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Application of E.arundinaceus cDNA Microarray in the Study of Differentially Expressed Genes Induced by U.sitaminea

QUE You-Xiong,XU Li-Ping*,LIN Jian-Wei,XU Jing-Sheng,ZHANG Ji-Sen,ZHANG Mu-Qing,CHEN Ru-Kai   

  1. Key Lab of Genetic Improvement for Sugarcane,Ministry of Agriculture,Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,Fuzhou 350002,China
  • Received:2008-09-01 Revised:2008-12-13 Online:2009-05-12 Published:2009-03-23
  • Contact: XU Li-Ping,E-mail:xlpmail@yahoo.com.cn


RNAs of sugarcane leaves with (treatment) or without (control) the infection of U. scitaminea were extracted, subjected to hybridization of cDNA microarray based on E. arundinaceus cDNA sequence and further validated by Real-time qPCR. There were about 101 differentially expressed ESTs (with ratio value ≥2.0 or ≤0.5) among 3 860 genes sets in a microarray plate, with 55 up-regulated, and 46 down-regulated by U. scitaminea. After sequencing and redundant sequences elimination, we totally obtained 36 unique ESTs up-regulated after the infection of U. scitaminea. Among them, 22 were involved in several metabolism pathways, such as photosynthesis, ion transport and nucleotide metabolism, as well as some genes related to transcription factors, proteins synthesis and modulation, and cellular signal transduction. And the function of the 14 remaining ESTs was unknown. In conclusion, the molecular mechanism of sugarcane smut resistance is complex. This investigation would provide an understanding for differentially expressed genes induced by U. scitaminea and set a mode for the systematic research on molecular mechanism of sugarcane responses to biotic and abiotic stress.

Key words: Sugarcane, Ustilago scitaminea, E.arundinaceus, cDNA microarray, Differentially expressed gene

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