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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (4): 596-613.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2020.94102


Effects of different soil improvement measures on soil physicochemical properties and microbial community structures in mechanically compacted acidified sugarcane field

LUO Jun1,LIN Zhao-Li1,LI Shi-Yan1,QUE You-Xiong1,ZHANG Cai-Fang1,YANG Zai-Qi1,YAO Kun-Cun1,FENG Jing-Fang1,CHEN Jian-Feng2,ZHANG Hua1,*()   

  1. 1 Key Laboratory of Sugarcane Biology and Genetic Breeding, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs / Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou 350002, Fujian, China
    2 Lituo Agricultural Services Co. Ltd., Laibin 546100, Guangxi, China
  • Received:2019-07-19 Accepted:2019-09-26 Online:2020-04-12 Published:2019-10-11
  • Contact: Hua ZHANG E-mail:zhanghua4553@sina.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the Science Foundation of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University(CXZX2017345);the Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest of China(201503119-04-01);the Earmarked Fund for China Agriculture Research System(CARS-17);the National Engineering Research Center of Sugarcane Open Fund(2016-3-1);the National Engineering Research Center of Sugarcane Open Fund(2017-2-1)


Exploring the effects of different soil improvement measures on soil physical properties, soil nutrients, soil microorganisms and sugarcane yield is of great significance to make the improvement strategy for mechanically compacted acidic soil. In the present study, four soil improvement treatments including applications of loosening soil essence (B2), bacterial manure (B3), organic fertilizer (B4), and quicklime (B5) were set up, with no soil amendment as control (B1) to explore the physical properties, nutrients and microorganisms of soil and sugarcane yield components in two successive crop seasons. The application of organic fertilizer (B4) significantly reduced soil bulk density, soil compactness, soil penetration resistance and shear strength resistance and significantly improved total porosity, aeration porosity and pore porosity of soil. The solid-phase volume ratio of soil was significantly lower than that of control, while the liquid-phase volume ratio of soil was significantly higher than that of control, and the organic matter content and total nitrogen of soil were also significantly improved in B2 treatment. The soil compactness and total porosity of B2 and B3 treatments were reduced, improving the soil physical properties to some extent. The soil pH of B5 treatment was significantly improved. The soil available phosphorus content of B3 and B5 treatments was significantly increased. The Shannon index, Chao1 index, and ACE index of soil bacteria and fungi treated with B2, B3, B4, and B5 were higher than those of the control. The four soil improvement measures improved the species diversity and richness of bacteria and fungi in tilled soil layer, reduced the relative abundance of Proteus, Acidobacteria, and basidiomycetes increased the relative abundance of Actinomycetes, Curvularia and ascomycetes, and changed the composition of other fungal communities. These four soil improvement measures improved the number of effective stems and single stem quality of sugarcane at maturity stage to varying degrees, resulting in increased yield of sugarcane. Among them, the effect of organic fertilizer was the best, and followed by that of bacterial manure. This study provides a scientific basis for screening suitable measures to improve the fertility of the mechanically compacted acidic soil, and increase sugarcane yield.

Key words: sugarcane, sugarcane field, soil improvement, soil physical properties, yield, microbial community structures

Table 1

Test implementation scheme"

Soil amelioration treatment
Implementation plan
(kg hm-2)
Total input level (Yuan hm-2)
Control (B1)
基肥51% (17-17-17), 复合肥769 kg hm-2
Base fertilizer 51% (17-17-17), compound fertilizer 769 kg hm-2
130.73-130.73-130.73 2475
Loose soil essence (B2)
基肥51% (17-17-17), 复合肥769 kg hm-2, 增施高分子生物聚合物松土精9.23 kg hm-2
Base fertilizer 51% (17-17-17), compound fertilizer 769 kg hm-2, additional application of macromolecule biopolymer loosening soil essence 9.23 kg hm-2
130.73-130.73-130.73 3150
Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3)
基肥51% (17-17-17), 复合肥769 kg hm-2, 增施有效活菌数 ≥ 50亿 g-1的生物菌肥30.8 kg hm-2
Base fertilizer 51% (17-17-17), compound fertilizer 769 kg hm-2, additional biological fertilizer with effective living bacteria number ( > 5 billion g-1) 30.8 kg hm-2
130.73-130.73-130.73 3525
Organic fertilizer (B4)
基肥51% (17-17-17), 复合肥461 kg hm-2, 增施有机质 ≥ 56%, N-P-K (2.6-4.1-3.5)有机肥1277 kg hm-2
Base fertilizer 51% (17-17-17), compound fertilizer 461 kg hm-2, additional application of organic matter (>56%) and N-P-K (2.6-4.1-3.5) organic fertilizer 1277 kg hm-2
112.31-130.73-123.08 4410
Quick lime (B5)
基肥51% (17-17-17), 复合肥769 kg hm-2, 增施生石灰1569 kg hm-2
Base fertilizer 51% (17-17-17), compound fertilizer 769 kg hm-2, additional application of quicklime 1569 kg hm-2
130.73-130.73-130.73 2925

