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Composition and Selection of TaGW2-6A Alleles for Wheat Kernel Weight

KOU Cheng,GAO Xin,LI Li-Qun,LI Yang,WANG Zhong-Hua,LI Xue-Jun*   

  1. College of Agronomy, Northwest A&F University / State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Biology in Arid Areas, Yangling 712100, China
  • Received:2015-04-20 Revised:2015-07-20 Online:2015-11-12 Published:2015-08-05


TaGW2 on chromosome 6A is a key gene governing kernel size of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). There are a single T-base insertion in the eighth exon of TaGW2 (977 bp) and two SNPs (Hap-6A-A and Hap-6A-G) in the promoter region. In this study, 316 wheat varieties (lines) were detected by high resolution melting curve (HRM) analysis and Hap-6A-P1/P2 molecular marker for TaGW2-6A allelic variations and their correlations with kernel length, kernel width, and thousand-kernel weight were analyzed. Furthermore, the TaGW2-6A allelic variations were traced in the pedigree of the famous large-kernel variety Zhoumai 22. In the 977 bp position, 61 and 255 lines were detected with and without the T-base insertion, which were designated 977T and 977- genotypes, respectively. In the 977T genotypes, 29 lines were Hap-6A-A (TA) haplotype and 32 lines were Hap-6A-G (TG) haplotype. In the 977- genotypes, 160 lines were Hap-6A-A (-A) haplotype and 95 lines were Hap-6A-G (-G) haplotype. Significant difference was found in kernel length (P < 0.05), kernel width (P < 0.001) and thousand-kernel weight (P < 0.001) between 977T and 977- genotypes. Similarly, significant difference was also found in kernel length (P < 0.05), kernel width (P < 0.05) and thousand-kernel weight (P < 0.001) between Hap-6A-A and Hap-6A-G haplotypes. The allelic variation in TaGW2-6A encoding region and the promoter region jointly contributed to kernel size, and the TA haplotype was superior to -A, TG, and -G haplotypes in increasing kernel width and weight. According to pedigree analysis, the Zhoumai 22 inherited the TA haplotype from the parent Huixianhong, not form the popular parent Zhou 8425B. This haplotype is inheritable stably but tends to be lost in the process of wheat breeding. The results of this study provide not only a high-throughput molecular technique to detect wheat TA haplotype but also breeding materials in marker-assisted selection of wheat.

Key words:  Grain traits of wheat, TaGW2, Allelic variation, High resolution melting curve (HRM), Marker-assisted selection

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