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Mapping QTLs against Leaf Rust in CIMMYT Wheat C615

Yu-Ling LI1,Zheng-Ning JIANG2,Wen-Jing HU2,Dong-Sheng LI2,Jing-Ye CHENG3,Xin YI1,Xiao-Ming CHENG2,Rong-Lin WU2,Shun-He CHENG1,2,*()   

  1. 1 Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, Jiangsu, China
    2 Lixiahe Institute of Agriculture Sciences of Jiangsu Province / Branch of National Wheat Improvement Center, Yangzhou 225007, Jiangsu, China
    3 Agricultural College of Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, Jiangsu, China
  • Received:2017-09-26 Accepted:2018-03-25 Online:2018-06-12 Published:2018-04-08
  • Contact: Shun-He CHENG E-mail:yzcsh1939@126.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-03-03B);This study was supported by the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-3-2-11);the Independent Innovation Fund for Agricultural Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province(CX(14)5080);the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(BK20171279)


Leaf rust, caused by Puccinia triticina, is an important wheat disease. The introduced wheat line C615 shows adult resistance to leaf rust, but its mechanism is not clear. In this study, the quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for leaf rust resistance were identified and located in a linkage map constructed with 337 SSR markers using a recombinant inbred line (RIL) population (112 lines of the F2:7 generation) derived from CIMMYT wheat C615 (resistant) and Ningmai 18 (highly susceptible). Final disease severity (FDS) of leaf rust was evaluated in 2016 and 2017. Five QTLs were detected on chromosomes 1BL, 2DS, 3BS, 4DL, and 6BS, designated QLr.njau-1BL, QLr.njau-2DS, QLr.njau-3BS, QLr.njau-4DL, and QLr.njau-6BS, respectively. All the resistance alleles were contributed by the resistant parent C615, except for QLr.njau-2DS. Three QTLs, QLr.njau-1BL, QLr.njau-3BS, and QLr.njau-4DL, were detected in both years, which explained phenotypic variance by 10.1%-15.7%, 10.9%-13.5%, and 8.2%-9.0%, respectively. The remaining two QTLs were detected in one year with smaller contributions (6.2% and 9.2%, respectively). QLr.njau-1BL and QLr.njau-4DL were located in the same regions of the known resistance genes Lr46 and Lr67, respectively. QLr.njau-3BS in the marker interval Xbarc102-Xwmc623 is probably a novel QTL for leaf rust resistance. Fifteen BC4F5 lines derived from the cross of C615/Yangmai 13 (recurrent parent) were genotyped for leaf rust resistance using seven SSR markers closely linked to the QTLs from C615. All the 15 lines had QTLs donated by C615 and three of them pyramided four QTLs, indicating that C615 can serve as an elite donor parent in wheat breeding aiming at high-yield and high-resistance to leaf rust. These results provide a basis of marker-assisted selection and providing breeding materials.

Key words: wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), leaf rust, QTL mapping, marker-assisted selection


Leaf rust resistance of Ningmai 18 (A), Yangmai 13 (B), and C615 (C) at adult stage"

Fig. 2

Frequency distributions of RILs in final leaf rust severity in 2016 and 2017 The final disease severities of parents were 5% for C615 and 100% for Ningmai 18."

Table 1

Final disease severity of leaf rust in parents and their RILs"

亲本 Parent RIL群体 RIL population
Ningmai 18 (%)
Range (%)
Mean (%)
SD (%)
CV (%)
2016 5 100 5-100 55.41 22.67 38.52 -0.61 -0.53
2017 5 100 3-100 46.72 22.41 51.05 0.11 -0.72

Table 2

QTL mapping result for leaf rust resistance"

Marker interval
LOD 加性效应
Additive effect
Phenotypic variance explained (%)
QLr.njau-1BL Xwmc728-Xbarc80 2016 4.98 -8.55 15.7
Xgwm140-Xbarc80 2017 4.34 -9.62 10.1
QLr.njau-2DS Xgwm296-GPW4080 2017 2.54 6.58 6.2
QLr.njau-3BS Xbarc102-Xwmc623 2016 4.92 -7.95 13.5
2017 3.95 -7.78 10.9
QLr.njau-4DL Xgwm165-Xcfd71 2016 2.93 -5.68 9.0
2017 3.52 -6.87 8.2
QLr.njau-6BS Xmag1424-Xmag1200.1 2016 4.18 -5.30 9.2

Fig. 3

Chromosomal locations of QTLs for leaf rust resistance in C615/Ningmai 18 RIL population"

Table 3

Resistance of the C615/Ningmai 18 RILs in different QTL-composition genotypes"

QTL composition
Number of lines
最终严重度 Final disease severity (%)
2016 2017 平均 Mean
None 14 85.6 a 78.6 a 82.1 a
QLr.njau-4DL 19 79.8 a 70.4 a 75.1 a
QLr.njau-3BS 10 65.7 b 51.0 b 58.4 b
QLr.njau-1BL 11 62.3 bc 50.6 b 56.5 bc
QLr.njau-1BL+QLr.njau-4DL 15 50.0 cd 45.0 b 47.5 bc
QLr.njau-3BS+QLr.njau-4DL 16 42.2 d 40.0 bc 41.1 cd
QLr.njau-1BL+QLr.njau-3BS 18 36.5 d 26.9 c 31.7 d
QLr.njau-1BL+QLr.njau-3BS+QLr.njau-4DL 9 21.1 e 11.1 d 16.1 e

Fig. 4

Comparison of final disease severity between RILs with or without the QLr.njau-3BS locus Final disease severity was the mean value of two years. In the RIL population, 53 and 59 lines were QLr.njau-3BS and non-QLr.njau-3BS genotype, respectively."

Table 4

QTL composition of 15 backcross lines and their genotypes of leaf rust resistance"

Composition of resistance QTL
Recurrent parent or line
最终病害严重度 Final disease severity (%)
2016 2017
None 扬麦13 Yangmai 13 100 100
QLr.njau-1BL+QLr.njau-3BS+QLr.njau-4DL+QLr.njau-6BS BL-1 5.0 5.0
BL-2 10.0 5.0
BL-3 10.0 8.3
QLr.njau-1BL+QLr.njau-3BS+QLr.njau-4DL BL-4 10.0 8.3
BL-5 10.0 10.0
BL-6 15.0 10.0
QLr.njau-1BL+ QLr.njau-4DL+QLr.njau-6BS BL-7 15.0 15.0
QLr.njau-1BL+QLr.njau-3BS BL-8 10.0 20.0
BL-9 15.0 15.0
BL-10 20.0 20.0
QLr.njau-1BL + QLr.njau-6BS BL-11 20.0 25.0
QLr.njau-3BS+QLr.njau-4DL BL-12 25.0 20.0
BL-13 25.0 25.0
QLr.njau-1BL + QLr.njau-6BS BL-14 25.0 25.0
QLr.njau-1BL BL-15 31.7 25.0
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