Table 2

Effects of different soil improvement measures on bulk density and compactness of soil"

Soil layer
Soil improvement measure
土壤容重 Soil bulk density (g cm-3) 土壤紧实度 Soil compactness (N cm-2)
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
0-10 cm 对照 Control (B1) 1.06±0.10ab 1.00±0.07a 148.13±41.26a 127.69±30.31b
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 1.00±0.05ab 0.98±0.09a 124.94±32.48ab 113.45±45.04b
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 1.00±0.10abc 1.00±0.06a 109.40±26.86b 132.6±36.80ab
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 0.92±0.08c 0.95±0.08a 109.96±37.08b 117.86±36.70b
生石灰Quick lime(B5) 0.96±0.07bc 1.00±0.07a 143.52±29.88a 167.64±50.30a
10-20 cm 对照 Control (B1) 1.23±0.13a 1.12±0.11a 268.80±73.23a 176.25±63.21b
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 1.19±0.09a 1.07±0.08a 261.47±54.62ab 170.79±39.58b
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 1.19±0.11a 1.07±0.09a 207.39±38.46b 222.87±72.20ab
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 1.06±0.14b 1.02±0.10a 207.01±53.73b 172.84±60.37b
生石灰Quick lime(B5) 1.20±0.12a 1.05±0.11a 290.92±75.30a 260.81±68.30a
20-30 cm 对照 Control (B1) 1.37±0.10a 1.29±0.08ab 344.48±61.46b 301.88±30.72bc
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 1.34±0.13ab 1.24±0.11ab 331.18±65.45ab 298.68±33.66bc
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 1.37±0.10a 1.31±0.12a 302.69±44.68b 338.14±56.94ab
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 1.24±0.10b 1.17±0.16b 324.72±60.68b 257.20±35.27c
生石灰Quick lime(B5) 1.37±0.11a 1.32±0.14a 392.03±59.28a 348.55±64.48a
30-40 cm 对照 Control (B1) 1.36±0.10ab 1.36±0.09ab 330.36±77.54ab 328.53±47.43a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 1.30±0.17ab 1.34±0.11ab 304.68±61.70b 317.03±51.17a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 1.38±0.11a 1.35±0.07ab 310.43±66.98b 342.33±46.47a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 1.24±0.13b 1.29±0.09b 323.96±64.28ab 327.11±17.38a
生石灰Quick lime(B5) 1.33±0.10ab 1.38±0.07a 382.35±39.98a 356.09±76.84a
平均 对照 Control (B1) 1.25±0.17a 1.19±0.17a 272.94±100.74b 233.59±99.48c
Average 松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 1.21±0.18a 1.16±0.17a 255.57±98.67bc 224.99±103.00c
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 1.23±0.19a 1.18±0.18a 232.48±95.32c 258.98±104.29b
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 1.11±0.18b 1.11±0.17b 241.41±106.12c 218.76±93.23c
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 1.22±0.19a 1.19±0.20a 302.20±114.55a 283.27±102.00a
F 土层Soil layer (A) 256.15** 246.90** 189.36** 185.77**
F-value 土壤改良措施Soil improvement measures (B) 21.93** 9.16** 12.02** 11.95**
A×B 0.435 0.59 0.88 0.83

Table 3

Effects of different soil improvement measures on penetration resistance and shear strength resistance of soil"

