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Regulation of coronatine on the grain filling characteristics and starch synthesis in maize kernels

YU Hai-Yue,HAN Zi-Xuan,ZHANG Yu-Shi,DUAN Liu-Sheng,ZHANG Ming-Cai(),LI Zhao-Hu   

  1. Engineering Research Center of Plant Growth Regulator, Ministry of Education / College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China
  • Received:2019-02-12 Accepted:2019-05-12 Online:2019-10-12 Published:2019-09-10
  • Contact: Ming-Cai ZHANG E-mail:zmc1214@163.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China(2017YFD0300410)


Maize yield is strong linked to grain filling characteristics, which one important strategy to be improved for achieving high yield of maize. This study was conducted to clarity the effects of coronatine (COR) on grain filling characteristics, starch content, activities of starch biosynthetic enzymes and their gene expression in maize kernels. The two-year field experiments showed that COR had a significant concentration effect on ear traits and yield of maize. The appropriate COR concentration of 1.0 mg L -1 could significantly reduce the length of bald tip of ear and increase the number of grains per ear and 1000-grain weight, which increased the maize yield. Meanwhile, high concentration of COR with 10 mg L -1 (COR 10) increased grain filling rate, but shortened the duration of grain filling, which led to reducing grain weight. However, COR 1.0 treatment increased grain filling rate, prolonged the duration of grain filling and increased grain weight. In addition, COR 1.0 significantly regulated the activities of AGPase, SSS, GBSS, and SBE during grain filling, and increased the expression levels of starch synthetic genes ZmSH1, ZmSH2, ZmWX1, and ZmAE1, which increased amylopectin, amylose and total starch contents. In conclusion, COR can regulate grain morphogenesis and dry matter accumulation in maize, providing a new technical method for maize production and efficient cultivation.

Key words: coronatine, maize, grain filling characteristics, starch biosynthesis, yield

Table 1

Effect of coronatine on the ear traits and yield of maize"

Ear length
Ear diameter
Blade length
Kernels per ear
1000-kernel weight (g)
Grain yield
(kg hm-2)
2016 对照CK 17.8 a 48.5 a 2.02 b 464.3 b 319.8 ab 9126 b
COR0.1 17.5 a 48.2 a 1.89 b 471.4 b 317.7 ab 9119 b
COR1.0 18.1 a 48.6 a 1.35 a 499.8 a 321.3 a 9393 a
COR10 18.0 a 48.4 a 1.82 b 470.0 b 312.8 b 9165 b
2017 对照CK 16.6 a 46.3 a 0.89 a 480.0 b 288.5 ab 8375 b
COR0.1 16.4 a 46.4 a 0.71 a 494.2 b 287.8 ab 8342 b
COR1.0 16.7 a 46.8 a 0.57 b 521.1 a 294.3 a 8781 a
COR10 16.5 a 46.5 a 0.87 a 498.4 b 278.2 b 8299 b

Fig. 1

Effect of coronatine on grain weight and grain filling rate of maize A and C indicated grain weight and grain filling rate in 2016 summer maize growing season respectively; B and D indicated grain weight and grain filling rate in 2017 summer maize growing season respectively."

Table 2

Effect of coronatine on parameters of grain filling characteristics of maize"

Tmax (d)
Vmax (mg kernel-1 d-1)
Vmean (mg kernel-1 d-1)
D (d)
2016 COR0.1 26.5 b 9.7 c 6.6 c 47.3 b
COR1.0 27.0 a 10.3 b 7.0 b 50.6 a
COR10 24.8 c 10.9 a 7.3 a 38.5 c
对照CK 26.6 b 9.8 c 6.6 c 46.1 b
2017 COR0.1 26.4 b 9.6 c 6.5 b 44.9 b
COR1.0 26.8 a 10.2 b 6.9 a 49.4 a
COR10 25.2 c 10.7 a 7.1 a 39.5 c
对照CK 26.3 b 9.6 c 6.5 b 46.5 b

Table 3

Effect of coronatine on the starch content of maize"

Amylose content
(mg kernel-1)
Amylopectin content
(mg kernel-1)
Starch content
(mg kernel-1)
2016 对照CK 49.7 b 150.3 b 200.0 b
COR0.1 48.4 b 148.3 b 196.7 b
COR1.0 52.5 a 162.5 a 215.0 a
COR10 45.2 c 136.7 c 181.9 c
2017 对照CK 42.4 b 151.7 b 194.1 b
COR0.1 41.3 b 148.5 b 189.8 b
COR1.0 45.5 a 160.4 a 206.0 a
COR10 40.9 b 134.8 c 175.7 c

Fig. 2

Effect of coronatine on activities of AGPcase, SSS, GBSS, and SBE in maize kernels A, C, E, and G indicated activities of AGPcase, SSS, GBSS, and SBE in maize kernels in 2016 growing season respectively; B, D, F, and H indicated activities of AGPcase, SSS, GBSS, and SBE in maize kernels in 2017 growing season, respectively."

Fig. 3

Effect of coronatine on relative expression levels of ZmSH1, ZmSH2, ZmWX1, and ZmAE1 in maize kernels A, C, E, and G indicated relative expression levels of ZmSH1, ZmSH2, ZmWX1, and ZmAE1 in maize kernels in 2016 growing season respectively; B, D, F, and H indicated relative expression levels of ZmSH1, ZmSH2, ZmWX1, and ZmAE1 in maize kernel in 2017 growing season respectively."

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