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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (10): 1617-1627.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2020.03002


Effect of tetramethyl glutaric acid on summer maize photosynthesis characteristics

MA Zheng-Bo(), DONG Xue-Rui, TANG Hui-Hui, YAN Peng, LU Lin, WANG Qing-Yan, FANG Meng-Ying, WANG Qi, DONG Zhi-Qiang*()   

  1. Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology and Ecology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Beijing 100081, China
  • Received:2020-01-16 Accepted:2020-06-05 Online:2020-10-12 Published:2020-06-22
  • Contact: Zhi-Qiang DONG E-mail:m2942989968@163.com;dongzhiqiang@caas.cn
  • Supported by:
    National Key Research and Development Program of China(2018YFD0200608)


In this study, we explore the effect of tetramethyl glutaric acid (TGA) photosynthesis characteristics and yield in summer maize. Field experiments were conducted in Xinxiang experimental station of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2018 and 2019. Two widely planted maize cultivars were planted, and five TGA application gradients (0, 75, 150, 225, and 300 g hm-2) were carried out. The results showed that the appropriate TGA treatment could increase maize yield, delay functional leaf senescence rate during the whole growth stage, and enhanced net rate during the grain-filling stage, respectively. The optimal TGA dosage was 150 g hm-2, the yield of Zhongdan 909 (ZD909) and Jingnongke (JNK728) respectively increased by 8.7% and 11.7% compared to the control treatment in two experimental years under the optimal TGA treatment. Furthermore, chlorophyll content, soluble protein content and leaf area duration of ZD909 and JNK728 increased by 14.3% and 19.7%, 18.7% and 22.7%, 10.9% and 16.9%, respectively, in contrast, leaf senescence rate decreased by 55.9% and 56.5%, respectively during the experimental years. In addition, net photosynthetic increase by 44.0% and 58.4%, respectively, during the grain-filling stage. Correlation analysis indicated maize yield was significantly negatively correlated with leaf senescence rate during the whole growth period, and significantly positively correlated with net photosynthetic rate during grain-filling stage. In conclusion, suitable TGA treatment could delay leaf senescence rate by increasing leaf chlorophyll and soluble protein content, and improve ear leaf net photosynthetic rate during the reproductive growth stage, and ultimately increased maize yield.

Key words: tetramethyl glutaric acid, summer maize, photo synthetic production characteristics, leaf senescence rate, yield

Fig. 1

Daily precipitation and mean temperature (line) during maize growing season from 2018 to 2019"

Table 1

Effects of TGA treatments on two variety of maize yield components in 2018 and 2019"

Ear length
Blade length
Ear number
Kernel number (ear-1)
Kernel weight
(kg hm-2)
京农科728 CK 15.5±0.7 a 2.3±0.4 a 68889 b 340.9±37.5 a 335.1±7.4 b 9159±264 b
JNK728 TGA1 15.6±0.9 a 2.2±0.4 ab 68518 b 345.6±29.8 a 326.4±5.3 b 9173±326 b
TGA2 15.9±0.7 a 1.8±0.8 c 71481 a 352.5±40.9 a 332.7±0.8 b 9899±171 a
TGA3 16.0±1.1 a 2.4±0.6 a 68889 b 338.8±36.5 a 346.3±4.6 a 9609±354 ab
TGA4 15.8±0.8 a 2.0±0.6 bc 71111 ab 358.6±26.8 a 333.7±1.9 b 9698±168 ab
中单909 CK 17.2±0.9 ab 0.8±0.7 a 69629 a 443.6±38.6 b 278.2±8.1 a 9715±172 b
ZD909 TGA1 17.5±1.1 ab 0.5±0.5 a 69629 a 469.0±52.8 a 283.0±11.1 a 10,268±65 ab
TGA2 17.8±1.0 a 0.5±0.5 a 69259 a 468.5±24.9 a 287.7±3.7 a 10,508±541 a
TGA3 17.2±0.8 ab 0.8±0.8 a 68148 a 439.2±37.3 b 290.6±8.0 a 9969±345 ab
TGA4 17.1±0.8 b 0.8±0.5 a 68889 a 428.3±37.4 b 291.7±3.7 a 9691±133 b
京农科728 CK 17.8±1.3 b 2.6±0.7 a 67340 a 446.4±51.2 b 318.2±11.7 b 11,145±1493 b
JNK728 TGA1 17.7±1.3 b 2.4±0.8 a 68080 a 448.8±51.3 b 340.9±7.0 a 11,921±336 ab
TGA2 18.7±0.8 a 1.7±0.7 b 68450 a 481.1±46.2 a 337.5±4.8 a 12,852±193 a
TGA3 18.3±1.1 ab 2.3±0.9 a 69190 a 465.8±50.0 ab 334.4±13.4 ab 12,274±318 ab
TGA4 17.9±0.9 b 2.4±0.8 a 69930 a 445.6±46.2 b 338.5±9.2 a 11,968±404 ab
中单909 CK 18.8±0.8 ab 2.0±0.5 a 68080 a 496.9±38.3 b 314.0±0.5 c 11,434±200 b
ZD909 TGA1 18.6±1.0 b 1.7±0.6 a 65860 a 503.5±38.2 a 330.1±1.3 a 12,330±345 a
TGA2 19.2±0.7 a 1.9±0.4 a 67340 a 526.2±31.4 a 324.4±3.0 ab 12,488±187 a
TGA3 18.6±1.0 b 1.8±0.7 a 67710 a 510.5±56.1 a 320.4±9.9 bc 12,134±446 a
TGA4 19.0±0.7 ab 1.9±0.5 a 67340 a 502.5±43.2 a 318.0±2.7 bc 12,284±538 a