Soil layer
Soil improvement measure
Penetration resistance (kPa)
Shear strength resistance (kg cm-2)
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
0-10 cm 对照 Control (B1) 13.53±4.74a 10.38±5.85ab 0.12±0.04b 0.07±0.02b
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 13.29±5.69a 9.38±4.55ab 0.11±0.03bc 0.07±0.03b
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 8.90±3.48b 11.97±5.69ab 0.09±0.02bc 0.08±0.02b
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 8.33±3.46b 7.02±5.09b 0.08±0.02c 0.06±0.02b
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 15.13±5.83a 13.58±4.46a 0.15±0.04a 0.11±0.02a
10-20 cm 对照 Control (B1) 25.63±8.46ab 20.39±4.01b 0.26±0.09ab 0.17±0.05ab
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 23.13±6.11ab 19.32±7.13b 0.23±0.06abc 0.16±0.06b
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 20.50±5.84b 24.53±10.30ab 0.21±0.08bc 0.21±0.11ab
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 19.53±6.30b 20.13±6.50b 0.17±0.07c 0.15±0.06b
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 28.25±8.45a 30.15±7.65a 0.29±0.08a 0.23±0.07a
20-30 cm 对照 Control (B1) 58.17±7.89ab 41.19±8.28bc 0.47±0.05ab 0.32±0.06bc
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 58.89±9.56ab 35.54±11.00c 0.46±0.06ab 0.31±0.06bc
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 54.41±6.74b 48.51±9.71ab 0.44±0.06bc 0.35±0.06ab
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 51.27±11.39b 35.47±9.34c 0.40±0.06c 0.27±0.05c
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 65.95±8.42a 53.55±12.17a 0.50±0.06a 0.39±0.05a
Soil layer
Soil improvement measure
Penetration resistance (kPa)
Shear strength resistance (kg cm-2)
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
30-40 cm 对照 Control (B1) 61.17±7.66a 50.10±8.45b 0.51±0.04ab 0.41±0.05a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 59.30±9.32a 51.28±8.90b 0.47±0.06b 0.38±0.06a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 59.95±6.02a 56.89±10.99ab 0.52±0.05ab 0.43±0.06a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 59.54±8.78a 54.86±6.47ab 0.49±0.06b 0.39±0.05a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 64.32±5.88a 60.79±10.14a 0.56±0.05a 0.43±0.06a
平均 对照 Control (B1) 39.62±21.95b 30.52±17.55c 0.34±0.17b 0.24±0.14b
Average 松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 38.65±22.53bc 28.88±18.54c 0.32±0.17b 0.23±0.14b
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 35.94±22.91cd 35.48±20.70b 0.31±0.19b 0.27±0.16a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 34.67±23.22d 29.37±19.51c 0.28±0.18c 0.22±0.13b
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 43.41±23.84a 39.52±21.12a 0.37±0.18a 0.29±0.14a
F 土层Soil layer (A) 880.72** 234.91** 587.98** 497.5**
F-value 土壤改良措施Soil improvement measures (B) 13.63** 10.10** 14.67** 15.47**
A×B 0.64 1.20 0.83 0.68

Table 4

Effects of different soil improvement measures on porosity of soil (%)"

