OE-38 100.3 b 8.3 a 13.0 a 123.4 a 9.6 a 15.0 a

Table 3

Effects of PSAG12-IPT gene overexpression on yield and yield components of cotton"

Boll number per plant
Boll weight
Lint percentage
Boll opening percentage
Seed cotton yield
(kg hm-2)
2011 冀合321 Jihe 321 12.4 b 4.2 ab 37 a 94.4 a 1257.0 a
OE-30 18.6 a 4.6 a 36 a 71.5 b 1364.8 a
OE-37 12.3 b 4.0 b 40 a 53.2 bc 814.9 b
OE-38 17.7 a 3.8 b 34 a 37.9 c 401.3 c
2012 冀合321 Jihe 321 24.2 a 4.3 a 35 a 49.9 a 1554.9 a
OE-30 24.0 a 4.2 a 33 a 30.0 b 1605.9 a
OE-37 21.0 a 4.0 a 33 a 22.7 c 1405.1 b
OE-38 23.6 a 3.7 a 32 a 8.6 d 1335.5 b

Table 4

Effects of PSAG12-IPT gene overexpression on fiber qualities of cotton"

Fiber length
Uniformity index
Micronaire value
Breaking elongation
Breaking strength
(cN tex-1)
冀合321 Jihe 321 29.2 a 82.9 c 4.1 b 6.5 a 29.5 a
OE-30 31.6 a 84.7 b 4.4 ab 6.2 a 30.6 a
OE-37 30.5 a 84.0 b 4.3 b 6.4 a 30.5 a
OE-38 29.5 a 85.3 a 4.7 a 6.3 a 29.8 a
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