Fig. 2

Effects of different TGA treatment on NAR of two varieties of maize in 2019 CK: control; TGA1, TGA2, TGA3, TGA4 denote the TGA application rate of 75, 150, 225, and 300 g hm-2, respectively. Vertical bars represent the LSD0.05 value; V13, VT, R2, R4, and R6 denote the maize of trumpeting, silking stage, milk stage, dough stage, and maturity stage, respectively."

Fig. 3

Effects of different TGA treatment on LAD of two varieties of maize in 2019 Abbreviations and treatments are the same as those given in Fig. 2."

Table 2

Effects of TGA treatments on Pn of ear leaf of two varieties of maize in 2019"

Silking stage
Growing rate (%)
Dough stage
Growing rate (%)
京农科728 CK 24.9±4.7 b 12.9±2.7 b
JNK728 TGA1 28.7±5.0 ab 15.3 16.7±2.0 ab 29.5
TGA2 33.0±0.3 a 32.5 23.0±1.3 a 78.3
TGA3 31.7±0.3 ab 27.3 18.7±0.3 ab 45.0
TGA4 28.8±4.4 ab 15.6 16.8±1.4 ab 30.2
中单909 CK 23.6±5.8 b 18.6±4.3 b
ZD909 TGA1 28.6±3.4 ab 21.2 20.1±8.1 b 8.1
TGA2 30.8±4.2 a 30.5 29.3±4.0 a 57.5
TGA3 28.2±0.8 ab 19.5 22.7±3.6 ab 22.0
TGA4 22.2±1.7 b -5.9 17.0±4.0 b -8.6

Fig. 4

Effects of different TGA treatment on the concentration of chlorophyll of two varieties of maize leaves in 2019 V7: jointing stage. Abbreviations and treatments are the same as those given in Fig. 2."

Fig. 5

Effects of different TGA treatment on the concentration of soluble protein of two varieties of maize leaves in 2019 V7: jointing stage. Abbreviations and treatments are the same as those given in Fig. 2."

Fig. 6

Effects of different TGA treatment on the leaf senescence rate of two varieties of maize in 2019 Abbreviations and treatments are the same as those given in Fig. 2."

Table 3

Effects of different TGA treatment on parameters of grain filling characteristics of two varieties of maize in 2019"

Wmax (mg)
Tmax (d)
Vmax (mg kernel-1 d-1)
D (d)
京农科728 CK 167.5 22.1 11.0 46.8
JNK728 TGA1 174.4 24.1 11.5 45.3
TGA2 176.1 24.0 12.1 43.6
TGA3 175.1 23.3 12.6 41.7
TGA4 174.2 22.8 12.8 40.7
中单909 CK 145.4 24.0 10.3 43.5
ZD909 TGA1 149.2 24.1 11.0 40.8
TGA2 154.8 25.1 10.6 43.7
TGA3 160.0 26.0 9.8 48.8
TGA4 157.3 26.3 9.4 50.0

Table 4

TGA treatment of Pearson correlation between yield and other characteristics"

Chlorophyll content
Soluble protein
Net assimilation rate
Leaf area duration
Leaf senescence rate
Grain filling rate
Chlorophyll content
0.58 1.00
Soluble protein
0.56 0.98** 1.00
0.73* 0.58 0.63* 1.00
0.62 0.93** 0.93** 0.56 1.00
Leaf senescence rate
0.91** -0.63* -0.55 -0.76* -0.59 1.00
0.79** 0.64* 0.49 0.73* 0.64 -0.91** 1.00
Grain filling rate
0.15 -0.55 -0.58 -0.12 -0.51 -0.087 0.27 1.00
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