Soil layer/soil improvement measure
Soil porosity
Capillary porosity
Ventilation porosity
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
0-10 cm
对照 Control (B1) 60.10±3.67c 62.16±2.62a 36.90±4.01b 37.75±3.33ab 23.20±4.62b 24.41±3.89a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 62.25±2.02bc 62.86±3.47a 37.19±3.55ab 36.34±3.71b 25.07±2.82ab 26.52±3.01a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 62.45±3.74abc 62.22±2.42a 36.94±3.56b 37.93±3.48ab 25.51±4.86ab 24.30±3.57a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 65.34±3.04a 64.33±3.02a 40.47±3.72a 40.34±3.28a 24.87±3.49ab 23.99±3.07a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 63.73±2.50ab 62.22±2.60a 36.05±2.93b 38.16±3.42ab 27.68±3.38a 24.06±5.15a
10-20 cm
对照 Control (B1) 53.71±4.92b 57.69±4.22a 38.08±3.06b 40.95±3.68a 15.63±6.47a 16.74±2.90a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 55.17±3.33b 59.78±3.17a 40.81±2.70ab 39.53±4.04a 14.37±3.42a 20.26±2.51a
Soil layer/soil improvement measure
Soil porosity
Capillary porosity
Ventilation porosity
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 55.18±4.33b 59.56±3.49a 40.04±2.93ab 42.06±2.97a 15.14±4.54a 17.50±2.74a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 60.07±5.29a 61.40±3.87a 42.01±4.94a 42.86±4.03a 18.06±4.72a 18.55±4.55a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 54.72±4.62b 60.39±4.29a 38.79±2.68ab 41.02±3.01a 15.93±4.82a 19.37±4.12a
20-30 cm
对照 Control (B1) 48.12±3.90b 51.24±3.18ab 38.68±4.26a 39.80±2.60b 9.44±2.50ab 11.43±4.68a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 49.58±5.01ab 53.34±4.26ab 39.45±3.99a 40.00±3.49b 10.14±3.78ab 13.34±2.83a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 48.36±3.92b 50.64±4.52b 40.25±2.45a 40.62±2.21b 8.11±2.42b 10.02±3.41a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 53.28±3.78a 55.76±6.07a 41.49±3.87a 43.50±3.04a 11.78±2.56a 12.27±4.70a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 48.45±4.32b 50.24±5.11b 38.91±3.31a 40.07±2.86b 9.54±3.69ab 10.17±4.21a
30-40 cm
对照 Control (B1) 48.85±3.74ab 48.72±3.21ab 39.22±3.01a 40.21±2.06a 9.63±2.63ab 8.50±2.59a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 50.94±6.35ab 49.62±3.96ab 40.37±3.43a 40.74±3.20a 10.57±3.78ab 8.88±2.51a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 48.05±4.20b 48.92±2.73ab 40.29±2.11a 40.73±1.48a 7.76±2.98b 8.19±1.64a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 53.08±4.92a 51.46±3.37a 42.24±3.10a 42.03±2.09a 10.84±2.59a 9.43±2.26a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 49.69±3.70ab 48.06±2.60b 41.42±3.16a 40.04±1.72a 8.28±2.79ab 8.02±2.21a
对照 Control (B1) 52.69±6.60b 54.95±6.28b 38.22±4.04b 39.68±3.05b 14.48±7.38b 15.27±7.13b
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 54.49±6.73b 56.40±6.53b 39.46±3.38b 39.15±3.89b 15.03±7.09ab 17.25±7.27a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 53.51±7.21b 55.33±6.73b 39.38±3.26b 40.33±3.04b 14.13±8.20b 15.00±7.14b
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 57.94±6.75a 58.24±6.59a 41.56±4.20a 42.18±3.53a 16.39±6.93a 16.06±6.96ab
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 54.15±7.25b 55.22±7.38b 38.79±3.78b 39.82±3.49b 15.36±8.83ab 15.41±8.00b
土层Soil layer (A) 255.89** 246.85** 17.18** 26.38** 161.94** 362.57**
土壤改良措施 Soil improvement measures (B) 21.91** 9.17** 11.58** 13.84** 1.81 3.51*
A×B 0.43 0.59 0.48 0.43 1.09 0.59

Table 5

Effects of different soil improvement measures on three-phase volume fraction of soil"

Soil layer/soil improvement measure
Solid volume (%)
Liquid volume (%)
Gas volume (%)
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
New planting
Perennial root
0-10 cm
对照 Control (B1) 39.90±3.67a 37.84±2.62a 21.46±2.67a 18.24±3.38ab 38.64±2.71a 43.92±2.89a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 37.75±2.02ab 37.14±3.47a 22.05±3.67a 19.84±2.61ab 40.21±2.08a 43.02±2.59a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 37.55±3.74abc 37.78±2.42a 21.19±2.83a 17.22±2.90b 41.25±2.08a 45.00±2.53a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 34.66±3.04c 35.67±3.02a 24.03±3.84a 21.01±2.43a 41.32±1.47a 43.32±2.68a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 36.27±2.50bc 37.78±2.60a 22.80±2.90a 17.44±3.30b 40.93±4.05a 44.78±4.45a
10-20 cm
对照 Control (B1) 46.29±4.92a 42.31±4.22a 23.29±2.45b 20.30±3.60b 30.42±5.70a 37.40±4.19a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 44.83±3.33a 40.22±3.17a 23.77±3.76b 21.92±2.81ab 31.40±4.56a 37.86±1.26a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 44.82±4.33a 40.44±3.49a 22.69±3.12b 20.27±2.38b 32.49±5.16a 39.29±4.53a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 39.93±5.29b 38.60±3.87a 27.15±4.43a 23.24±2.21a 32.92±5.69a 38.16±3.60a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 45.28±4.62a 39.61±4.29a 24.00±2.89b 21.05±1.71ab 30.72±3.91a 39.34±4.79a
20-30 cm
对照 Control (B1) 51.88±3.90a 48.77±3.18ab 22.91±5.14a 22.61±2.58ab 25.21±2.16a 28.63±3.94a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 50.42±5.01ab 46.66±4.26ab 23.42±5.19a 23.14±2.89ab 26.17±3.03a 30.21±3.43a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 51.64±3.92a 49.36±4.52a 23.04±3.13a 22.05±2.21b 25.32±3.43a 28.59±3.83a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 46.72±3.78b 44.24±6.07b 26.91±5.14a 24.74±2.51a 26.37±2.72a 31.02±4.60a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 51.55±4.32a 49.77±5.11a 23.46±4.46a 21.11±2.85b 24.99±3.69a 29.13±4.42a
30-40 cm
对照 Control (B1) 51.15±3.74ab 51.28±3.21ab 24.81±4.46a 23.12±2.91a 24.03±2.42a 25.60±3.05a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 49.06±6.35ab 50.38±3.96ab 25.80±6.65a 23.94±4.00a 25.15±1.65a 25.69±3.35a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 51.95±4.20a 51.09±2.73ab 24.84±3.58a 22.07±2.78a 23.21±2.76a 26.85±2.34a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 46.92±4.92b 48.54±3.37b 28.31±5.84a 24.98±3.01a 24.76±2.46a 26.48±2.18a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 50.31±3.70ab 51.94±2.60a 26.11±4.72a 22.19±2.58a 23.58±3.25a 25.87±1.69a
对照 Control (B1) 47.31±6.60a 45.05±6.28a 23.12±4.17b 21.06±3.65bc 29.57±6.89b 33.89±8.18a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 45.51±6.73a 43.60±6.53a 23.76±5.01b 22.21±3.41b 30.73±6.91ab 34.19±7.32a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 46.49±7.21a 44.67±6.73a 22.94±3.35b 20.40±3.29c 30.57±8.06ab 34.93±8.38a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 42.06±6.75b 41.76±6.59b 26.60±5.11a 23.49±2.92a 31.34±7.37a 34.74±7.42a
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 45.85±7.25a 44.78±7.38a 24.09±4.19b 20.45±3.41c 30.06±8.03ab 34.78±8.78a
土层Soil layer (A) 255.88** 246.85** 70.82** 106.19** 501.98** 467.34**
土壤改良措施Soil improvement measures (B) 21.91** 9.17** 54.61** 36.52** 3.32* 1.11
A×B 0.43 0.59 0.10 0.26 0.43 0.60

Table 6

Effects of different soil improvement measures on soil nutrients"

Crop season/soil improvement measure
pH value
Organic matter
(g kg-1)
Total nitrogen
(g kg-1)
Available phosphorus
(mg kg-1)
Available potassium
(mg kg-1)
新植New planting
对照 Control (B1) 3.57±0.13c 24.11±4.12ab 1.01±0.13ab 97.84±10.67bc 194.70±76.77a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 3.76±0.25abc 24.74±2.64ab 1.02±0.17ab 138.84±78.99abc 205.80±74.75a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 3.72±0.05bc 23.64±3.49b 1.01±0.17ab 152.01±57.51ab 229.38±79.64a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 3.78±0.13ab 27.83±2.91a 1.17±0.14a 83.31±20.77c 202.40±68.44a
生石灰 Quick lime (B5) 3.94±0.14a 22.60±4.14b 0.91±0.04b 162.69±125.10a 224.42±82.59a
宿根Perennial root
对照 Control (B1) 3.63±0.03b 23.05±2.35b 1.51±0.23ab 188.62±55.87ab 181.23±37.84a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 3.67±0.08b 25.80±3.81b 1.46±0.30ab 160.38±51.33ab 183.65±55.33a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 3.65±0.06b 24.47±4.80b 1.50±0.23ab 210.69±70.20a 202.57±42.20a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 3.68±0.08b 29.21±1.98a 1.60±0.17a 151.84±41.74b 205.88±59.27a
生石灰 Quick lime (B5) 5.44±1.04a 24.36±4.42b 1.42±0.20b 192.48±86.61ab 228.48±109.51a

Table 7

Effects of different soil improvement measures on soil microbial diversity"

Crop season
Soil improvement measure
细菌Bacteria 真菌Fungus
Shannon Chao1 ACE Shannon Chao1 ACE
New planting
对照 Control (B1) 7.55 1147.60 1150.41 5.20 738.15 759.55
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 8.12 1351.72 1373.42 6.18 872.67 883.80
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 8.26 1312.21 1347.08 6.87 747.16 763.55
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 8.26 1379.46 1381.89 6.29 915.97 915.18
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 8.07 1264.90 1293.00 6.54 836.45 860.54
Perennial root
对照 Control (B1) 7.05 889.40 893.31 5.03 543.11 556.02
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 7.02 1020.05 1028.39 7.20 825.94 823.88
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 6.95 1769.44 1185.88 6.17 737.33 710.86
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 7.37 1016.00 1005.66 7.15 768.67 779.98
生石灰Quick lime (B5) 6.97 1029.07 1049.07 7.21 795.11 788.68

Fig. 1

Effects of different soil improvement treatments on bacterial and fungal community composition A: bacterial community composition at different levels of soil amelioration treatments in new planting season; B: fungal community composition at different levels of soil amelioration treatments in new planting season; C: bacterial community composition at different levels of soil amelioration treatments in ratoon season; D: fungal community composition at different levels of soil amelioration treatments in ratoon season. B1: control; B2: loose soil essence; B3: biological bacterial fertilizer; B4: organic fertilizer; B5: quick lime."

Table 8

different soil improvement measures on sugarcane yield traits"

Crop season
Soil improvement measure
Stem tiller number
(stem hm-2)
Plant height
Stem diameter
Single stem weight (kg stem-1)
Effective stem number (stem hm2)
Cane yield
(t hm-2)
Sucrose content
New planting
对照 Contrast (B1) 89966±7912b 230.67±11.53d 2.61±0.09a 1.24±0.09c 63664±5254c 78.65±9.18c 12.72±0.65a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 91276±14324ab 247.42±10.01b 2.67±0.14a 1.38±0.16ab 64007±2097bc 88.53±10.19b 13.14±0.86a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 93539±9303ab 257.25±8.13a 2.68±0.07a 1.45±0.10a 64263±4328bc 93.15±6.65ab 13.45±0.79a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 102710±8543ab 252.00±8.21b 2.70±0.09a 1.43±0.10a 67170±4888ab 96.65±11.78a 12.86±0.86a
生石灰Quick lime(B5) 104100±12170a 241.08±3.73c 2.63±0.09a 1.31±0.09b 69736±4739a 91.21±6.78ab 13.32±0.80a
Perennial root
对照 Contrast (B1) 65415±5403b 245.01±15.86c 2.75±0.08b 1.45±0.15c 40576±1788c 58.94±7.05c 13.93±1.56a
松土精 Loose soil essence (B2) 64345±7518b 263.14±14.71b 2.83±0.04ab 1.66±0.10b 49341±838b 81.71±4.05b 14.31±0.97a
生物菌肥 Biological bacterial fertilizer (B3) 74765±4236a 284.10±10.22a 2.90±0.04a 1.88±0.08a 55327±3716a 103.87±7.97a 14.64±0.77a
有机肥 Organic fertilizer (B4) 71148±4715ab 282.74±10.50a 2.93±0.07a 1.90±0.15a 54771±2538a 104.23±9.29a 14.45±0.92a
生石灰Quick lime(B5) 67895±9782ab 259.87±8.95b 2.88±0.11a 1.69±0.13b 47802±2126b 80.71±5.53b 14.81±0.86a
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